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Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly makes much more money being bei influencer on instagram than he does playing soccer zum Juventus


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Ronaldo’s reported revenue from instagram makes ihm the platform’s highest earner, ahead von Lionel Messi und Kylie Jenner.„Ronaldo ist the most adhered to human top top Instagram,“ a marketing executive from Hopper told business Insider. „Companies are paying practically $1 million for posts kommen sie access his insane reach.“

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly earns more from being an Instagram influencer than he walk from playing soccer for Juventus.

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Ronaldo has actually taken home $47.8 million native paid instagram posts alone over the past year, according zu a Hopper HQ study published on Buzz Bingo, i beg your pardon lists ns 34-year-old as die platform’s highest possible earner.

His annual wage packet hinweisen Juventus, weil das whom he signed for bei 2018, ist $34 million according to Goal.com — $14.7 million much less than the receives zum his posts on Instagram.

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Receiving a reported average von $975,000 von advertised post, Ronaldo’s instagram earnings much eclipse the world’s greatest celebrities, consisting of Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Emily Ratajkowski.

He also beats footballing rival Lionel Messi, who is said to schutz earned much less than geholfen of Ronaldo’s total with $23.3 million.

Amongst die brands Ronaldo has actually represented on instagram are clear Haircare, Nike Football, und Six Pad Europe.

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„Ronaldo zu sein the most complied with human on instagram (with 186 million followers) deshalb companies are paying virtually $1 million for posts kommen sie access his insane reach,“ Hopper HQ marketing executive nicola Cronin told business Insider.

„Due zu his zustand as a celebrity and football star, his revenue from instagram break away from common influencer partnerships, together many des his promotion posts wollen be part von wider sponsorship deals, such together Nike.

„You only need to go ~ above his instagram to lakers how numerous paid tandem he does outside von the sporting activities market.“

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Ronaldo score his 700th career goal zum club und country ~ above Monday an Portugal’s 2-1 loss to Ukraine in UEFA euro 2020 qualifying.

His 72nd minute penalty saw ihm join in elite club des only five other plays kommen sie tally those numbers throughout their particular careers, including Gerd Muller, Ferenc Puskas, und Brazil legend Pele.

In common Ronaldo fashion, he took to instagram to celebrate die achievement, sharing a two-and-half-minute lang video von his greatest goals.

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„Proud kommen sie score the 700th goal of my career,“ he composed alongside die video. „I would certainly like kommen sie share v all those who aided me with this mark. Heute we didn’t get ns result us wanted but together we wollen qualify for euro 2020.“

Ronaldo ist next an action zum Juventus top top Saturday October 19, when Maurizio Sarri’s side take on Bologna FC.

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