The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 ist their midrange tablet series and the successor to die Galaxy Tab 3 series. There room three variants des the Galaxy Tab 4, und they space classified according zu screen size.

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The samsung Galaxy Tab 4.7.0 ist the 7.0 customs variant von the Galaxy Tab 4 series. It has actually a 7.0 inch display with a 1.3 mp shooter bei the front and a 3.5 mp shooter an the rear. Die Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 has actually a Quad main point CPU clocked at 1.2 GHZ and 1.5 GB von RAM. Ns Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 has WiFi only and 3G and LTE variants.

The other version des the samsung Galaxy Tab 4 are die Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Die obvious differences bolzen these devices und the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 room their display sizes.

The Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 initially verlief on android KitKat but it ist now being updated to android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

The new update for the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 has a neu UI based on Material design of Google. There space a number des enhancements that can improve die battery life and performance von the device and it also fixes die Stagefright vulnerability.

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The update is being rolling out an different areas around ns world v OTA or samsung Kies. As is sadly typical of Samsung, die roll out ist taking a while kommen sie get to all regions. If the update has notfall yet come to her region and you just cannot wait, you can manually update your samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 to android 5.1.1 Lollipop by downloading and then flashing the firmware through Odin.


Tab 4 T235 android 5.1.1._T235XXU1BOH7_T235OXA1BOH7_NEE

After downloading, extract the firmware and get.tar.md5 file.

The firmware zu sein currently only available zum the LTE version des the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 yet it’s expected that it möchte be available zum the 3G and WiFi variants soon. Wie it is available, ns same approaches should it is in applicable for these variants together well.

Have you updated her Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 to android 5.1.1?

Share your experience bei the comments box below.

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