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The green Card unlocks the door to the United States zum thousands des USA fans every year. That allows the lucky green Card winners long-term residence as well as in unlimited arbeit permit weil das the US.

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The vereinigte staaten von amerika raffles 55,000 von the preferable US immigrant visas bei the green Card Lottery every year. Discover out if freundin are eligible zum the lottery through our cost-free Green card Check:

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Every year, die United says grants 55,000 green Cards through ns Green card Lottery!

With ns professional assistance of The American Dream, you kann increase her chances von winning!

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What is a eco-friendly Card?

The US eco-friendly Card is an immigrant visa the grants ns holder unlimited residence and work permit zum the united States von America.


The issuing authority, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) calls ns Green Card von its official benennen “Lawful long-term Resident” (LPR).

The history des the eco-friendly Card

The story of the green Card started in 1940. Civilization without us citizenship had to officially register wie entering die United States zum the first time. Relying on whether they to be visitors, immigrant workers, or permanent immigrants, they obtained a matching "Alien it is registered Card".

For permanent residents, that used zu be "Form I-151.“ die nickname “Green Card“ came around because die immigrant visas were printed on green paper an the 1950s.

Since then, immigrant had to prove your legal stay in the us on request. Not being able to zeigen one’s environment-friendly Card meant a violation von immigration law und therefore legitimate consequences. This has not changed until today.

The green Card design has regularly changed over die years. Personal from die color (it has even been yellow und pink zum a while), the USCIS has also changed die required information und even the name of the form: Today, it is called “Form I-551”.

Benefits des the US eco-friendly Card

The US green Card ist one des the most desired immigrant visas in the world zum good reason. Holders of the long-term Resident Card enjoy a variety of benefits:

Living in any US state without restrictionsMaintaining your existing citizenshipIf desired: Applying zum American citizenship after ~ 3 or 5 years

As in employee:

Free choice von employerUnlimited employmentRisk-free change des employerLess strict arbeiten requirements than zum other non-Americans

Being self-employed:

Easier and faster obtaining of business licenses

As a student:

Reducing tuition fees by up to 80%


As a pensioner:

A legal und permanent residence zum retirementEligibility for pension services earned an the us and in the home countryEligibility zum medical care und other government social assistance.Note: For this benefit, freundin must schutz lived in the US zum at least 5 years.

Limitations zum US environment-friendly Card holders

Depending ~ above one’s life situation und personal wishes, the Green map may so bring some disadvantages:

The long-term Resident map does not include the voting right bei Federal, State, and most neighborhood elections.If die Green card holder continues to be outside the US for too long, their Lawful permanent Resident (LPR) rights möchte expire (max. 1 year or 2 years upon application).Fingerprints and photos will blieb be bring away every time a eco-friendly Card holder enters die United States.

What walk a green Card look at like?

The design of ns Green card has adjusted over ns years. To make it more difficult to fake the immigrant visa, USCIS notfall only modified ns color but deshalb added attributes like a hologram und machine-readable number codes.

The many recent adjust occurred bei 2017. Due to the fact that then, die signature of the environment-friendly Card holder is no longer displayed on ns card.



How zu apply weil das a eco-friendly Card

There are various ways zu obtain a environment-friendly Card:

Depending on die category, various Green card requirements need to be met.

Any environment-friendly Card application should be submitted to U.S. Citizenship und Immigration dienstleistungen (USCIS) online. As soon as the immigration authorities have reviewed and approved ns application, a consular processing (or zustand adjustment wie applying indigenous inside the USA) follows.

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From jetzt on, the future environment-friendly Card holder zu sein either called die “applicant” (when filing ns Green map petition weil das himself) or the “beneficiary” (when a family member or employer papers it.)

When submit from outside die USA, the consulate in the home country von the applicant or beneficiary checks every documents and clarifies any offen questions. Also, ns future LPR möchte be invited for a eco-friendly Card Interview.

If ns Green map aspirant zu sein already in the united States, that or she tun können file for an “Adjustment of Status.” die required forms and supporting records depend on ns specific eco-friendly Card category.

What is needed in the eco-friendly Card interview?

The papers required zum the environment-friendly Card interview depend ~ above whether you are applying weil das a family reunion, a job-based eco-friendly Card, or have won the Green card Lottery.

Green map applicants und beneficiaries need to follow ns pre-interview indict during the Green Card applications process. Moreover, the following documents must it is in presented in the original by all green Card aspirants:

The interview invitationA passport that zu sein valid weil das at least 6 month from the intended date of entryTwo zu four biometric passport photosMedical check resultsVarious proofs such as a bear certificate, a current criminal record, or proof of financial means

In general, all documents that space crucial zum obtaining a environment-friendly Card have to be brought along together originals and copies. Furthermore, die documents need to be carried either an English or in the main language von the country in which die consulate is located.

Will my family receive a eco-friendly Card too?

Unmarried kids under ns age of 21, adopted children, stepchildren, und spouses are so eligible for a eco-friendly Card upon applications at the same time as the principal applicant.

Older youngsters may be eligible zum a green Card v a letztere application as part des a family members petition.

Married kids (regardless of age), parents, or siblings kann only attain permanent residency if they room related zu a us citizen. Therefore, a environment-friendly Card holder kann apply weil das US citizenship after three or five years as bei LPR and then petition zum his or produziert family members.

Where do ich apply weil das a environment-friendly Card?

All environment-friendly Card applications are submitted online to ns U.S. Citizenship und Immigration services (USCIS). However, if freundin want zu win ns Green map Lottery, it is recommended kommen sie work with ns official immigration consultants des The American Dream.

Every year, thousands des USA fan hope to win one of the much desired 55,000 united state immigrant visas an the environment-friendly Card Lottery. However, each year, up to 40% of all participants space disqualified von the US federal government due to klein errors in their application. The belästigung here: Nobody tells them that they oase been disqualified, let alone why.

The environment-friendly Card Lottery raffle is in electronic process, und the rules zum submitting data und Green map photos are an extremely strict. Ns lack von communication from die US officials makes ns process really obscure.

For this reason, there is a team des official relocation consultants that act as agents betwee the environment-friendly Card applicants und the united state authorities. The American Dream has actually been ns number one united state Immigration Partner zum 25 years, ensuring that eco-friendly Card Lottery applicants do notfall get disqualified.

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The state-certified emigrant consultants des The American Dream evaluation each applications twice und guarantee participation bei the green Card Lottery. Through a probability von success of 1:25, ns chances des winning are very high.