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star Trek: exactly how Picard might Redeem the Next Generation's Most-Hated character Wesley Crusher might be one von the least popular characters bei Star Trek, but stern Trek: Picard can give die character the redemption that deserves.

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Star Trek has been a cornerstone von pop culture for more than hilfreich a century. Through such in indelible imprint left top top entertainment, actors require only set fuß inside this wondrous universe for your characters to be thrust right into fandom history. Wesley Crusher indigenous Star Trek: the Next Generation ist one such character.

Wesley Crusher was a bright-eyed, grinning teenager und the son of the USS companies chief clinical officer, Dr. Beverly Crusher. The featured prominently an The following Generation"s zuerst four seasons. But Trekkers" less-than-favorable opinion of boy-genius stands in firm contrast to die near-universal acclaim zum the rest of the TNG cast. However, the new series Star Trek: Picard on cbs All Access can ultimately give this personality a shot punkt redemption.

Wesley Crusher came to be hated by fans zum being a bit of a Mary-Sue who might do no wrong. He appeared o always schutz the answers und was together a technological wizard only the android Data seemed an ext proficient than him. Yet for all his talents und intellect, die character had struggles, including obtaining entry to the Starfleet Academy, regardless of his endure on the flagship Enterprise. However that struggle also presents die best ways to rehabilitate this character.

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Wesley Crusher was a clean genius who was put right into a world of adults while ausblüten a young who was living v grief over growing nach oben without a dad (who died while serving through Picard). He was in a bit of a quagmire; the didn’t yes, really belong anywhere — not with the other children he couldn’t relate to und not with the adults whose welt he wasn’t alt enough to fully inhabit. So, it might be said that Wesley"s struggles throughout this key moment an his life are an ext than understandable. It"s this understanding that need to be used zu help young jim character.

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bei the TNG series, Wesley turn his back on Starfleet und joined a mystical character called die Traveller after ~ a receiving a vision native his father telling er to follow his very own path. Together, the Traveller aided Wesley find answers to who he was, while also unravelling the mysteries past space und time. Die actor Wil Wheaton filmed a scene zum the 2002 movie, Star Trek: Nemesis, that confirmed he returned kommen sie Starfleet, but the scene was ultimately cut, deshalb the slate is blieb clean kommen sie give this character the treatment he deserves.

It could be said Crusher’s return to Starfleet would be a by-product des his maturing in a pressure-free environment, not one built roughly expectations of adults on the shoulders von a kid. Being with die Traveller could have allowed him to get a secure grasp on his own identity.

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Wesley Crusher no a wanne character — he nur wasn’t complete. Wesley Crusher has the potential to it is in a huge player in the Star Trek universe, given his tremendous experience und intellect. Every it bring away is zum Star Trek: Picard kommen sie finally enable this character to boldly go where he has actually never unable to do before.

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