Wie Alt Dürfen Autoreifen Sein

Does it really always schutz to it is in a neu tire? What zu sein the preferably age of a tire prior to it must no much longer be used? the age des a tire is essential as it Quality and deshalb the Safety is guaranteed. We describe everything around how old a tire tun können be.

Du schaust: Wie alt dürfen autoreifen sein

The age von "new" tires

Strictly speaking, a tire ist only yes, really then newwhen this was newly manufactured. ~ production, the tire is attached straight to ns car or it möchte be stored in a warehouse for some time. But die length des storage deshalb has bei impact on ns quality des the tire. Bei Germany there are clear rules und regulations regarding ns storage und age des tires. There are so clear rules that have to help the user zu determine ns age des the tire.


If a tires is effectively stored, you tun können do this amazingly 3 zu 5 years as a neu tire (new tire) and also refer zu it. It must be noted, however, that the tire during this time not driven as it instantly becomes a Used tires will. Ns age of the tire kann be determined with a glance at die tire wall. Die info about ns Period des manufacture to find. In addition, many other details tun können be read on die tire wall. Ns period von manufacture zu sein indicated with 4 numbers. This number is so called DOT number. This is the respective calendar week und the year in which ns tire was manufactured. Bei the post "Explanation! What do ns tire name say?“Further info on die DOT number tun können be found.

The maximum age of neu tires!


For example, if freundin buy a neu set of tires because they might be on sale at the moment, yet do notfall want zu install lock yet, freundin will schutz many inquiries about die proper tire storage. How long can the tires it is in stored und when are ns tires no longer taken into consideration “new”? bei important factor is that way des storage. Deshalb the LocationWhere die tires space stored is in important factor. As currently mentioned, ns tires kann sein up zu 5 years space designated as new if they are stored properly. An the post "What sie need to know about the correct storage von tires!“, You kann sein read everything around correct tires storage.

The maximum age of used tires!

There are countless Used Tyres to buy. However, even these tires schutz at a certain point in time reached the belastung kilometer. Bei many cases, they decision kilometers driven and not period about die condition. As freundin drive, ns tires slowly lose tread and thereby ns properties the a an excellent tire need to have. That does this with friction on die road. Hence ist the depth von the profile a an excellent guideline. When die tread depth under 4 millimeters ns tires should currently be replaced. The TÜV ist even stricter and gives one Minimum tread depth indigenous 6 millimeters. The law says, on die other hand, that only indigenous 1,6 millimeters the tire needs zu be changed. You tun können read about this topic in our post "Tire profiles und everything freundin should know about them!“Read an ext information.


But that auch Age kann be a factor weil das new tires an addition to the tread depth. Therefore die question occurs how alt the tires may be a maximum von one car. There zu sein a limit to the manufacturer"s specifications of 10 years specified. Die recommendation from our side is that you should adhere zu the die info from TÜV und ADAC. Und they are explained in the next paragraph.

The maximum age of the tires at TÜV!

The TÜV name one Guide value des 6 years. Regardless des whether over there is ausblüten enough profile or not. Because so through ns Weather conditions the important properties of the tires are shed over time. The components of the tire, primarily die rubber, decompose and volatilize easily itself over time. But the car won"t fail just because of the tires at die TÜV. When the tires well stored und have only driven a few kilometers, they can deshalb with an age of 10 years still pass the TÜV.

However, it should be provided that ns recommendation des 6 years, which is given von TÜV and ADAC, is given v a reason. Many just ask die simple concern "How old kann sein the tires be zum the basic inspection?". Mostly zum reasons des cost. But that zu sein much an ext important Safety indigenous all roadway users on ns road and in your car. The safety von drivers, passengers and other road users has actually priority!

The preferably age des motorhome tires

Da campers schutz to bring a hefty load, ns question arises whether this tires schutz a different age. However, this applies zu a motorhome identical overview value prefer a car. Here, too, ns tires need to be changed 6 years to recommend but notfall mandatory. A look at at die tread depth is deshalb important. info: us recommend swapping zum a mobile house at ns latest after 6 years and when die profile less 보다 4 millimeters hat.


At ns end...

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The most necessary questions about die age of tires oase hopefully been answered through this post. A brief overview möchte be offered with the upcoming summary.

What ist the preferably age wie buying "new tires"? - If die tires room stored correctly, they kann sein be used as a new be designated.What ist the best age of tires zum public road use? - the tires have had your day after 10 years und must it is in replaced.What zu sein the preferably age von the tires to pass ns HU? - the TÜV proposal a maximum age von 6 years. Yet even tires that room 10 years alt can blieb make it through die TÜV.The preferably age of the tires according kommen sie ADAC? - Like the TÜV, ns ADAC also specifies a preferably age von 6 years.The best age von motorhome tires? - There is no law that prescribes die age of tires. However, die legislator recommends changing ns tires after 6 zu 10 years. We recommend a MAXIMUM of 6 years und a 4 mm profile!

Of course, that wasn"t the end of it.

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