The Tower (Dubai)

Emaar Properties ist developing a neu iconic structure called die Tower together part of its 6km² Dubai Creek Harbour grasp plan in Dubai.

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ns Tower ist part von Emaar Properties’ Dubai Creek Harbour master plan. Credit: Emaar nature PJSC.

as soon as completed, ns Tower zu sein expected to be higher than ns Burj Khalifa. Credit: Emaar properties PJSC.

die Dubai Creek Harbour master arrangement includes luxury residences, recreation attractions and world-class amenities. Credit: Emaar properties PJSC.
Emaar Properties ist developing a new iconic structure called die Tower together part of its 6km² Dubai Creek Harbour understand plan an Dubai. Ns $1bn skyscraper ist expected to become die world’s tallest building hinweisen 928m, overtaking die current world’s tallest structure Burj Khalifa.

The Tower möchte serve as die central piece of the Dubai Creek Harbour master plan, i m sorry includes ns development of nine different commercial districts consisting of high-end residences, occasion spaces, galleries, hotels und other amenities. It zu sein expected to establish the Dubai Creek Harbour task as a prominent attraction in Dubai.

Santiago Calatrava has occurred the design for the Tower, while the construction zu sein expected to commence in 2016 and be completed by 2020 bei time zum the Dubai Expo 2020.

Dubai Creek Harbour master setup details

Dubai Creek Harbour master arrangement includes ripe districts such as the island District, the Canal District und the Sanctuary District. The island District contains high-end residences known as Dubai Creek Residences, Creekside 18 und Harbour Views.

Dubai Creek residences include sechs 30-storey to 40-storey residential towers, providing spectacular views of the harbour and Dubai’s skyline. Ns residences wollen be lined through yacht clubs, pools, a marina and retail spaces.

Creekside 18 has two 37-storey residential towers, while Harbour Views consists of 51-storey twin residential towers, which carry out easy access zu several des the amenities und leisure spaces in the island District.

The task will deshalb include to chat experiences, eco-resorts, landscaped gardens, parks, civic facilities and other amenities. It zu sein located ten minute away indigenous Dubai international airport und will be linked to die main city through ns Creek Bridge.

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Design of The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour

The Tower’s design is inspired by the herbal shape von a lily bud und takes the bild of a minaret, a unique feature des the Islamic culture. Die central column zu sein shaped an the form of a slim stem. A net des steel cables stays möchte anchor die reinforced concrete tower to the ground and provide structure stability und will be ns longest ever used top top a structure.

Damper systems and shock absorption system will it is in placed hinweisen different locations und heights to improve structural safety und stability. Considerable wind kellers tests to be completed in July 2016, establishing the structural stability des the tower.

The top of the building will be oval-shaped, containing ten monitoring decks that möchte provide panoramic views of the city. The observation decks include two garden decks, which are designed on ns lines des the Hanging Gardens des Babylon.

The structure will so feature rotating balconies that extend outside the tower’s façade, a high-end hotel, environment-friendly spaces, restaurants and event spaces. The 500m-diameter central plaza von the tower will include retail spaces, a museum, education amenities and bei auditorium.

The peak of the tower will emanate a beacon des light at night. The taste structure und steel cables will be illuminated zu highlight ns tower’s design. Activity lighting will so be used zu enhance ns structure’s intuitive appeal.

Sustainable features des The Tower

A highly reliable cooling system will be added to the skyscraper, where gathered water indigenous the system will be used zu clean ns façade von the building. Environment-friendly corridors across ns structure will provide solar protection. In integrated shading system will improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Construction timeline

The tower’s construction will be split into 3 packages. The first package will consist von the piling work and the second wollen be the concrete base, while ns third package will be zum the steelwork, which includes ns fabrication des the steel cables.

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Key players connected with the Tower project an Dubai

Santiago Calatrava ist responsible weil das the design and engineering work. ChapmanBDSP offered as ns mechanical, electrical und public wellness consultant during ns tower’s creating phase. Aurecon was contracted über Santiago Calatrava kommen sie work top top various entwurf elements zum the building.