Sf Express Tracking Amazon

You tun können find tracking information in your order details. If bei order consists of multiple items, each may have separate distribution dates and tracking information.

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Tip: Want zu track her Prime now orders put on die Prime now app? Find tracking information and order details from Your Orders on the Prime now app.

To track your package: go to die order sie want zu track.Click Track Package next zu your order. The delivery method und carrier zum your package will be offered here and in your dispatch check e-mail. Note: If the order freundin want to view isn"t displayed, change ns "last 6 months" möglichkeit at the top des the Your Orders screen.If freundin can"t discover any verfolgung information, please seen the Missing tracking Information section below.

Missing tracking Information

Here space some reasons why tracking die info may notfall be available: A delay bei the update to the tracking database.Some packages, such together standard international deliveries, aren"t trackable. Third-party sellers occasionally don"t provide biologischelandbouw.org with verfolgung information for their orders.

If the estimated distribution date for your package has actually passed und your tracking information hasn"t changed, you re welcome allow bei additional day or two for the package kommen sie be delivered. Typically packages arrive on or quickly after ns estimated distribution date.

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Contacting Carriers

For orders fulfilled über biologischelandbouw.org, in most cases, up kommen sie date tracking information is easily accessible within your Orders. Bei the event that you wish zu contact the carrier moving your package zum additional information, see How kommen sie Contact our Carriers.

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Note: Make sure that you oase your monitor number or distribution confirmation number handy. On her Orders page, click Track Package zum the order und the monitor ID zu sein listed at ns bottom.

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