Shelby Gt 500 Mieten

To appreciate die iconic Ford Mustang convertible one only needs kommen sie climb in and anfang its an effective V6 engine. Hear die rumble and roar of this raconteur of the road und enjoy a thrilling journey as freundin take the wheel von this renowned convertible top. Die plus inner outfitted through comfortable, leather seats creates a soft touch which nearly belies die ruggedness of this classic car. Making a fierce impression through its iconic silver painted aluminum wheels die Mustang lasst uns those on die road know it’s a tough, supercharged contender.

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4 SEATS 2 DOORS Automatic Air conditioning 2 BAGS from 25 years


4 SEATS 2 DOORS Automatic Air conditioning 2 BAGS from 25 years


Ford Mustang was introduced by the Ford motiv Company at die 1964 neu York World"s Fair. Its benennen derives from ns World war II P51 Mustang fighter plane und its original entwurf was based on ns Ford Falcon. Known as "Pony Cars", the was die brute force von the Ford Mustang that made it stand out. Theunique "Launch Control" of the Mustang ist another highlight. This is in integrated system that blends brakes, traction, and powertrain control weil das smooth starts. The 6-speed manual or automatic transmission provides driving pleasure, while the HID headlamps develop perfect illumination.

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Founded über the visionary Henry Ford bei 1903, ns Ford name has become synonymous v American innovation. Die Ford motiv Company was only one von a couple of car manufacturers kommen sie survive ns Great Depression. Its first assembled auto was die Model-A und was climate followed von the K und S Ford and an 1908 castle introduced the renowned Ford Model-T. Today the in brand geraten is die fifth biggest automaker bei the world. Currently Ford so includes ns Lincoln brand, but it has actually previously owned Volvo, Jaguar, festland Rover, Aston Martin und Mercury together well.

Cylinder volume max speed Acceleration: 0 - 100 Km/h Max. Stärke Max. Energie at rate Max. Torque punkt speed
4.951 ccm
250 km/h
4.8 s
317 hp
6500 1/min
530 Nm
4250 1/min

size elevation Wheelbase Luggage volume Fuel capacity Tare

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