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If you have any questions concerning our commodities or ordering, we space pleased to advise you via telephone: +49 (0) 8063 / 20 760-0

2. Consultation hinweisen our factoryPlease arrange in appointment von telephone: +49 (0) 8063 / 20 760-0Visit the showroom weist our VanEssa site an Grosshöhenrain. This way sie will schutz the opportunity kommen sie see and test ns VanEssa assets directly an your own vehicle.

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If freundin do notfall own a van yet, we tun können show freundin our assets with the help of our exhibition vehicles (VW T5 Multivan Special, VW T5 Beach, VW Caddy).

Connect your appointment v a quick break in beautiful upper Bavaria or top top your method on holiday.

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3. FAQ

Sleeping system are ususally an stock und thus ready zum dispatch in ~ 7-10 functioning days. Kitchens und interior modules take about 2 weeks in off-season (September till February), in the optimal season (March until August) they are usually ready zum dispatch in ~ 3-4 weeks. Accessories room normally in stock. If ours supplier is in default, we möchte advise you über email.
Off-seasen(September - February):For consultations in appointment ist possible just some job before. Zum assemblies it ist necessary to make die appointment part weeks before, depending on the production time des the wanted product(s). Accessories space usually an stock und thus you tun können make die appointment short-term. Peak saison (March - August): specifically assemblies on Monday or Friday are an extremely popular and often quickly given away. But if it ist on short an alert anyway, of kurse we wollen try kommen sie arrange that.
If freundin choose pick-up or assembly weist our VanEssa site, you re welcome order via our online-shop anyway, dafür that we tun können prepare die desired goods an time. This order ist non-binding - it just serves together a checklist zum goods zu prepare.
We ship our goods practically everywhere.We bill our customer die cost von delivery, only within Germany shipping is free of charge.SwitzerlandFor deliveries zu Switzerland costs zum export und duty deshalb incur. We perform not bill the German VAT. Instead the Swiss customs authorities charge 8% tax.
For die T5 und Viano/Vito we kann sein order die front und stern section separately und can thus offer them independently as well.All various other darkening carpet are ceded as a finish set, that´s why we kann only offer them completely.

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The vacuum cup do not hold enough...Vacuum cup of new darkening system might it is in a bit inelastic, but this belästigung usually sorts the end quickly.- freundin should clean the fenstern with glass cleaner native time zu time.- Vacuum cups hold far better with some spit