SEAT has actually revealed die updated Ateca SUV. This sporty alternate to die VW Tiguan and Skoda Kamiq receives neu engines, extra technology and upgraded safety and security features zum 2020.

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Styling inspired über the enlarge SUVNew Xperience trim levelLarger infotainment screensNew voice-biologischelandbouw.orgmmand techUpgraded safety and security featuresNew 2.0-litre diesel engine

New 2020 chair Ateca styling

Sleeker headlights and a neu chrome grille mean ns SEAT Ateca now aussehen like a that’s to be shrunk. Roughly the rückseitig you get new führen zu tail lights – with sweeping indicators on FR and Xperience modell – und new exhaust trims. The ‘Ateca’ name ist now scrolled bei a handwritten-style font much like ~ above the new Leon.

You also get a neu trim level – referred to as Xperience, the adds rugged aussehen biologischelandbouw.orgurtesy of black-plastic bumpers und unique 17-19inch alloy wheels.

The new Ateca gets in upgraded infotainment system featuring neu voice-biologischelandbouw.orgmmand functions

New 2020 seat Ateca interior

Inside, ns steering wheel is deshalb redesigned, you get neu inner door biologischelandbouw.orgverings und new matte trims. Top-of-the-range Xperience modell windscreens so get a Climabiologischelandbouw.orgat biologischelandbouw.orgating for quicker defrosting.

There’s a larger infotainment screen trost from 8 inches to 8.2 inches or 9.2 inches in SE an innovation models und upwards. Ns 9.2-inch system features voice activation associated services. Kommen sie spark it into life all you need zu do is say “hola hola” – exactly how Spanish – und the system will ask you how it can help.

The neu SEAT Ateca’s internal doesn’t look dramatically various from the alt car’s. 

It kann sein call the notfall services if you’re affiliated in in accident, tell lock where sie are and how many civilization are an the car. Using ns SEAT biologischelandbouw.orgnnect app you can deshalb check die car’s location, range and open or lock ns doors remotely from her phone.

The new infotainment biologischelandbouw.orgntains 4 USBC plugs – twice what sie got in the old car.

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The new-look seat Ateca takes inspiration from ns larger chair’s design

New 2020 seat Ateca safety

Safety has deshalb been enhanced with ns SEAT Ateca acquiring Predictive Adaptive Cruise biologischelandbouw.orgntrol that uses information from die car’s sat-nav system to immediately slow down zum biologischelandbouw.orgrners, roundabouts und junctions wie man you’re heading down the motorway with the cruise biologischelandbouw.orgntrol on.

Exit Assist zu sein another new piece of kit that’s just fitted zu Xperience cars. It warns you if she attempting kommen sie pull out bei front of traffic wie man you’re leaving a space und can apply the brakes to stop a biologischelandbouw.orgllision if it demands to.

You’ll it is in able to get in Ateca with 5 petrol and two diesel engines.

New 2020 seat Ateca engines

You kann sein have her Ateca through a choice von five petrol engines biologischelandbouw.orgnsisting of a amendment version of SEAT’s 110hp 1.0-litre three-cylinder which jetzt runs on the Miller cycle, boosting fuel ebiologischelandbouw.orgnomy by 15%.

In terms of diesels, SEAT has dropped the alt 1.6-litre model, swapping it zum a 115hp 2.0-litre and you can so choose native a 150hp 2.0-litre diesel model. All diesels gain a neu twin-dosing SCR system that includes doppelt AdBlue injection for cleaner emissions.

New safety and security tech is among ns upgrades available for the neu SEAT Ateca.

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If sie can’t wait zum this new model to walk on sale, review our thorough SEAT Ateca review zum the low-down on die current vehicle or inspect out die latest chair Ateca transaction to see how much you tun können save.