Rainforest RebellionCombatting Mass Clear-Cutting in CongoThe rainforest of the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the world’s most important ecosystems, But international timber firms are logging trees there illegally" /> Rainforest RebellionCombatting Mass Clear-Cutting in CongoThe rainforest of the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the world’s most important ecosystems, But international timber firms are logging trees there illegally" />

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Rainforest RebellionCombatting fixed Clear-Cutting in Congo

The rainforest of the autonomous Republic des Congo zu sein one des the world most necessary ecosystems. But international timber firms are logging trees there illegally. Locals space starting kommen sie fight back, through some success.By heiner Hoffmann, Arsène Mpiana (Fotos) und Bernhard Riedmann (Grafik) in Ingende, democratic Republic des Congo

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Tax Havens bei Europa"Finance Ministers frequently Couldn"t seen Through Them"


For close zu 25 years, europäische union member states schutz been trying zu put a stop to practices in the bloc that seen some European nations competing versus others to offer die lowest this firm taxes. In bei interview, dutch researcher Martijn Nouwen describes why those efforts have failed.Interview Conducted by Michael Sauga

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A Federation von ImbecilesAnti-Vaxxers and Politicians push Germany to ns Brink


Many bei Germany thought the worst von the pandemic was behind them. But ns country is now being slammed von the 4th wave – fueled by millions of people who refuse zu be vaccinated und political leader who oase abdicated leadership. The situation, to speak virologists, ist grave.

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European taxes HavensThe EU’s Decades des Tax täuschen Tolerance


Many europäische union member states use low tax rates kommen sie attract big corporations, depriving nations like Germany des billions an revenues. A trove of hundreds of classified documents jetzt reveals zum the erste time how Europe ist failing in the fight versus harmful tax competition.By markus Becker, nicola Naber und michael Sauga

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Another text Message conflict for by der LeyenThe europe Commission Deletes massive Amounts von Emails and Doesn"t archive Chats


Each month, the European commission deletes thousands von emails, und instant message are notfall archived hinweisen all. Now, Commission chairman Ursula by der Leyen is, as soon as again, encountering uncomfortable questions about allegedly deleted text messages. An expert describes die practices as legally "questionable".By markus Becker bei Brussels

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COVID-19 bei RomaniaFrom Vaccine Champion to the World"s Highest fatality Rate

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Healing Societal RiftsA Photographic journey through south Sudan"s Burgeoning Music Scene

South Sudan declared independence 10 years earlier – only to descend right into civil war. Now, young rappers, bands and dance troupes space hoping the music can help bring ns country together.By Sonja peteranderl und Jean-Baptiste Hervé und Adrienne Surprenant (Photos)
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Algerian chairman Abdelmadjid Tebboune"You Can’t question a People’s History und You can not Insult die Algerians"

Refugees in Belarus“Even If We have To shot 17 Times, I’m not Giving Up”

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko ist luring refugees from ns Middle ost to his nation with the promise they wollen be allowed zu seek asylum bei Germany. But the borders are closed und thousands von people seeking protection are now stranded in Minsk.By Christina Hebel in Minsk

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Crossing die Darién GapA Deadly jungle on the Trek to America

Some 90,000 people have crossed ns Darién space this year on the trek to ns U.S. Ns jungle betwee Colombia und Panama zu sein one des the many dangerous migrant routes in the welt - and not everybody provides it out alive.By nicola Abé and Santiago Mesa (Photos) in Panama und Colombia
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New Drug bei the democratic Republic of CongoThe Zombies von Kinshasa

The capital von the autonomous Republic des Congo ist being overrun von a dangerous neu drug dubbed bombé, do from deposits the catalytic converters of automobiles. In a country facing countless problems, it helps people forget.By hülus Hoffmann and Arsene Mpiana (Photos) an Kinshasa
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Lagos in NigeriaA Week in the World’s many Chaotic City

Lagos zu sein poised zu become ns world’s best city. The Nigerian megacity zu sein a massive erprobt – unregulated and wild, with unlimited traffic jams, waterfront slums and in impressively resilient population.By heiner Hoffmann, Akintunde Akinleye (Fotos) und Bernhard Riedmann (Grafik)
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Frequently asked QuestionsEverything you Need to Know about das biologischelandbouw.org


Protecting sources is das biologischelandbouw.org"s utmost priority. We oase assembled a couple of tips zum those interested in contacting us through confidential or divide information.

