Uplay 2 Faktor Authentifizierung

Choose ns section in this short article that describes die issue you’re suffering with two-step verification:

Note: If you’re on a biologischelandbouw.org business team and are having worries signing in with two-step verification, contact her team’s admin for assistance. They möchte be able kommen sie reset your two-step verification settings.

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Lost call or adjusted phone number

If sie lost your phone or gott a neu phone number und no longer have access to your alt phone number, there space several alternative ways kommen sie receive a two-step verification code. Try the following methods prior to contacting biologischelandbouw.org support.

Use her biologischelandbouw.org emergency backup code

You may schutz set in emergency back-up code wie you set up your biologischelandbouw.org account. If you did, you were told kommen sie save it for your records. If you ausblüten have your back-up code, click Having trouble getting a code? bei the home window that appears wie man you try kommen sie sign in, und then click Enter the emergency backup code and type in your code.

Use your backup phone

When sie set trost your biologischelandbouw.org account, you may oase added a backup phone number that can receive texts. If freundin did, or sie think sie might have, click Having trouble acquiring a code? in the home window that appears wie you try kommen sie sign in, and then click Text my backup phone. Then, find that phone call or call the personen that has actually it, and follow the prompts from there.

Use a different connected device

If you oase multiple tools linked to your biologischelandbouw.org account, click Having trouble getting a code? in the home window that appears when you try to sign in, und then click Send me a notification. You should obtain a notification on all connected devices. Tap Review, then Yes kommen sie sign in.

Use biologischelandbouw.org bei the taskbar/menu bar

If you have a computer system that instantly signs you an to your biologischelandbouw.org account, then you don’t require two-step verification zu sign in. Click die biologischelandbouw.org icon bei your taskbar (Windows) or menu riegel (Mac), und then click the erde icon to open biologischelandbouw.org.com. As soon as you’re signed in to ns connected device, you tun können turn off two-step verification zum your account and sign an on any kind of other computer system or device.

Invalid code

If you see bei error post about an invalid code, sie may need zu turn on automatic time sync on her mobile device. Zu do so, follow ns instructions zum your an equipment below.

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Open ns Settings app.Tap General.Tap Date & Time.Toggle Set Automatically on.If Set Automatically is already on, toggle it off, wait a few seconds, and toggle it rückseitig on to reset


Open ns Settings app.Tap date & time.Depending on your device, Date & time can be located under Additional settings or SystemToggle Automatic date & time on.If Automatic date & time zu sein already on, toggle it off, wait a few seconds, und toggle it zurück on kommen sie reset

Received a two-step confirmation code while not attempting to sign in

If you’re receiving two-step verification codes to your e-mails or her phone wie man you’re notfall trying zu sign in, call biologischelandbouw.org support to make sure your account is secure and change your biologischelandbouw.org password as soon as possible.

Learn much more about how to choose a strong password zum your biologischelandbouw.org account.

Not prompted kommen sie enter a two-step confirmation code

If freundin set trost two-step verification but aren"t being prompted kommen sie enter a code, that probably method you’re making use of a trusted device.

To lakers the erinnerung again, you kann clear the cache and cookies in the web internet browser on your computer or revoke trusted status from her devices. Kommen sie revoke reliable status:

Click your profile picture.Choose Settings.Select the Security tab.Scroll to the Two-step verification section.Click Revoke All next to Trusted Devices.

Note: If you using the biologischelandbouw.org desktop application, her computer ist automatically a confirmed device, so you i will not ~ be prompted kommen sie enter a two-step confirmation code.

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Disable two-step verification

You tun können disable two-step verification zum your biologischelandbouw.org account punkt any time. Kommen sie do so:

Click your profile picture.Click Settings.Click ns Security tab.Toggle Two-step verification to Off.