Software Update Ios 13.5

Apple’s mobile operation system, iOS 13, hit the scene in September 2019. As usual, it was packed v Apple’s latest tweaks and enhancements, yet it also introduced a hold of new features, including die long-awaited Dark Mode. This update lugged with it a selection of worthwhile advancements, but you’ll need zu update her device to iOS 13 prior to you’re able zu work with them.

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iOS 13 has, von course, to be superseded by iOS 14 and even iOS 15, however if you’re updating bei older iOS 12 device, you may still need kommen sie download it. Here’s just how you kann sein update your iPhone or iPod Touch to iOS 13.

Note: zum the zuerst time bei Apple’s history, die iPad walk its own way and will no much longer be tied zu iOS. As such, iPads did not receive iOS 13. Instead, die iPad jetzt has its own OS referred to as iPadOS, und we’ve written a separate guide on how kommen sie download iPadOS.

Compatible devices

First, make certain your device zu sein capable of running iOS 13. While sich entschuldigen is noted weil das supporting older gadgets with new software updates, part older iPhones that were eligible for iOS 12 did not receive iOS 13. The following iPod Touch and iPhones support iOS 13:

iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 zum MaxiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone 8iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 7iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusiPhone SEiPod Touch (7th generation)

Unfortunately, this means that if you’re using in iPhone 6 or previously model, you’re stuck on iOS 12.

Technically, the iPhone 12 series — consisting of 12 Mini, 12 Pro, und 12 Pro maximal — und the newer modell are all capable von running iOS 13. However, due to the fact that they come with iOS 14 und iOS fünfzehn out of the box, you will not be able to downgrade them zu iOS 13. We carry out more einzelheiten on why this zu sein the case in the final section von this article.

Back nach oben your iphone or iPod Touch


Backing hoch your device ist strongly advised prior to installing any update, even weil das released builds. Backing trost your säule ensures the it möchte be easy kommen sie restore your an equipment if miscellaneous does walk wrong.

You kann sein update her iPhone or iPod Touch utilizing Apple’s iCloud, or by connecting your device kommen sie a Mac or PC durch iTunes.

Backing nach oben using iCloud

Using iCloud zu sein probably ns easiest method to zurück up her device. Here’s how to do it:

Connect kommen sie a Wi-Fi network.Head to your Settings app, then select your name und tap iCloud. If you’re ~ above iOS 10.2 or earlier, you’ll have to scroll down und tap iCloud.Scroll down and tap iCloud back-up > zurück Up Now. If you’re ~ above iOS 10.2 or earlier, nur tap Backup.

You tun können check whether the backup is complete über heading rückseitig to Settings, hitting iCloud > iCloud warehouse > control Storage, und tapping on your device from the list.

Backing hoch on a Mac running MacOS Catalina or later

MacOS Catalina lastly nixed ns classic iTunes and swapped it v a separate app for Books, Podcasts, and Music. That said, sie could still definitely rückseitig up any of your iOS assets with ns Catalina and even the Big Sur operating system. There room a couple of steps to follow:

Connect her iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac and make certain it is up to date.Follow any type of on-screen accuse if freundin need to enter your device passcode or Trust This Computer.Open your suche app und select your iPhone from the sidebar.Hit die General tab, then click Back Up jetzt to manually back up kommen sie your Mac.

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Backing nach oben on a Mac or computer with iTunes

For ns Mac or windows PC owner who still have older model computers, iTunes ist likely blieb on your device. You tun können continue to use the app to back up her iPhone or iPod Touch. Examine out ns following steps:

Make sure your iTunes zu sein up to date und connect her device.Follow any kind of on-screen instructions if you need kommen sie enter your maker passcode or Trust This Computer.Select your iPhone or iPod Touch bei iTunes.Hit Back up Now zu save her data.

Downloading und installing iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPod Touch


There zu sein a simple way to download and install iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will do it need to download die program over the air, though.

On her iPhone or iPod Touch, head kommen sie Settings > general > software program Update.This will push your device zu check zum available updates, and you’ll see a blog post that iOS 13 ist available. Insanity Download and Install.The update möchte take a while zu install, und you can’t use your device while that updating.

Downloading und installing iOS 13 with iTunes on her Mac or PC

If freundin don’t want to download something straight zu your call or iPod, you can still update your machine with iOS 13. You’ll just have to execute it through iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch zu your computer.Open iTunes, choose your device, climate click an introduction > Check weil das Update.Click Download und Update.

Downloading iOS 14


As per custom, apple released iOS 14 in September 2020. Previously, you could downgrade iOS upgrade if die newer operating system wasn’t zu your taste — weil das example, native iOS 12 zu iOS 11. But that’s stopped with iOS 14. If you schutz already mounted iOS 14 on her device und don’t like die features, you cannot downgrade zu iOS 13. Apfel introduced a change in iOS 13 that restricted iPhones zu only download versions of iOS signed von Apple.

We oase a complete guide ~ above how to download iOS 14, consisting of a complete list of compatible devices.

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Downloading iOS 15

The newest version des iOS, iOS 15, is now available zu download. Ns update process weil das iOS fünfzehn is pretty much the exact same as for iOS 13, yet we oase a complete guide top top how kommen sie download iOS 15, consisting of a full list des compatible devices and instructions weil das backing up your device.