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Applies To: fenstern 10, ausführung 1809

In this write-up we define new und updated features of interest kommen sie IT advantages for fenster 10, version 1809. This update also contains every features und fixes included an previous cumulative updates to fenster 10, ausführung 1803.

The adhering to 3-minute videos summarizes some von the neu features that room available for IT Pros an this release.



Windows Autopilot self-deploying mode

Windows Autopilot self-deploying mode enables a zero touch maker provisioning experience. Simply stärke on ns device, plug that into the Ethernet, und the device is fully configured automatically by Windows Autopilot.

This self-deploying capacity removes ns current need to have in end user interact by pressing the “Next” taste during die deployment process.

You kann utilize windows Autopilot self-deploying mode zu register ns device to in AAD tenant, enroll bei your organization MDM provider, und provision policies and applications, all v no user authentication or user interaction required.

To learn more about Autopilot self-deploying mode and to seen step-by-step instructions zu perform such a deployment, windows Autopilot self-deploying mode.


SetupDiag ausführung 1.4 ist released. SetupDiag zu sein a standalone diagnostic tool that can be used kommen sie troubleshoot issues when a fenstern 10 upgrade zu sein unsuccessful.


We’ve continued kommen sie work on ns Current threats area in Virus & danger protection, which now displays all dangers that require action. You tun können quickly take action on dangers from this screen:


With regulated folder accessibility you kann help protect against ransomware and other disastrous malware from transforming your angestellter files. In some cases, apps that freundin normally use might be blocked from make changes kommen sie common folders choose Documents and Pictures. We’ve made that easier zum you zu add apps the were newly blocked deshalb you kann sein keep utilizing your device without transforming off the feature altogether.

When bei app zu sein blocked, it möchte appear in a freshly blocked apps list, i beg your pardon you can get to von clicking Manage settings under die Ransomware protection heading. Click Allow in app through regulated folder access. After ns prompt, click ns + button und choose Recently blocked apps. Choose any von the apps zu add them to the allowed list. You can also browse for in app from this page.

We included a neu assessment weil das the fenster time leistungen to the Device power & health section. If us detect that your device’s time ist not appropriately synced through our time servers und the time-syncing service ist disabled, we’ll provide ns option weil das you to turn it back on.

We’re continuing to work on how other security apps you’ve installed nur up in the Windows Security app. Yes sir a new page referred to as Security providers the you kann find an the Settings section von the app. Click Manage providers to see a list von all the other security providers (including antivirus, firewall, und web protection) that room running on your device. Right here you can easily offen the providers’ apps or gain more die info on how kommen sie resolve concerns reported zu you with Windows Security.

This deshalb means you’ll see more links to various other security apps within Windows Security. Zum example, if you open the Firewall & network protection section, you’ll lakers the firewall apps that are running ~ above your an equipment under every firewall type, which contains domain, private, und public networks).


Silent enforcement on solved drives

Through a Modern an equipment Management (MDM) policy, BitLocker can be allowed silently zum standard Azure active Directory (AAD) joined users. Bei Windows 10, ausführung 1803 automatic BitLocker encryption was enabled weil das standard AAD users, yet this still required modern hardware that passed the Hardware Security prüfen Interface (HSTI). This neu functionality allows BitLocker via policy even on devices that don’t pass the HSTI.

This is in update to ns BitLocker CSP, which was introduced bei Windows 10, ausführung 1703, und leveraged von Intune and others.

This feature will soon be allowed on Olympia Corp as an optional feature.

Delivering BitLocker policy kommen sie AutoPilot tools during OOBE

You can choose which encryption algorithm zu apply to BitLocker encryption capable devices, rather than automatically having those tools encrypt themselves with ns default algorithm. This allows ns encryption algorithm (and various other BitLocker plans that must be applied prior to encryption), zu be delivered prior to BitLocker encryption begins.

For example, you kann choose ns XTS-AES 256 encryption algorithm, and have it applied zu devices the would generally encrypt themselves instantly with die default XTS-AES 128 algorithm throughout OOBE.

To attain this:

For more information, lakers Setting die BitLocker encryption algorithm zum Autopilot devices.

Windows Defender applications Guard Improvements

Windows Defender application Guard (WDAG) introduced a new user user interface inside Windows Security an this release. Standalone users can now install and configure their windows Defender applications Guard settings in Windows protection without needing to change registry vital settings.

Additionally, individuals who are managed von enterprise policies will be able zu check their settings to lakers what their administrators have configured weil das their machines kommen sie better understand die behavior of windows Defender application Guard. This neu UI improves ns overall experience for users while managing und checking their windows Defender application Guard settings. As lang as gadgets meet the minimales requirements, this settings wollen appear in Windows Security. Weil das more information, see fenstern Defender application Guard inside windows Security App.

To try this:

Go kommen sie Windows Security and select App & browser control.

Under Isolated browsing, pick Install windows Defender applications Guard, then install and restart ns device.

Select Change application Guard settings.

Configure or inspect Application safety settings.

See the following example:





Windows defense Center

Windows Defender security Center zu sein now called Windows defense Center.

You can blieb get to die app in all die usual ways – just ask Cortana to open fenstern Security Center(WSC) or connect with die taskbar icon. WSC lets you regulate all your protection needs, consisting of Defender Antivirus und Windows Defender Firewall.

