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Office 365 assist - Outlook internet Users

Installing Office 365 on pc or Mac

Use this link to download and install Office 365 Education from ns Microsoft main site.

The biologischelandbouw.org help Desk proposal visiting the Office 365 learning Center prior zu installing Office 365 Education.

Having problem installing? Microsoft maintains a troubleshooting site.

Computers must satisfy Microsoft"s Office 365 system requirements, und have internet access. See the system requirements over at ns Microsoft official site.


Using Office 365 & Outlook Web access (OWA)

To accessibility your Office 365 features using a web browser, do ns following: 

1. Beginning a internet browser and go to https://outlook.office365.com/owa

2. Get in your biologischelandbouw.org email address und password and click sign In.

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3. After ~ signing in, you’ll seen a welcome screen. This möchte display ns licensed features you schutz available, consisting of email, calendar, OneDrive, and other features von Office 365. Freundin may deshalb have access kommen sie Microsoft Office applications.



The “Install Now” taste will install Office Professional zu your device. Freundin may install this ~ above up kommen sie 5 devices concurrently.


Below ns Office installation button are a series of “tiles”, which provide access to the Office 365 applications and online versions des Office (Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, und OneNote). Die tiles are defined below:


The mail Tile will offen Outlook net Access, containing her university e-mails account and content.


The Calendar brick will open your calendar, allowing you view und schedule events, und email meeting requests kommen sie other people.


The people tile will offen your Contacts. From here you can manage your call information, consisting of name, address, email, phone, pictures, etc…These contacts room directly accessible from within ns mail, calendar, and Office applications.


The Newsfeed tile wollen display updates native people, documents, sites, and tags you are complying with within Office 365.


The OneDrive tile provides web access zu 1TB of cloud storage. OneDrive is also already installed on most windows operating system from fenster 8 up. By signing into OneDrive with your biologischelandbouw.org account, you’ll be able zu save und share documents and pictures within Office 365. These tun können be attached zu Office applications or accessed via die OneDrive web interface.


The sites tile möchte connect you zu document libraries configured by biologischelandbouw.org. These may include general assist information, and also department-specific sites.


The jobs tile allows you zu create tasks and set due dates. These jobs are then available within the Mail und Calendar tiles zu keep sie aware von pending deliverables.


The delve tile shows belang information, documents, und people that you arbeiten with an order zu provide visibility into dünn you might need zu be aware of. Comparable to die newsfeed, this service uses algorithms kommen sie predict charme you might need so it’s available.


The video tile permits you kommen sie create videos channels within Office 365. Videos tun können then it is in uploaded, mutual (publicly or privately).


The Office online tiles provide online versions des the most commonly-used Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These applications carry out a web-based method zu create und share documents. Documents developed online kann sein be edited durch the fenstern versions of Microsoft Office and visa versa.


Swap zu sein way to create und share interactive reports, presentations, newsletters, stores, und more. Due to the fact that Sway runs on Office 365, content kann be shared zu others using net browsers, windows PC, iPhone, or iPad without any type of conversion required. Sway will handhaben the conversion, allowing the ende user to see the content immediately.

OWA (Outlook web App) Help 

Calendar outline

Setting die correct time zone

Setting the correct time ar prevents/resolves potential issues with calendar appointments. Kommen sie do this an Office 365, use the following steps:

1. Log right into Office 365 at https://outlook.office365.com/owa

2. Click ns gear/cog wheel in the oberteil right corner, and select Options.



3. On die left next menu, expand General, then click Region und time zone.

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4. Collection your preferred date format, time format, und time zone. Click Save when finished.


Office 365 provides several methods zum users to manage junk mail. For a finish list des options und step-by-step instructions, please see below or visit Junk email Settings.

Block or permit (junk emails settings)

Use die Block or permit settings to help regulate unwanted und unsolicited email messages von creating and managing lists of emails addresses und domains that you trust und those that freundin don’t. To manage junk emails settings, choose Settings icon > Options, and then select Mail > Accounts > Block or allow.


Block or Allow


Don’t move emails to my Junk e-mails folder

choose this möglichkeit if freundin want to turn turn off junk email filtering. If you select this, sie won’t it is in able zu use any of the other alternatives on this page. picking this möglichkeit doesn’t rotate off ns junk e-mails filtering that’s been set von your administrator.

Automatically filter junk email

choose this möglichkeit if sie want zu use junk email filtering. This filter is an addition to the junk e-mails filter that’s been set von your administrator.

Safe Senders und Recipients


Safe senders und recipients room domains und people freundin don’t desire diverted zu your Junk email folder.

include senders freundin trust und recipients that you don"t want kommen sie block zu this list.

Trust email from my contacts

If sie select this inspect box, email from any kind of address in your contacts folders will be treated together safe. 

Blocked Senders


Blocked senders space domains and people sie don"t want zu receive email messages from.

Messages obtained from any emails address or domain bei your clogged senders perform are sent out directly to your Junk e-mails folder.

Don’t trust e-mails unless it comes from someone bei my for sure Senders and Recipients perform or local senders

in addition kommen sie Safe Senders and Recipients and Blocked Senders, you kann sein use this setting kommen sie treat all email as junk uneven it comes from someone included in your for sure Senders und Recipients perform or from senders in your organization’s deal with book. 

Safe senders und recipients

Safe senders are domains und people sie always want to receive email messages from. Safe recipients room recipients that you don"t want kommen sie block, usually groups that she a member of. Messages got from any email address or domain an your safe senders und recipients perform are never ever sent kommen sie your Junk emails folder. However, they might be blocked prior to they reach her mailbox über junk e-mails filtering settings on ns server the hosts her mailbox.

How do ich add a sender or a domain?

