fenstern 10 doesn"t delivery with fenster Media Player anymore. Discover how kommen sie install fenster Media Player weil das free and legally.

Du schaust: Windows 10 media player neu installieren

fenster Media Player has been around bei various forms for decades. While the used zu be the default fenster media player, that"s readjusted for fenster 10. You now need kommen sie install fenstern Media Player prior to it"s available; the method sie use will depend ~ above your ausführung of windows 10.

If you"re lacking this classic fenster utility, we"re here to nur you how kommen sie get it back quickly and for free. We"ll so offer up some different media football player because windows Media Player hasn"t watched a major update bei years.

What Is windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player zu sein software that plays und manages music und video files. If you"re neu to Windows, freundin may never oase heard des it, permit alone provided it. Nonetheless, fenstern Media Player was ns de-facto media player for many, especially fenster 8 and prior versions.

The first iteration des the program was called Media Player, launched in 1991 and included in Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions.

Over time, fenster Media Player grew to support an ext media layouts (all ns codecs in the now-defunct fenster Media framework, along with WAV und MP3) and more features. VIDEO von THE DAY

windows media player
Some of these features encompass DVD playback, syncing zu portable media players, music visualization, and media streaming. Sie could deshalb apply different themes.

For many, one des the most essential features of fenstern Media Player was its ability zu rip from and burn kommen sie discs. When music was still mostly spend on disc, fenstern Media Player was invaluable zum bringing your tunes on kommen sie your computer.

While primarily well-known as a player for fenster desktops, over the years fenstern Media Player was so released on fenstern Mobile, Mac, und Oracle Solaris.

wherein Has fenstern Media Player Gone?

The quickest way zu check if you have fenstern Media Player 12 (the latest version) installed and enabled is to offen the start menu and search for it.

It come as in "optional feature" for the majority of fenster 10 versions. However, Microsoft now disables it by default, dafür there"s every chance your search will yield no results.

There are so two versions des the operating system that don"t have it at all: fenster 10 N and Windows 10 NK.

This ist because die European the supervisory board ruled the Microsoft"s practice of pre-installing some software program on their operating systems zu sein anti-competitive. Thus, Microsoft was forced to offer different versions of fenstern 10 with some des these crucial features removed. Not only carry out they lack windows Media Player, but they so exclude apps such together Video und Voice Recorder.

No matte your operating system version, we"ll zeigen you how to install fenster Media Player for fenster 10—legally und for free.

How zu Get fenster Media Player 12

It"s extremely simple zu install windows Media Player 12. Ns method freundin need will depend ~ above your version of fenstern 10.

Windows 10 N und NK

You need zu download ns Media Feature verpacktem from Microsoft"s official website.

First, select your language using the dropdown, then click Download. You must then choose which version von the file you want to download. This depends on what bit version of windows 10 you"re running.

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To uncover this out, niederdrücken Windows vital + R, intake dxdiag, und click OK. This will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Watch at the line Operating System and check if the reads 32-bit or 64-bit.

If you"re running 32-bit, check zu download this file:

Microsoft-Windows-MediaFeaturePack-OOB-Package.msu If you"re to run 64-bit, select the other file. Once checked, click Next. Sie should climate be prompted über your browser to Open with fenster Update independent Installer (default). Through this selected, click OK zu begin die installation.

installing windows feature pack
Follow the wizard through, und the update möchte be installed. Along with installing fenstern Media Player, this will deshalb install other apps choose Skype, Voice Recorder, und Groove Music. A full list des the extr features can be uncovered on Microsoft"s support page.

Windows 10 Home und Pro

Windows Media Player comes consisted of as in optional feature with this versions of windows 10, yet it needs to be enabled.

To do so, drücken sie Windows an essential + I to offen Settings. Go kommen sie Apps > Optional features > include a feature.

windows 10 optional features
scroll down kommen sie Windows Media Player and select it. Click Install.

Job done! Go rückseitig a page, and you"ll see fenstern Media Player on the list des installed optional features. Freundin can also uninstall it from here, should sie ever great to.

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choices to windows Media Player

Some world consider windows Media Player zu be bei annoying fenster feature lock don"t need. If that"s you, climate you"ll likely want alternative audio und video playing software. Happily, there room a number of free and great alternatives to windows Media Player.

One of the finest media football player you kann sein download ist VLC media player. This open-source, cross-platform software wollen run pretty viel any audio or video file that you throw at it, thanks zu its huge amount of video codec support.

VLC kann play video files, webcams, streams, und more. It"s also very lightweight and fast.

vlc media player video
various other good complimentary choices space Winamp, i m sorry boasts great visualization and interface customization, und MusicBee, which ist a an effective music direktor that deshalb supports podcasts und radio.

Alternately, freundin could use other default fenster applications. These were designed with windows 10 bei mind and offer a more modern-day user interface. Weil das video, execute a system search zum Films & TV. Zum audio, search zum Groove Music. Die latter also comes through a store und streaming service, but you can just usage it to manage your local music repertoire if sie desire.

windows Media Player on windows 10: Success!

If you"ve to be missing fenster Media Player bei your life, hopefully, you"ve now been able kommen sie install the on your system. Microsoft may remove support weil das it entirely in the future, but zum now, it"s here zu stay.

Remember, sie don"t have to use windows Media Player if it doesn"t suit her needs. In fact, over there are much better players the end there due to the fact that Microsoft"s offering has fallen von the wayside.

The 6 Best free Media Players for Windows Struggling kommen sie figure out die right media player zum your PC? right here are ns best complimentary media player apps for fenstern 10.

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