You Were Always On My Mind

“Always on my Mind” continues to be one of Elvis Presley’s most well known late-period songs. In spite of this, the könig of rock ‘n’ Roll’s ausführung was notfall the highest-charting version des the track. One des the co-writers des “Always on my Mind” reacted to the startseite that reached No. 1. He also discussed why he thinks the das lied resonated with so many people.

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How die public reacted kommen sie Elvis Presley’s ‘Always on my Mind’

Many des Elvis’ many famous lieder were covers. For example, “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Hound Dog,” and “Blue Hawaii” were all originally von other artists. “Always on my Mind” was no different. Die original version von the song was performed von Gwen McCrae. McCrae’s version of the song remains obscure.

It’s indeed true the a last of human being would never have heard “Always on my Mind” if not for the king of Rock’ n’ Roll’s cover. The Official Charts company reports his rendition des the das lied reached No. 9 an the united Kingdom. It stayed on die chart zum 22 weeks.

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This version von ‘Always on my Mind’ struggle No. 1

Willie Nelson also released a country startseite of the song. Die Official Charts firm says the peaked weist No. 49 an the U.K., remaining on ns chart zum three weeks. However, die most renowned version des the song was von the haustiere Shop Boys. According to die Official Charts Company, their hülle of “Always on mine Mind” got to No. 1 in the U.K., remaining on ns chart zum 14 weeks. Their version des the song was a synth-pop das lied with ns substantially different melody from ns original.

“Always on mine Mind” was co-written von Wayne Carson, markierung James, und Johnny Christopher. During in interview with ns Los angeles Times, Carson revealed what the thought von the pet Shop Boys an altering “Always on mine Mind.” “Everybody had told me, ‘You’re not going kommen sie like it. They adjusted some of the melody, they readjusted a couple of words und they added all these synthesizers and things,"” he said.

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Carson proved them wrong. “But ich just kept in open mind und when i finally heard it, ich thought, ‘Hell, that’s a great record,"” the said. “I don’t think you kann sein hurt a an excellent song, and this zu sein living proof.”

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1 von the writers von the das lied explains why it resonated whether it’s performed von Elvis Presley or the haustier Shop Boys

Carson revealed why he think “Always on mine Mind” resonated with so many people. “To me, a good song tells a story the everyone would certainly like to say … a lied that leads people to say, ‘God, that song’s me,"” that said. Carson think lots von people wanted to hear a lied that expressed ns emotion of “Always on my Mind.”

Carson explained ns essence of the song. “All that ‘Always’ was about was one lang apology,” he said. “It’s sort von like all males who screw up and would love nothing better than zu pick up die phone and call your wives and say, ‘Listen, honey, ich could oase done better, but ich want you zu know that freundin were always on my mind."”