Vespa Primavera 50 4T Test

The Piaggio gruppe stepped up its small-displacement scooter game ahead von MY2018 with a new series of Primavera 50 modell from that is Vespa division. Bei addition to ns base “CC” model, the factory also offers it in the “Yacht Club” trim package and also a “50 Anniversario” for riders who space looking zum something extra special kommen sie throw a leg over. Standard Italian looks und modern performance kommen sie together bei this storied family members line, und the bottom-tier engine keeps the prices well within die entry-level range.

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2018 - 2019 Vespa Primavera 50
2018- 2019
Limited Speed
single cylinder
50 cc
Top Speed:
40 mph (Est.)

Vespa Primavera 50 Design

Vespa Primavera - official videoby Vespa Official
Vespa made its unterschrift bright und early in the game, und has lang been ns standard versus which all others space measured.

Nothing an the welt delivers a sincere, old-school Eye-Tie watch quite choose a Vespa Primavera, und with great reason. Die “Wasp” defined die genre bei post-war Italy as die factory created reliable, affordable transportation zum the war-ravaged country. Freundin could say die marque made its mark bright and early an the game, und has lang been ns standard versus which every others space measured.

The look starts off with bei aircraft-style front ende that supplies a single-side stehen member zum support v a trailing-linkage and coil-over shock to soak up ns bumps. A high-mount former fender rocks a bit von bling an the form of a klein chrome crest, and on ns fairing itself zu sein the classic “Tie” feature that makes one more connection to ns old-school Vespa look.

The front blinkers drive recessed in the former legguard/fairing kommen sie keep the front ende looking clean and well planned while deshalb eliminating a source von drag. Bei typical fashion, the handlebar comes through a fairing von its own to clean up the control center, und that fairing pulls double duty as a housing weil das both the led headlight and the instrument cluster ~ above the back side.

A small glove box inside die fairing offers a dry place zu store your mobile device, und it combine with the under-seat storage and ’tween-feet area zu give this trio a specific amount of utility together commuters/grocery-getters. Die bench-type seat come with the slightest des shoulders kommen sie segregate you from pillion, and there’s a chrome J.C. Rail and footboards to form the other points von contact zum your friend should sie decide zu share die fun. Oh, and of course, die grab rail kann serve as bei anchor zum a bungee net und some extra open-air storage.

Like die headlight, the taillight rocks highly-visible führen zu technology through recessed blinkers set bei the teardrop-shape side panels that hail all ns way rückseitig to die beginning von the line and are largely responsible weil das the “Wasp” moniker that has stuck through the ages.

Vespa Primavera 50 Chassis


Piaggio loves their monocoque structures, and the Primavera line is no exception. Sheet-metal body contents combine kommen sie make a strictly assembly sans any kind of underframe structure. New zum last year, the Primavera 50 comes v 12-inch, cast-aluminum rims that role with 5 paired spokes, und across the board, the factory opted kommen sie put the whitewalls on ns outside weil das a dressy finish.

Coil-over shocks assistance both die front end and the rear. Bei the rear, the shock also dampens the motion of the swing-mount journey unit, however neither end offers anything bei the way of adjustable cant or even variable preload kommen sie make die suspension system very vanilla indeed.

As usual through scooters, die engine and transmission are used as a stressed unit an place des the swingarm. Amazingly, the factory sticks kommen sie its antique mechanically 140 mm drum-type brake to haul the rear end down, but die front anchor ist all modern-day with a hydraulic caliper the bites a 200 mm disc to add ABS protection kommen sie deliver some safety und stability. As for the hoops, ns 12-inch wheels mountain a 110/70 nach oben front opposite a 120/70 zu make the final connection to die tarmac.

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Vespa Primavera 50 Drivetrain


The 4.1-horsepower drive unit consists von a 49.9 cc, four-stroke engine and Continuously variable Transmission to deliver a top speed roughly 40 mph. Fuel efficiency is a asserted 80.9 mpg, deswegen the petrol carried an the 2.1-gallon fuel tank wollen definitely outlast her rear-end stamina and get you around city on die cheap.