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The WSC dienstleistungen now requires antivirus products zu run as a safeguarded process kommen sie register. Products that oase not yet imposed this will not appear an the windows Security zentral user interface, and Defender Antivirus will remain permitted side-by-side v these products.

WSC now includes the Fluent entwurf System elements freundin know und love. You’ll deshalb notice we’ve adjusted die spacing und padding around die app. The will jetzt dynamically size ns categories ~ above the main page if more room zu sein needed weil das extra info. We deshalb updated the title bar dafür that it wollen use your accent shade if you schutz enabled the option in Color Settings.


Windows Defender Firewall now supports fenster Subsystem zum Linux (WSL) processes

You kann add certain rules for a WSL process in Windows Defender Firewall, nur as you would weil das any fenster process. Also, fenster Defender Firewall jetzt supports notifications zum WSL processes. Zum example, wie a Linux device wants zu allow access zu a harbor from ns outside (like SSH or a web server like nginx), fenstern Defender Firewall möchte prompt to allow access just like the would zum a fenstern process when the port starts agree connections. This was zuerst introduced in Build 17627. Edge gruppe Policies

We introduced new gruppe policies und Modern maker Management settings zu manage Edge. The neu policies include enabling und disabling full-screen mode, printing, favorites bar, and saving history; avoiding certificate fehler overrides; configuring die Home button and startup options; setting the new Tab page and Home taste URL, and managing extensions. Learn an ext about the neu edge policies.

Windows Defender Credential Guard zu sein supported von default on 10S tools that are AAD Joined

Windows Defender Credential Guard zu sein a security service in Windows 10 built to protect energetic Directory (AD) domain credentials so that they can"t be stolen or misused by malware top top a user"s machine. It ist designed kommen sie protect versus well-known dangers such together Pass-the-Hash and credential harvesting.

Windows Defender Credential security has always been an optional feature, but fenster 10-S turns this usability on von default when die machine has actually been Azure energetic Directory joined. This provides in added level von security wie connecting zu domain resources notfall normally current on 10-S devices. Please klasse that windows Defender Credential Guard ist available only kommen sie S-Mode tools or Enterprise and Education Editions.

Windows 10 pro S mode requires a network connection

A network connection is now required zu set nach oben a new device. Together a result, we removed ns “skip weil das now” option in the network setup page an Out Of box Experience (OOBE). Defender weil das Endpoint Defender weil das Endpoint has actually been amplified with many neu capabilities. Zum more information, seen the adhering to topics:

Cloud Clipboard

Cloud clipboard helps individuals copy content betwee devices. It also manages die clipboard history so that you tun können paste your old copied data. You kann sein access it von using Windows+V. Set up wolke clipboard:

Go to Windows Settings und select Systems.

On die left menu, click Clipboard.

Turn on Clipboard history.

Turn ~ above Sync across devices. Determined whether or not to immediately sync copied text across your devices.

Kiosk setup experience

We presented a simplified assigned accessibility configuration experience in Settings that allows an equipment administrators zu easily set nach oben a computer as a kiosk or digital sign. A wizard experience walks freundin through kiosk setup including creating a kiosk account that möchte automatically sign an when a an equipment starts.

To usage this feature, go to Settings, search for assigned access, und open the Set hoch a kiosk page.

* leaf kiosk setting running in single-app assigned access has two kiosk types.

Digital / interaction signage that displays a specific website full-screen and runs InPrivate mode.

Public browsing support multi-tab browsing und runs InPrivate mode with minimal features available. Individuals cannot minimize, close, or open new Edge fenstern or customize them utilizing sheet Settings. Users tun können clear searching data and downloads, and restart Edge von clicking End session. Administrators tun können configure Edge zu restart after a period des inactivity.

* edge kiosk setting running bei multi-app assigned accessibility has two kiosk types.


The adhering to sheet kiosk mode species cannot it is in set trost using the new simplified assigned access configuration wizard in Windows 10 Settings.

Public browsing supports multi-tab browsing und runs InPrivate mode with minimal functions available. In this configuration, Edge kann sein be one von many apps available. Users tun können close and open lot of InPrivate mode windows.


Normal mode runs a full version von Edge, back some features may not work depending on what apps space configured an assigned access. For example, if die Store zu sein not set up, users cannot get books.


Learn much more about sheet kiosk mode.

Registry editor improvements

We included a dropdown that displays as freundin type kommen sie help complete the next part des the path. Freundin can deshalb press Ctrl + Backspace zu delete the last word, und Ctrl + Delete to delete die next word.


Faster sign-in zu a fenstern 10 common pc

Do you have shared tools deployed an your arbeiten place? Fast sign-in enables users to sign in to a shared windows 10 PC in a flash!

To enable in der nähe des sign-in:

Set hoch a mutual or guest device with fenstern 10, version 1809.

Set ns Policy CSP, und the Authentication und EnableFastFirstSignIn policies to enable fast sign-in.

Sign-in zu a shared PC through your account. You"ll notice ns difference!


Web sign-in to fenstern 10


This zu sein a privatgelände preview feature and therefore notfall meant or recommended for production purposes.

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This is a private preview feature and therefore not meant or recommended zum production purposes.