My acne-prone skin essential break. And two weeks sans startseite up and concealer permitted my skin — and my trust — zu shine through.

Du schaust: Zu viel make up


Experts say the overuse von makeup, specifically foundations, tun können lead kommen sie skin wake up or acne breakouts.mikroman6 / getty Images
I zuerst realized ich had acne when ich was 11-years old, und my skin looked more, um, vivid than ns other girls bei my class. Back then, ich had no idea how to treat acne und I was even worse at hiding it. People would point und laugh hinweisen giant cystic pimples on mine cheeks, ask kommen sie touch mine forehead, und call me a long-list of nicknames the callously described what was happening on my face.

As I gott older, I gott better at hiding the acne, but notfall necessarily taking care of it. Ich would invest hours weist beauty counters begging die professionals kommen sie try anything on mine skin dafür that mine red bumps didn’t zeigen up bei photos or become the zuerst impression when ich met people. Makeup ended up being my neu best friend, but really, it became my skin’s biggest enemy.

I do the efforts every kind of concealer, foundation, airbrush assembly machine, and even once, started using Band-aids on bei unruly pimple that ich just didn’t feel like worrying about all day. But while the may oase boosted my confidence to startseite my face in a layer des makeup, it was likely law me more harm 보다 good.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai Hospital, says that just because makeup zu sein labeled as “long wear” does not mean that sie should necessarily usage it the way.

“In fact overuse of makeup, particularly foundations, can lead zu skin irritation or acne breakouts. Acquisition a rest from makeup kann sein help ns skin fix itself," claims Dr. Zeichner.


But taking a break from makeup never seemed favor a viable option. I have places kommen sie go and people to see! dafür over ns years, i have done whatever short von packing away my assembly bag in hopes von helping mine skin. I"ve do the efforts every topical auswahl out there, not to point out cosmetic procedures like facials, chemistry peels, cryotherapy und face massages (yes, that’s a thing). I’ve tried eliminating food bei hopes the acne would certainly calm down. Yet it never ever fixed die underlying cause des my acne, which dermatologist over die years schutz diagnosed together hormonal und stress-related, und worsened by wearing too much makeup and not washing it turn off properly. (I’m guilty von going zu sleep with my makeup on und wearing the at die gym.)

When every else failed, i was left with nothing else in my arsenal however to teil with the makeup bag i held clutched zu my chest.

“Taking a rest from makeup can help the skin fix itself. Removing physical blockages from die surface von the skin kann sein help clean pores and improve any kind of makeup-related acne,” says Zeichner. “If you have a problem where die skin barrier zu sein disrupted, for example in severe dryness or eczema, not wearing makeup tun können allow the skin kommen sie heal itself.”

So i finally decided kommen sie spend two weeks going sans make-up, placing all von my favourite concealers and foundations in a bag und hiding it in the rückseitig of mine closet. Here’s what happened to my skin throughout those 2 weeks.

Glantz, die day before the experiment, through a full face of makeup.

First, things gott worse

The erste couple von days of the experiment, ich felt mine skin panic. It was deshalb used to die same makeup routine that ich had to be doing zum years, when i skipped it, even for a day, my skin ausblüten felt irritated, and the pimples didn’t automatically go away, or obtain better, like ich hoped castle would.

I felt very self-conscious not wearing makeup, dafür I did notification that zum the erste few days, i would oase my hands on my face, blocking die patches von acne, dafür that people wouldn’t see. That didn’t aid my skin punkt all.

By job three, i wondered if ich would make it ns full 2 weeks and I wonder if my skin, hinweisen this point bei my life, was capable of change.

Glantz, 4 days an to ns experiment.

A confident sign: my confront felt smoother

By die fifth day assembly free, ns tiny whiteheads on mine forehead cleared up und I noticed die stubborn cystic pimples ich always have on mine chin were gaining smaller. When I’d wake up up in the morning, after washing mine face, i noticed mine skin feel smoother und softer than ever before before.

Dr. Michele Green, MD, in cosmetic dermatologist, i agree that giving skin a remainder from makeup kann help reduce and improve breakouts. “There’s much more oxygen that’ll it is in delivered zu your face; her skin will oase more time kommen sie repair itself und regenerate that is elastin und collagen," says Dr. Green.

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Glantz, one week an to die experiment.

One week sans makeup: irritation started to clear up

I noticed von day seven, my skin so felt less irritated. Wie I’d take it my makeup off every night, I’d had actually bright red throbbing pimples staring zurück at me. I so noticed just a general continuous red tint to my skin. There is no makeup, i noticed less discoloration on mine cheeks und forehead.

Dr. Debra Jaliman, MD, a board-certified NYC dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor von Dermatology weist Icahn school of medizin at mount Sinai, claims that we don’t realize ns effects the wearing heavy makeup, every day, kann have on our skin.

“Our skin zu sein absorbing the chemicals und oils an these products,” claims Dr. Jaliman. “For some, this doesn’t affect them but zum others it could aggravate acne und cause irritation.” Clearly, von how mine skin seemed zu be responding, ich was die latter.

Glantz, weist the ende of die 2-week experiment.

An unanticipated change: i felt much more confident gift my herbal self

One of the best downsides von this sie wurden getestet was how i felt about myself at the beginning without my normal makeup routine. I felt self-conscious and people noticed, questioning me what was different. A couple of people request if i was sick. Others wanted to know if everything was okay. Ich looked paler 보다 usual. I felt like i looked tired und dull. One person even commented the they never ever knew ich had acne. I grunted with frustration because my makeup tricks were working deswegen well and now my secret was out.

This feeling lasted zum half the experiment, but von the anfang of hauptsächlich two, ich started feeling confident in my natural skin, which was less dull und looked fresh und clearer than ever.

Yes, I ausblüten had acne and my decade-old acne scars didn’t go anywhere, yet my skin didn’t oase as numerous nasty breakouts or sudden spurts des pimples. I had my usual hormone acne on mine chin und cheeks, however less than usual. When my confidence came through, civilization started zu comment much less on my skin and lack von makeup und I started to hardly notice my face wasn’t painted.


After ns experiment: Time zu clean the end my makeup bag

When the erprobt ended, i was glücklich to be able to grab my assembly bag und rummage v it. But this time i didn’t easily load top top concealer, instead i took inventory.

Zeichner states that the important kommen sie look at ns makeup we’re using and if we don’t want kommen sie go makeup totally free entirely, we need to switch from a flüssig foundation kommen sie powder-based makeup.

“Powder or mineral assembly tends not to block pores or it is in as heavy on the surface of the skin,” states Zeichner. “Alternatively, stick zu a tinge of moisturizer that kann sein help improve skin hydration while providing some degree of cosmetic coverage.”

Jaliman recommends making use of lighter products like BB or CC creams or just in under eye concealer kommen sie help minimize ns appearance of circles and dark bags if sie want kommen sie try going makeup free. Dr. Peterson Pierre des the Pierre Skin care Institute says to choose oil-free and non-comedogenic products dafür you don"t clog pores and possibly reason breakouts.

I decided zu toss out commodities that were old or had ingredients that room known zu clog pores. I also vowed to myself the when ich was wearing makeup, i would arbeit extra hard zu make sure i was acquisition it off properly und cleansing at the end of die day.

Since ns experiment, i have gone back to put on makeup, but oase picked 2-3 work a week zu go makeup free to let mine skin breathe, heal und do it’s point without something getting in the way. And I leave ns house nur as confident on those days ich go au herbal as i do die days i paint end my scars and bumps. And that might be ns most positive takeaway von all.

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