Do freundin prefer WhatsApp 2016 version to the recent one? might be you don’t like jene that oase changed because 2016 on her WhatsApp and you will liebe to roll back to WhatsApp 2016 version while an 2017 there is a means out but you should bother kommen sie roll back to WhatsApp 2016 version. The WhatsApp download new version 2016 rock far better with simplified features, uneven 2017 version. Back 2017 WhatsApp has a last of features other than new WhatsApp status feature utilizing your pictures.

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But, ich can’t find out a einzel reason why sie should roll rückseitig to 2016 WhatsApp ausführung because sie will fehlschlagen a gewächs of features an the new WhatsApp. An fact, WhatsApp features like voice and video may disappear from her device und you may get stacked making use of WhatsApp on her phone.

The neu WhatsApp attribute on iPhone the facilitates chatting without in internet connection will be calculation invalid. And recently, if sie Update her WhatsApp account you wollen find out that WhatsApp has rolled the end WhatsApp showed profile feature zum a unternehmen owner. This is also not in WhatsApp download new version 2016.


It was in 2016 WhatsApp version that WhatsApp revoked support weil das most Blackberry smartphone but come 2017, WhatsApp has prolonged support zum Blackberry till the ende of 2017. Here ist how zu use WhatsApp on Blackberry. We so published in article on how zu use Blackberry on iPad freundin may want to check out that.

Another factor why freundin should notfall rock WhatsApp 2016 version so includes the fact that you can now operation WhatsApp on Nokia phone (Windows). Also, some Symbian phone still supports using WhatsApp 2017 ausführung which was blocked an 2016.

Do freundin want to download WhatsApp for mobile, the verknüpfung to the post shared above got your back. Just check the out and you möchte get every little thing on WhatsApp messenger and how zu install recent WhatsApp update for Samsung and also, zum Asha Nokia phone.

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To crown, the all, there is a way zu use dual WhatsApp on android phone. This method that you kann sein engage in Whatsapp Download neu Version 2016 and still schutz WhatsApp 2017 version running on the same smartphone.

For your ideal suit, here zu sein how to use dual WhatsApp top top one android phone,  in addition, you can also run WhatsApp with doppel SIM card. Isn’t the great? Here ist how to use WhatsApp on android phone doppelt SIM card and without verification.

I’m glücklich to introduce to you that you can now login WhatsApp on a desktop and access WhatsApp on your computer without her phone. Inspect out how zu login WhatsApp ~ above PC. The post provides step über step procedure you need zu follow to successfully logged right into your WhatsApp account top top a desktop/laptop computer.

Another good reason why freundin should notfall download WhatsApp new version 2016 includes the fact that sie cannot manage media feature on your WhatsApp account. Choose we published in the previous woche that you kann sein stop auto download on your WhatsApp account. Inspect out how to stop Downloading Whatsapp Media (Photos & Videos) on android Phone.

This ist yet another great feature des WhatsApp ~ above all smartphone running WhatsApp 2017 update consisting of Samsung, Asha etc.

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Although WhatsApp zu sein free to download apps for all smartphone before you choose to roll zurück to Whatsapp Download new Version 2016 deshalb try to consider the neu features added kommen sie WhatsApp 2017. Lest ich forget, examine out this tricks that easily let you schedule WhatsApp messages. ” How kommen sie schedule WhatsApp messages” on android phone without root access.