Game Type: PuzzleESRB Rating: N/APlatform/Console: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PCLWK recommended Age: 5+Thinking an abilities Used: Flexibility, Planning

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Luke Skywalker, hans Solo und Obi Wan Kenobi go bird-brained an this wacky Angry Birds spin-off. Players wollen use a hold of neu powers and abilities, making use of lightsabers, blaster pistols und the force itself kommen sie take down die Imperial Army. Level consist des structures do up von various materials, each des varying strength, weight und durability, i beg your pardon players must take under in in effort kommen sie defeat the Imperial Pigs scattered across ns stage. Players begin von looking over the stage und choosing ns angle bei which to fling your Rebel forces. Each bird ist modeled after ~ a star Wars character, through special ability that kann sein be activated über tapping die screen after ~ launch. Doing deshalb allows players to shoot enemies, totter a lightsaber for extra power, use the force to push pigs und material out von the way, and more. Depending on the amount von pigs defeated and number des birds used, players room awarded up kommen sie three stars von stage, and can replay them to improve their score.

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Angry Birds star Wars ist a great educational game weil das practicing Planning and Flexibility, und is easily accessible on iPhone, iPod, iPad, android (including Kindle), fenster Phone, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, PC und Mac. The game zu sein easy kommen sie play and features a colorful, goofy presentation with just minimal cartoon violence, making it recommended zu kids periods 5 and up.

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This game zu sein good zum kids that need aid with:


Adapting und adjusting kommen sie changing conditions und expectations.

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As players progress through ns game, they"ll be granted neu powers i beg your pardon augment ns gameplay. This means transforming strategies and adapting to neu mechanics continually, utilizing these neu abilities kommen sie good effect in order zu take under structures and earn a three-star rating. Furthermore, the game introduces new obstacles und materials level kommen sie level, tasking players v coming trost with neu ways zu approach puzzles. Hitting a framework head ~ above may arbeiten early bei the game, however eventually facility structures made von sturdy zutat must it is in toppled, requiring football player to sie wurden getestet with various powers und angles in order to festland on a working solution.


Developing a systematic approach for setting und achieving goals.

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At the anfang of each stage, players kann take a long-view look at at ns entirety des the puzzle, permitting them to analyze structures und pinpoint die locations of the pigs they have to take out. Also, behind your slingshot resides the limited amount des birds castle get kommen sie fling before ns level ends. They are lined up in the order an which they"ll it is in fired, request player to think ahead und formulate a setup that hülle each bird and its respective energie to an excellent use. Weil das instance, if a stage offers players bei Obi Wan bird zu begin with, followed von Han Solo birds, it might be a an excellent idea kommen sie use Obi Wan"s force push to move heavy material out von the way, then soar over as hans Solo kommen sie take out die pigs with ns blaster pistol.