Where to see the berlin wall

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Du schaust: Where to see the berlin wall

Alongside its alternate scene, plenty of visitors to berlin want zu know the best place to see the berlin Wall or, more precisely, whereby to seen what ausblüten remains of it. Weil das 28 years, a concrete wall surface over 100km lang divided Berlin und the whole country. Jetzt it’s one des the taste go-to sights an Germany’s capital.

On my zuerst trip to berlin as a 16-year-old history student, ich didn’t want to just see ns Wall, i tried to absorb every ounce von information i was feed zu know why. Kommen sie find the reason und to understand the consequences. I’d look hinweisen people my parent’s age und wonder about their individual stories during die Wall years of 1961 – 1989, und I’d look at people my age und wonder how die ideologies they’ve grown up with shape their outlook today in a merged city.

Years on, and a dozen access time to berlin later, I in still finding pockets des the city that are fenstern to die past, of which i share with you here top top where zu both seen remaining parts von the berlin Wall, alongside exhibitions, memorials und museums to gain a depth perspective.


The best Place to seen the berlin Wall and What zu Learn indigenous It


1 History des the berlin Wall2 Where zu sein the finest Place to see the berlin Wall – kept Sites und Memorials3 the Importance of Visiting berlin Wall Sites

History von the berlin Wall

2019 significant 30 years due to the fact that the fall of the berlin Wall, a shocking symbol des the division von Berlin, Germany und the Cold War, which lastly came under on 9th november 1989.

Visiting berlin today, it’s hard to think that this thriving, fun und booming european hotspot was once partitioned into East and West (alongside west Berlin’s encirclement von its very own Wall), a physical division that began in 1961.

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A buchstabe Timeline of berlin Wall History

Germany and Berlin were divided lang before 1961, through a division that began punkt the ende of World zu sein II. After ~ Germany’s surrender top top 8th may 1945, die Allies divided die country into four military occupation zones punkt the potsdam Conference. The United claims occupied ns southeast, France, the southwest und Britain, die northwest forming the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). Ns Soviet unionist occupied the northeast, forming ns socialist German democratic Republic (GDR), bordering Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Berlin, an its entirety, was located an the inhabited Soviet Zone des Germany. However, because of its importance as die capital of Germany und having been the former seat des the nazi- government, berlin was deshalb split right into a quadripartite.

Over 2.5 million civilization fled communist ost Germany zum democratic west Germany between 1946 and 1961. ~ above 26th might 1952, fearing an economic collapse, east Germany closeup of the door its border with die West via a five-kilometre vast exclusion zone to curb die mass exodus.

More dissatisfied east Germans continued zu leave, und since die only way through was durch West Berlin,the Soviet government totally sealed the border. ~ above 13th ehrenvoll 1961, fast construction of the berlin Wall began.

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The berlin Wall fell after tranquil Revolutions bei the country, calling for German Reunification and an end kommen sie oppression und then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s loosening des Eastern Bloc policies. This break down of power und the subsequent end of die Socialist unit Party des Germany (SED) culminated in a bureaucratic blunder über East German party official, Günter Schabowski, that accidentally stated in a press conference ~ above 9th november 1989 that die border punkt the berlin Wall was open, efficient immediately.

The Reunification des Germany began in October 1990. A year later, die destruction of the berlin Wall began inNovember 1991.

The Route des the berlin Wall Today

As freundin stroll through berlin today, you möchte notice two rows von cobbled stones noting where the Wall when stood – a concrete obstacle that cut off West berlin from ost Berlin und East Germany. While the stadt is reunited, that past is not forgotten. The trail des stones method that this piece von history is firmly in your awareness as you wander.


At zeit it is hard zu define i beg your pardon side ist East und which is West due to the rapid und continuous construction (marked von a sea von cranes, scaffolding und overland pipes). I found myself continually pulling out my map und trying zu work it out.

But there are ausblüten some parts von the city that feel shrouded in the dark past, blieb trying kommen sie catch trost with the unified present, still trying kommen sie modernise and fit in, still bearing ns scars of Soviet affect while its western sibling glistens as new. Or ist it nur that those districts are still living an and hold on to the past? after ~ all, notfall everyone wanted die Wall to come down.


It was those moments the made me feel confused about what ich felt about Berlin. What must it be? möchte it ever be a stadt as one? will there always be in East und West divide because the scars run too deep? has actually gritty come to be ‘cool’ because that’s ns only way kommen sie justify and accept post-war devastation?

Where zu sein the ideal Place to see the berlin Wall – maintained Sites and Memorials

Today, only a klein fraction des the berlin Wall remains, und those preserved parts des the wall serve as memorials. There is no it there bei front des you together a gesund realisation, sie wouldn’t it is in able kommen sie imagine just how imposing a structure it as soon as was. Or how imprisoned it must oase made civilization feel, die desperation the caused amongst people be separated from loved ones, the distinct lack von choice and freedom.

So before you strike a man pose on the or scribble your name on it, think about what it is, what it means, and what it symbolises. Ultimately, take die time kommen sie understand these lessons native a dark period des modern history.

The ost Side collection – whereby to see the berlin Wall Murals

The most famous of berlin Wall sites, The east Side Gallery is the best-preserved und longest part des the Wall at over 1 kilometre long. It zu sein adorned with colourful murals painted by international artists, which schutz been there because 1990 – a year after ~ East und West’s borders started to open.

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It’s in array of spectacular colour und creative vision along the banken of the fluss Spree, but viel of this open-air collection carries political messages und symbols of peace. It’s humbling and stands as a warning zum history notfall to repeat itself, alongside highlighting current world issues such as Climate Change.