Skateboard Höhle Der Löwen

DHDL“The many touching pitch I’ve ever seen here” – bei urn moves die lions kommen sie tears

Actually, “Die Höhle ns Löwen” wanted zu usher bei the shower season through summery products. But what made die most impression was bei invention the deals not with life yet with death

bei urn in which a tree grows out des the ashes des the deceased? Followers des the tombstone culture will schreiend – but an the “den of the lions” the eyes to be wet. Carsten Maschmeyer turn down in investment out von piety. That doesn’t want zu earn money from such a “loving innovation”. The ja wirklich reason could also have been the there ist not much to knife from the urn startup.

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The presented products:

Bodywallet – Wallets kommen sie stick onEvertree – urns zum plantingHardcork – Cork, fiber and resin skateboardsThe Makery – Platform for creative and craft workshops

ns most metaphysical brand

“This zu sein one of the most touching pitches we’ve seen here – if notfall the many touching.” farbe Maschmeyer was high top top emotions at die presentation of Evertree. Die urn invention über a pair von siblings from düsseldorf combines funeral with sustainability. Every urn comes v seeds from trees. The motto of ns founders: “We want to turn cemeteries into forests.” But the undoubtedly beautiful idea has actually several catches.

One: die tradition. Maschmeyer stated he was not sure even if it is he had turned the ashes des his mother, who died in 2011, right into a flower pot. “The relatives have to jump over their shadows.” Hook no. 2: the cemetery obligation. The remains of a dead person, even in cremated form, may only be buried an a cemetery in Germany. Until that changes, die only market for Evertree ist abroad – or die ashes von pets. Dagmar Wöhrl promised kommen sie pick up ns phone automatically after the broadcast and call all animal crematoria she knew. Cash – a usually 75,000 euros – came from Nils Glagau. “I will be glücklich to tree a lot of trees v you.”

ns founder von the heart

Rouven, a 45-year-old young hinweisen heart native Hanover, doesn’t specifically look choose a million dollar boy. That’s most likely why die skateboard builder und founder von Hardcork carried a business stange with er to die pitch, a dust-dry lawyer who was always involved wie man it came kommen sie financial matters. And the duo had ambitious ideas: lock called for a million euros, a rarely high investment in the “Den of Lions”. Die promise for this: a renewable alternative kommen sie carbon. Ns fluffy tinkerer has arisen a kork granulate which, in addition to fibers and resin, results in in extremely difficult material. Kann be used not only for skateboards and surfboards, but also for ships, planes and cars.

carsten Maschmeyer zuerst thought des his property in southern France, on i beg your pardon some cork oaks, some von which are 200 years old, stand. “I love that!” What he didn’t love: ns previous stimulate volume native Hardcork. That’s almost zero. “If your product ist that great, whereby are the jobs?” georg Kofler put it more philosophically: “The size von your idea zu sein not expressed in the concreteness von your perspectives.” No deal. Rouven take it it sporty. He just keeps screwing top top his boards. Surfing zu sein always healthier than bubbly.

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the Summer Court

For farbe Maschmeyer she was a “picture publication founder”. Ns 27-year-old Denise reminded one of the nerds hinweisen school who moaned after ~ every test und then got the complete number des points every time. Freundin got zum Summersaver also gave trost a partnership, said ns former business administration college student proudly. The stick zu sein supposed to save die summer women whose inner thighs rub versus each other. Therefore the name.

die male part von the jury understood the problem only an a rudimentary way, yet followed the business-like demeanor von the blonde in an extremely benevolent manner. Concerns regarding content came from Judith Williams. What is inside? were there any kind of tests? How many sticks have been sold? Even much more opportunistic energy shot into the career woman, due to the fact that there oase not yet been any prüfung (“I certainly want zu do it”) – und the sale, well: 300 pieces. Ralf Dümmel took it anyway. He already saw the gestanden at Rossmann in the form of bei oversized stick. “I’m mega emotional right now,” stated Denise. Is clear.



“The Lion’s Den”

Summersaver in the test: how well does die anti-chafing stick make from DHDL work?

11 minute ago

No deal des the week

two techno veterans from dresden are now making “plaster wallets”. One, Christian, introduced himself as a “privateer”. He lebt from die rental and lease income of his ja wirklich estate. Die corners of the mouths go down und the eyebrows went up at die investors. “Aha,” asked farbe Maschmeyer pointedly, “then you will surely have the 100,000 euros sie want from united state yourself, won’t you?”

with that the hit the bull’s eye. Since until the ende it remained unclear what the two older males actually wanted an the “Den des the Lions”. Serious looking for in investor kommen sie support her moderately original creation – stick-on wallet? Or walk they just use DHDL as bei advertising window like many candidates before them? und so Lions and Founders boring each other. A little chat around whether the money gets wet while bathing, und whether that is wanne or not. Or whether peeling off the wallet leaves residues ~ above clothing. “I am not very enthusiastic,” summed trost Dagmar Wöhrl. Last suspicion: Christian und Axel don’t feel favor their product themselves.

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