The zuerst season des The Night Manager an unified all die elements von a great spy story: it had actually drama, intrigue, und plenty des subterfuge. Fan of the show can’t wait zum a follow-up. Dafür what kann they expect bei the TV show’s 2nd season?

Let’s take a closer look at what fans can look for bei the second season of the tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie series The Night Manager. Here’s whatever we know around it so far.

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Here’s what happened in season 1 von ‘The Night Manager’


Tom Hiddleston | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

According to verrotten Tomatoes, The Night Manager is based top top a novel über John le Carre. It starred Hiddleston an the lead function with Laurie as the antagonist.

Hiddleston played jonathan Pine, a night direktors of a hotel an Cairo, Egypt who was once a british soldier. After ~ coming across some vital documents, he turns them into the British government. He’s danach pulled into an assignment kommen sie help investigate a corrupt businessman who’s tied to arms dealers. Pine attempts kommen sie get closer to the businessman’s company while also getting involved with ns man’s girlfriend. 

The first seasonwas really popular v a 91% approval rating among critics and in 89% approval rating amongst audience members. According to unterhalten Weekly, the first season’s conclusion veered a little bit from le Carre’s usual pessimistic, pessimistic style von having Pine complete on top und defeating die villain.

So what kann sein viewers von the zeigen look front to in the following season? is there also going kommen sie be a second season? die answer to that last question is bei emphatic yes. 

BBC has picked nach oben ‘The Night Manager’ for season 2

The radio Times reports some great news und bad news for The Night Manager as a series. First, the badewanne news: susanne Bier, die director of all six first season episodes, will notfall be returning. Bier felt that she would repeat herself an another outing. The good news is that the show will be returning weil das another season.

Bier stated she wanted to hand the reins because she wasn’t sure she could do herstellung best through it this time around:

“I’m not doing Night Manager 2…I wasn’t sure that i would execute my really best work ns second time ring – deshalb I chose that ich should probably not do it und have someone .”

It’s unfortunately that bier won’t it is in returning, but hinweisen least it’s comes back. Details on the show’s return are light beyond that, however.

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What we understand (and what us don’t know) around season 2 des ‘The Night Manager’

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about a theoretical season 2. There’s to be no release day or actors announced. It’s unsure if Hiddleston or Laurie möchte be back in the functions they performed deshalb expertly bei last season.

If freundin ask Bier, there’s just one thing zum sure appropriate now: ns series is moving forward, also if she can’t expose much. “There zu sein progress, ” bier said about the show’s following season, “but nothing that I can talk of.”

They may oase trouble bringing die entire cast back. According zu MSN, Hiddleston’s going kommen sie be filming die second season des Loki, though the timeline weil das that ist unclear. Olivia Colman has actually won in Oscar due to the fact that the zuerst season’s release, leave her in much better demand. Die talented Laurie constantly has his same share of projects zu pick from together well.

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Without Bier and with few other einzelheiten on the show, fan of the nur may feeling a bit of uncertainty over the show’s fate. One thing is zum sure though: no matte how die second season plays out, they can at least understand that it’s top top its way.

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