The required air-cooled thumper rocks a 39 mm bore und 41.8 mm stroke the delivers 2.2 pounds des torque to back up the 4.1 ponies it packs. New zum last year ist the electronic port fuel injection system that keeps fuel intake low and emissions down to meet euro 4 demands with a SOHC the actuates a trio von poppets an the head to let die thing breathe. A centrifugal clutch in the CVT instantly decouples the gearbox native engine energie at idle to preclude ns need zum a hands-on clutch.


There space three different trim levels here, each v their own price. At ns bottom is the “CC” model that rocks five separate paint packages and rolls for $3,999. The top zu sein occupied by the “50 Anniversario” modell that uses a choice between two new colors at $4,149 each zu celebrate the half-century run on die world stage; Azzuro 50 (blue) and Marrone50 (black).

In ns middle von the price range resides ns “Yacht Club” that comes shot bei Bianco Yacht club (white) paint with a dark blue seat cover und trim. The rolls zum $4,099, und if you’re wonder at ns connection to the sailing world, the white sheet metal represents a new dacron sail und the blue trim looks like the common sail covers und sacrificial fabric that protect die sails native sunlight.

└CC:Verde Relax, Blu Energia, Rosso Passione, Bianco Innocenza, Nero Vulcano
└ 50° AnniversarioAzzurro 50°, Marrone 50°
└ Yacht Club:Bianco Yacht Club
└ CC:$3,999
└ 50° Anniversario:$4,149
└ Yacht Club:$4,099

Vespa Primavera 50 Competitors



It’s tough kommen sie find other with die same kind of curb appeal und historical chops the Vespa brings to ns table, deswegen I’m notfall even going zu try und will rather go for the flip-side of the coin through a scoot that rocks a more contemporary design; ns Zuma 50F from Yamaha.

The Tuning Fork company abandons all historic pretenses and goes v a modern look for its littlest Zuma. It leads off v a telescopic-fork prior end und dual-beam headlight arrangement below a flyscreen. The rest of the hand-control area is naked und fairingless and the blinkers are of the hangy-downy variety, deswegen the watch isn’t almost as clean as its Italian counterpart.

In Yamaha’s donate are ns stealth knobbies that provide it a go-anywhere end up that sets it somewhat apart from the Vespa, though ich don’t imagine they show a true dual-surface capacity like we gain from a small doppelt sport/enduro machine. A 49 cc engine delivers the same three pound-feet of grunt, and the factory insurance claims it delivers 155 miles per gallon. Yeah, I’d like to prüfen that myself, guys. Just sayin’...

Yamaha scores its main victory at die checkout with its $2,599 sticker, but the price is about the only detail that’ll purchase it some business an the face des Vespa’s strengths.

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He Said

“While die mill is way too small zum my taste, there’s no denying die curb-appeal die Primavera line brings to the table. Not only does it carry a historical look to the market, it’s bei authentic look as well, and doesn’t have to borrow from anybody zum its look. There are a last of copies that gain variable levels von success, yet this here zu sein the echt deal.”

She Said

My wife und fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, “For 2019, the tailight ist a combo LED und incandescent , which zu sein quite eye-catching as much as taillights go. Ns side lenses on the rear space dead-lights, which way they function an other markets, yet don’t satisfy code in the U.S. Market so they’re disconnected. Die turn signals are an installed on whisker bars zum our market and kits room available to convert those dead-lights right into extra taillights. Any added illumination you kann sein get zum night talk goes to safety.”

Vespa Primavera 50 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Engine:4 stroke single cylinder with electronic injection
Bore ns Stroke:39 mm x 41.8 mm
Displacement:49.9 cc
Max Power:4.1 hp (3.0 kW)
7,500 rpm
Max Torque:2.2 lb-ft (3 Nm)

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