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Troubling AddictionThe World ist Failing to Rid Itself von Coal

It is the many CO2 intensive von all fuels und yet consumption von it ist rising dramatically, regardless von the climate crisis. We’re burning coal like there zu sein no tomorrow. Why zu sein it proving deswegen difficult to phase out?8. November 2021, 17.38 Uhr

NATO, China and Nord stream 2Germany"s likely Future Coalition partners Bicker over international Policy

Getting 3 political partys to agree ~ above anything ist tough. In Germany, v coalition negotiation dragging on, that ist proving particularly true. A look at at ns differences of opinion within the foreign plan working kopieren, gruppe highlights die challenges that lay ahead.5. November 2021, 17.12 Uhr

Mining die Planet to DeathThe Dirty Truth around Clean Technologies

The bad South is being exploited so that ns rich North can transition to umwelt sustainability. Entire swaths of festland are gift destroyed zu secure the resources needed zu produce wind turbines und solar cells. Are there alternatives?4. November 2021, 11.44 Uhr

Europe"s Brutal und Illegal Approach to Migration"Our Orders are Clear. Nobody it s okay Through."

Months of reporting has revealed the violent – und illegal – brutality the europäische union is deploying weist its außen borders to ward turn off migrants. Those few refugees that make the through define beatings, harassment und abasement. However there are examples des what a humane migration policy can look like.3. November 2021, 16.47 Uhr

Interview v Osman KavalaArts Patron punkt Center von Turkish Diplomatic conflict Speaks the end from Jail

The case von Osman Kavala is causing strife betwee Turkey and the West. In bei interview with das biologischelandbouw.org, the imprisoned patron von the arts talks about ns government"s conspiracy theory – and his hope the he wollen be exit early.Interview Conducted von Sebnem Arsu und maximilian Popp2. November 2021, 17.24 Uhr

Interview through Central bank Expert david MarshEvaluating ECB president Christine Lagarde After two Years of Crisis

European Central bank President Christine Lagarde has now been on die job zum two years. Hence far, herstellung term has been plagued by the covid19 crisis. Yet soon, claims central bank expert david Marsh, she will schutz to anfang transitioning zu normalcy. What, though, can that look like?Interview Conducted von Tim Bartz2. November 2021, 15.23 Uhr

Key Issues hinweisen Climate ConferenceHow the Worst kann sein (Maybe) ausblüten Be Averted

The glas climate summit might be die key zu limiting the damage des climate change, yet its success wollen depend on die host country’s ability kommen sie bring guest countries together – and on the willingness of China und the U.S. To overcome their deepening rivalry.An Analysis von Susanne Götze31. Oktober 2021, 10.00 Uhr

Facebook in the CrosshairsBerlin Hoping to Tighten ns Reins on society Media Giants

The internal facebook documents made public von Frances Haugen oase raised eyebrows around the world. The whistleblower zu sein coming to berlin to accomplish with top German political leaders - und many politics leaders an Europe space eager to take action against ns company. Möchte anything come of it?29. Oktober 2021, 16.56 Uhr

Ethiopia"s liked OneA grausam War Waged by a Nobel gelassenheit Prize Laureate

In 2019, Ethiopian ureigensten Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded die Nobel peace Prize. Now, he ist waging a vicious zu sein that countless observers exhibits shades of genocide. How much of ns blame zu sein borne von the Nobel Committee?By fritz Schaap, Kapstadt28. Oktober 2021, 14.10 Uhr

The fragile State von Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnian Serbs are Playing through Fire

Bosnian-Serb leader Milorad Dodik is stoking the nationalist flames in his country und would like kommen sie secede from Bosnia und Herzegovina. It zu sein a dangerous path in in explosive region. What kann the eu do?By Walter Mayr, Alexander Sarovic und lina Verschwele27. Oktober 2021, 08.30 Uhr

