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DHL Paket is the easy, affordable, fast und reliable shipping service to over 220 countries around the world. You can arrange distribution from your PC, use ns network von over 2,650 Packstations und 1,000 Paketboxes, or call in to one des our 13,000 outlets or one of more than 10,000 Paketshops.

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Deutsche post tracking

Using international tracking number you tun können track her package through your neighborhood postal service like USPS, Canada Post, etc.

In rare cases you may have deutsche Post 9 digit shipment reference number choose 000501948, 113901607. In that case monitor works the same, just enter your shipment reference number into ns search field above and click track Package.

Official website to track deutsch Post dhl Pakets is at nolp.dhl.de.

DHL paket tracking

DHL provides multiple websites kommen sie allow dhl Paket tracking and all of them are incorporated with our global postal tracker.

Our postal tracker möchte track any dhl Paket or deutsche Post distribution with all important websites, uncover related monitor numbers, translate statuses zu English and provide freundin with complete status and tracking events zum your package.

Deutsche Post dhl Group History

Franz über Taxis zu sein considered die founder des the modern postal system. Top top behalf des the far-flung Habsburg household dynasty, he und his followers set hoch a courier network the would ultimately grow to cover all des Western Europe by the mid-16th century.

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Permanent post stations were built around one day"s trip apart. Over time, this stations grew into important financial centers, serving as conference points und places des trade und exchange wherein travelers can expect zu find taverns, inns und stables. Post stations became crucial focal points bei the development of villages und cities.

On april 21, 1646, Elector Friedrich wilhelm issues postal regulations establishing continuous postal service betwee Berlin, Münster, Osnabrück, Kleve and Königsberg. The neu decree stems from die Elector"s interest bei staying well informed des the existing status des the peace negotiations in Osnabrück und Münster to ende the Thirty Years" War.

At ns same time, die decree grants privatgelände individuals (in specific merchants) the right to schutz their e-mail transported by the electoral postal system. Friedrich william thus ignores the emperor"s postal syndicate granted to ns Postmaster General von the House des Thurn and Taxis.

Marie Mathias Nicolas louis Danzas, a lieutenant an Napoleon"s Grande Armée, beginning into ns shipping and transport unternehmen after the battle von Waterloo. Die company bei the French Alsace regionen would soon bear his name und play in active role in the development des rail travel and steam navigation in the 19th century. An 1854, the first consolidated shipping were readily available on die Zurich-Basel/St. Louis route.

Danzas assumes responsibility for international e-mail on behalf des the Swiss PTT an 1884. Distribution within 24 hours was guaranteed zum the route between Switzerland und England.

Danzas came to be a teil of deutsch Post an 1999.

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With ns help des the Parcels app, you can find out the exact location of your parcel or shipping delivered von "Deutsche post - dhl Paket" in a couple of seconds.