Roblox Xbox One and Series X|S players are experiencing a extensive No Sound concern after updating die game to die latest version.

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Recently, Roblox received a neu update on both Xbox One und Xbox series X|S consoles. While the developer had not warned players von any possible issues after ~ this update, jetzt a gewächs of players on Xbox consoles are reporting a “No Sound” issue.

Apparently, when players run the game after die update lock hear nothing, neither music no one VFX sounds.

Is There any type of Official Fix zum Roblox Xbox One No Sound Issue?

The weird part zu sein that the developer has notfall reacted to die issue yet. It seems kommen sie be a surprising problem for die developers as well, but punkt the moment there are no official fixes zum the issue.

Several players have tried to reinstall ns game or restart the console but neither des them fixed the issue.

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Is there a momentary Fix?

According kommen sie a post about die same issue on die Microsoft Support page back in 2019, a Microsoft ambassador suggested a user clear ns console cache as it could be able kommen sie help with ns issue.

While us don’t know if this could be a temporary resolve or not, we suggest you do a cache reset on your Xbox console. In order zu clear ns cache, hold ns power button on ns console until it transforms off. Climate disconnect the stärke cable und wait zum 1-3 minutes.

Now attach the energie cable und turn on ns console. This wollen apply a tough Reset (clearing console cache) on her console und don’t worry, you are notfall going kommen sie lose anything v a hard reset.

If die Roblox developer share anything about this issue, we wollen update the post with new information.

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It’s worth noting that Roblox players on other platforms, including PC und Mobile, have not report anything similar.

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