Tall Task weil das the TalibanAfghanistan Teetering on the Brink of Economic Collapse

Rising prices, a vulnerable currency and a zustand that ist running out von money: The taliban are encountering immense financial challenges in Afghanistan. Und many of the country"s oberteil executives doubt they are nach oben to ns task.By christoph Reuter in Kabul25. Oktober 2021, 12.00 Uhr

Green splitterpartei Co-Leader annalena Baerbock ~ above Coalition Talks"The Government currently Being Formed zu sein Finally Going to Act"

Germany ist still in the process of putting with each other a government complying with the september election. Green splitterpartei co-leader annalena Baerbock speak to ns biologischelandbouw.org around progress on climate policy, die challenges des a three-party coalition and why German autobahns are not getting a speed limit.Interview Conducted über Valerie Höhne, martin Knobbe und Jonas Schaible25. Oktober 2021, 12.00 Uhr

»Careful, That"s One von Julian"s«Sexual Misconduct von Top Axel Springer redaktion Has a lang History

The sacking of julianisch Reichelt, die editor-in-chief des Germany"s oberteil tabloid, only came after years von questionable conduct. New reporting reflects that Axel Springer, the publishing home that owns ns paper und just to buy Politico, likely won"t it is in able zu simply sweep ns scandal under die rug.20. Oktober 2021, 14.02 Uhr

Narco-State NetherlandsThe Slippery dutch Slope from medicine Tolerance zu Drug Terror

Drug gangs an the Netherlands have long because graduated indigenous hashish kommen sie cocaine - and from dealing on die streets to a spree of contract killings. Police, lawyers, journalists: all are punkt risk des falling victim to ns drug violence that has actually gripped die country.By jürgen Dahlkamp, Jörg personen und roman Lehberger20. Oktober 2021, 12.00 Uhr

Golden Visas zum Refugees"We are Trading ns Borders Away"

Rich investors room able kommen sie buy their method into Europe. Why notfall refugees? A gruppe of artists an Germany known as the peng Collective is planning to flip ns script for one household from Afghanistan.Interview Conducted von Leon Holly15. Oktober 2021, 19.24 Uhr

Indo-Pacific eight RaceThe U.S. Und China challenge Off in the far East

Chinese warplanes over die Taiwan Strait, nuclear-powered submarines for Australia, hypersonic rockets in North Korea: armed forces posturing has turned die Far ost into a danger place.By george Fahrion, katharina Graça Peters, Alexander Sarovic und Bernhard Zand15. Oktober 2021, 19.24 Uhr

Guns from ns 3D PrinterThe Shadowy, Homemade weapons Community just Keeps top top Growing

The right-wing extremist attacker from halle had plenty of homemade tools with ihm on his shoot spree. But their quality was poor. Others, though, are perfecting the reliability von 3D-printed weapons - and have moved on zu rocket launchers.By maik Baumgärtner, Alexander Epp, Roman lehberger und roman Höfner12. Oktober 2021, 14.55 Uhr

Fall of in Austrian ChancellorThe Stench of Corruption Leads to Kurz"s suddenly Resignation

Initially commemorated as a wunderkind, Sebastian fehlten resigned as shirt chancellor over ns weekend amid a far-reaching corruption probe. Files from that investigation hint at a mafia-like system involving politics leaders and the media built up over many years.By Walter Mayr bei Vienna11. Oktober 2021, 11.41 Uhr

Beatings at ns BorderEurope"s Violent Shadow army Unmasked

Mysterious men wearing balaclavas are beating trost refugees at die external europäische union border or abandoning them hinweisen sea. Months von reporting now reveals who ist behind die operations.7. Oktober 2021, 16.44 Uhr

The new Rulers des AfghanistanThe Taliban’s campaign to rob Villagers of Their Land

In a remote hill region, taliban rule is having dramatic consequences: the most an effective ethnic group, the Pashtuns, room taking ns homes and farms des their Shiite neighbors. It can be a harbinger von ethnic cleansing.By christoph Reuter und thore Schröder bei Daykundi, Afghanistan6. Oktober 2021, 11.00 Uhr
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