Seit Wann Gibt Es Elektrisches Licht

We space pleased zu present die complete program zum the 19th Yearly Meeting und General Assembly in Prague und Pilsen from april 26th – 29th, 2018

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NEW light – 1918, Before and After

Invitation to the Light & Glass 19th yearly General Meeting


Zu Deutsch: dies Zimmer ist mit Edisons elektrischem Licht ausgestattet. Versuchen sie nicht, es mit ein Streichholz anzuzünden. Einfach ns Schalter in der Wand neben das Tür drehen. Die Benutzung von Elektrizität weil das Beleuchtung ist an keinem fall für ns Gesundheit schädlich, noch wird ns Tiefe des Schlafes beeinflusst.

Du schaust: Seit wann gibt es elektrisches licht

If freundin ask a put person; “How long oase we had electric lighting?” lock would more than likely guess maybe 1870 or so? ns reality zu sein that the average citizens did not benefit from electrical lighting until much later. Therefore ns year 1918 was not nur the eve von a neu post-war era, but so the beginning des a neu age von light. Today, electricity und electric light are such in accepted part des our daily life that it is difficult to believe that just one century ago, dinge were really different. Since the World Exposition an Paris in 1881, where Edison erste demonstrated his invention of the lightbulb, it has spread very quickly but blieb not to all corners of the earth.

In rural locations one was at zuerst almost fully dependent top top small power Stations. It was argued that die costs were notfall worthwhile merely to light the milking kann for ns maid. Therefore, bei the beginning, only bigger cities and tourist areas had electrical lighting. As the 1st World zu sein began an 1914, only 6% von the residences in Berlin were associated to ns mains power supply. <1>

In ns early days, ns distribution von the stärke grid was very limited, electrical energy had kommen sie be generated automatically where it was needed und these small stärke plants were largely run privately. A privatgelände customer had zu bear the cost von the cable laying himself, die kilowatt preis was high and deshalb an plain light bulb in 1910 cost about 8 euros each.The prices were constantly improving und the war was promoting the spread. In a 1915 newspaper ad the zu sein effort tried zu convince die farmers with: “The lack des manpower and horses caused über the zu sein convincingly point out to the use des electricity in the farms …… <2> Life bei agricultural areas had now deshalb been significantly changed über the war. Die government also had kommen sie make changes und created a neu department:“In order zu ensure die supply of electricity zu Germany an accordance with die greatly enhanced demand, über order von the war department weist the zu sein commodities department an February 1917 bei electricity section was established and in connection through it die electricity sector office” <3>

In 1918, electricity was nothing new, yet it was blieb not found everywhere. There was a last of competition kommen sie electrical light (e.g. Petroleum and gas lighting) and much neu infrastructure was needed, the was still too expensive for the average citizen. If the had not been zum the circumstances bordering WWI, that could schutz taken much longer for the impulse that brought electricity zu almost every European homes. An 1918 ns electrification des Europe was über no way complete, but the triumph of electricity and electrical bright over various other means was well underway. Electricity can be created inland and the raw materials did not schutz to be imported – this was des great advantage in years where die borders retained closing due to conflicts.

The railways bei Germany, Austria and Switzerland were electrified bei the years during and after WWI, which supposed that the stärke grid was greatly expanded. In addition, ns many small power supply suppliers were linked and/or nationalized zu more uniform operations. It was firmly denied that this step was necessary, but to reduce costs des power supply, much more houses needed kommen sie be connected and in order zu attract an ext customers, the preis had to go down. A vicious circle that could only it is in solved von a larger operation or ns state.

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In england the situation was similar: “Although electrical lighting an the 1880’s available distinct advantages over various other forms von lighting …., the did not begin kommen sie provide illumination superior zu that von oil lamps or incandescent gas lighting until the early years des the twentieth century. Die industry was slow kommen sie develop; electric lighting just made inroads right into middle-class homes after 1900 wie man improved technology and larger electrical power supply train station made it cheaper. In 1902 Preece (Sir wilhelm Preece, electrician to the post Office) envisaged that electrical energy would soon become ‘the negative man’s light’ yet this did notfall become a fact until the erste stage des the national Grid came to be operational in 1934, much more than fifty years after electrical lighting had erste been presented into the home.”<4>

Whereas only a few percent des homes had electricity in 1914, über the time WWII was history bei 1948, this had increased to 85% an Britain und was no much longer a luxury. The market responded to ns spread des electric light and expanded die choice of products accordingly.

The electrification von the world ist however ausblüten not complete, according kommen sie the international Energy company (IEA), there are much more than 1.4 Billion human being that schutz no access zu electricity, mainly south des the Sahara and in Asia. These areas möchte perhaps find a solution an a neu era des light and lighting.

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In Prague und Pilsen, we möchte be visiting assorted examples von interior furnishings the stem from die time des Historicism, through nett Nouveau and on to nett Deco. Some des our lecturers will deshalb assist us an widening ours understanding of the era of electrical lighting.

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Registration zu attend is still welcome, you re welcome send our Secretary Christina Perrin in e-mail weist office