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organize a 10.1-inch tablet kommen sie your ear and make a call? strange idea, but samsung has readily available this feature zum a couple von years now. Our review reflects why the fourth generation des the Galaxy Tab ausblüten stands the end from the competition.

For ns original German review, seen here.

If freundin want in inexpensive android tablet from samsung with great specifications, you möchte quickly find the Galaxy Tab 4. It looks like a usual tablet at erste with a Wi-Fi or even LTE module, which zu sein available an the colorsblack und whiteand 2 sizes: 10.1 inches and 7 inches. However, if you schutz a closer look at ns 10.1-inch version, which we testimonial today, you can see a curious symbol on ns home display screen when first starting that up: "Phone". So tablet users might wonder if lock accidentally got a smartphone for very large people instead of a 10.1-inch tablet?

No, the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 zu sein obviously a echt tablet that can so be used to make calls, weil das example with the hands-free attribute or a headset. And what adjusted compared to the predecessorGalaxy Tab 3 10.1? Actually, notfall a lot: die processor also has a lower nominal clock, but freundin get aquad-core CPUthis time. You so get 500 MB an ext RAM and the weight was slightly reduced. Room these transforms sufficient to keep up with the tablet competition?

Consider that ns advancements weil das 10.1-inch tablets space slower 보다 smartphones. Weil das instance, theGoogle Nexus 10is practically two years old but still on sale. If sie want an ext performance, you should have a look at theGalaxy Tab pro 10.1, die LTE ausführung has a phone role as well.Microsoft"s surface 2, theSlate 10from HP, theLenovo Yoga tablet computer 10 HD+and even theQV1030from die phone manufacturer Gigaset do notfall offer this feature, but have other advantages bei return.


Made of plastic, fine built und elegant: die case.

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Put theGalaxy Tab 3 10.1and the Tab 4 10.1 side über side and you will oase a tough time zu distinguish them. You schutz to look really closely to find any type of differences: TheGalaxy Tab 3 10.1has a surrounding framework that looks like brushed aluminum, however this frame zu sein just white in the case von the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. TheTab 3 10.1also has actually a visible irradiate sensor next to ns front camera, die Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 walk not. Size are the same as well, except for 0.3 millimeter (~0.01 inches) more length und width weil das the Tab 4 10.1. Freundin might notification a weight difference since the neu Tab 4 with 10.1 inch is25 grams (~0.9 oz) lighterthan the predecessor.

Otherwise, ns case zu sein once again do ofpolycarbonate, but its looks classy many thanks to die simple design and the small chrome colored framework that surrounds the front. The rückseitig is matte und reminds us von fine leatherette v aroughened structure. This means you always oase good grip, but ns stability is just average: You can easily twist ns case, i beg your pardon produces gemälde distortions und you kann hear creaking sounds in the process.

The connectivity did notfall really readjust compared to ns predecessor, either. Apart from a micro USB 2.0 port, a MicroSD slot, ns headset port and the sim card slot for our LTE model, there room no physics connections. This means the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 isnot up zu date anymore: some tablets currently use a USB 3.0 port weil das quick charme transfers betwee tablet and PC, zum example theMicrosoft surface 2.

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The camera has not been improved, ns display still uses die 720p resolution und theGalaxy Tab 4 even lost die MHL feature. In return, sie get LTE Cat.4 zum faster web browsing.