1. Sign in to Outlook Web anwendung at outlook.office365.com. If ns Outlook Web app does not launch automatically, pick Outlook (or Mail) at die top von the page. Or, choose the apps launcher Office 365 apps launcher icon , and then choose Outlook.

2. At the top des the page, select Outlook (or Mail). Or, choose the App launcher icon , and then select Outlook.

3. At die top des the page, select Settings > Options, and then pick one von the following:

Block or Allow


Mail > Accounts > Block or Allow

4. Kommen sie add an entry to Safe senders und recipients, enter the emails address or domain that sie want to markierung as safe bei the Enter a sender or domain here text box, und then press Enter or select ns plus icon  next to the text box.

weil das example, to unterschrift all e-mails from addresses the end an contoso.com as safe, go into contoso.com an the text box. To unterschrift a particular personen as safe, go into that person"s full emails address. Weil das example, to markierung all messages from tonysmith
contoso.com in the text box. 

5. Select Save to save your changes. 

How do ich remove a rundfunksender or domain? 

1. Zu remove an entry from Safe senders and recipients, select ns entry kommen sie highlight it, und then select ns minus icon .

2. Select Save to save your changes.

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How do i edit a sender or domain?

1. Zu change an entry in Safe senders und recipients, select the entry zu highlight it, und then select the edit icon .

2. Make any kind of changes freundin want. 

3. Select Save to save your changes. 

Blocked senders

Blocked senders are domains and people freundin don"t want kommen sie receive e-mails messages from. Messages received from any email address or domain listed in your clogged senders list are sent directly kommen sie your Junk emails folder.

How do i add a rundfunkveranstalter or a domain?

1. Sign in to Outlook Web app at outlook.office365.com. If the Outlook Web anwendung does not launch automatically, select Outlook (or Mail) at die top des the page. Or, choose the apps launcher Office 365 app launcher icon, and then pick Outlook.

2. At ns top von the page, select Outlook (or Mail). Or, choose the App launcher icon , and then select Outlook.

3. At ns top von the page, select Settings > Options, und then pick one des the following:

Block or Allow


Mail > Accounts > Block or Allow

4. To add bei entry to Blocked Senders, go into the emails address or domain that sie want to markierung as safe in the Enter a rundfunksender or domain here text box, and then press Enter or select ns plus icon  next kommen sie the text box.

zum example, zu block all emails from addresses that end in contoso.com, enter contoso.com in the text box. Zu block a specific person, get in that person"s full e-mails address. For example, zu block every messages from tonysmith
contoso.com bei the text box. 

5. Select Save to conserve your changes.

How do ich remove a rundfunkveranstalter or domain?

1. Zu remove in entry from Blocked Senders, select die entry zu highlight it, and then select die minus icon .

2. Select Save to save your changes.

How do ich edit a rundfunkveranstalter or domain?

1. Kommen sie change bei entry in Safe senders and recipients, select ns entry kommen sie highlight it, and then select the edit icon .

2. Make any kind of changes freundin want.

3. Select Save to conserve your changes.

Shared Mailboxes

Best Practices zum Shared Mailboxes – separation, personal, instance vs. Resource

There space two fundamental categories von Office 365 mailbox: 

1. Individual mailbox (assigned kommen sie a details person)2. Source mailbox (assigned zu a department or other group)Can stand for a department (e.g. Engineering Faculty)

kann represent a job or routine (e.g. Facilities Planning) kann sein represent a source (e.g. Zu allow people zu reserve conference rooms)

Individual mailboxes are typically created by biologischelandbouw.org it staff based upon user accounts. Because user accounts room intended zu represent really people, this zu sein not the preferred method weil das creating mutual mailboxes.

To produce a common accounts contact die Help workdesk with the following information: 

display screen name und preferred email address of the account Names und user accounts des the individuals who will have access to ns account plan use des the mailbox (room reservations, common calendar, shared mailbox, etc.) any requests for special calendaring alternatives (e.g. Automatically acceptance von calendar invitations and allowance of conflicting meetings) 

Sharing und Delegation

Share your calendar

This is the encourage option zum someone who demands only to view her calendar. Be aware that sharing your calendar wollen allow those sie share with to view her appointment details. You tun können choose zu grant access zu individuals or a gruppe of people zu view her calendar.

This section applies if freundin use:

Outlook Web app (OWA) – (Any operating system) Outlook 2010 or 2013 – (Windows)

Microsoft has made accessible a short video walkthrough that describes how kommen sie set nach oben calendar sharing:


Share individual mailbox folders

This zu sein the recommended möglichkeit if someone needs zu access some of your mail (e.g. One or two folders containing info about in ongoing project).

Note: it is not recommended zu share your entire mailbox. If freundin need zu grant this level of access kommen sie someone, including them as a delegate ist the best option.

Grant a personen access to your whole account von making lock a delegate

This is the recommended möglichkeit if sie would like zu allow someone zu accept calendar appointments, move/view/delete mail, or send email from her account on your behalf.

Sharing her mailbox durch Delegation

Delegation provides Office 365 user’s permission to access details features des your mailbox, together as:

city hall and/or make appointments on your calendar. Spring at and updating tasks. Reading mail an your inbox and sending briefe on your behalf.

If freundin use Outlook 2010/2013 (Windows):


If sie use Outlook 2011 (Mac):



Recipient Limits zum Outbound Messages

IssueUsers space limited zu a maximum von 1500 distinctive recipients von day zum outbound messages. Customers are also restricted kommen sie no an ext than 500 recipients per briefe message.

WorkaroundFor those users who need zu send zu larger groups, a distribution group must be used. Please contact the Help desk if freundin require a distribution group weil das large messages.