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One of the much more popular romantic comedies is Crazy, Stupid, Love, which stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The film was one des Stone’s more memorable roles prior to she went on zu do La La Land

Just choose Stone, Gosling is a talented actor, and the movie helped zeigen his range. One of the scenes copied ns iconic lift relocate from Dirty Dancing. However, stone wasn’t a huge fans of incorporating the move. 


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Emma Stone und Ryan Gosling starred in multiple films together

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Stone started zu pursue acting while she was a teenager. She has actually acted bei several renowned comedies, together as Zombieland und Easy A. Critics praised many of herstellung roles and she’s to be nominated zum a few Academy Awards and a golden Globe. Stone won in Oscar weil das Best Actress in La La Land. As one des the most successful actresses an Hollywood, abwesend earns millions for her roles. An fact, she was the highest-paid actor bei 2017.

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Gosling zu sein a Canadian actor who started his career von acting in The Mickey computer mouse Club in 1993. He later starred in popular films, together as The Notebook. He has also received golden Globe and Oscar nominations. The 2 actors schutz starred in three movies together. Bei 2011, castle both landing roles bei the film Crazy, Stupid, Love. A couple of years later, they were in Gangster Squad together. One von the many critically acclaimed movies they starred an was La La Land. There’s no doubt this two have tons of chemistry!

The two actors play liebe interests in ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’

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Crazy, Stupid, Loveis a romantic comedy that stars Steve Carell in addition to Stone and Gosling. Ns story ist about a middle-aged man named Cal, who zu sein getting a divorce. He receives aid from a womanizer named Jacob und learns how to flirt with women effectively.

There space a couple of other side plots, like ns relationship betwee Jacob und Hannah. Towards ns end, Cal and his mam get back together. The film did fairly well at the kasten office und received number of nominations.

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In the movie, Gosling dram Jacob. His character falls bei love v the hauptsächlich character’s daughter without understanding he’s to be helping her dad pick up women. Die actor stands out among ns cast, und his role in Crazy, Stupid, Love is considered one von his best ones. 

Stone plays die part von Hannah, who is Jacob’s liebe interest. ~ she reveals the she is Cal’s daughter, Cal does not approve of her und Jacob’s relationship. However, he changes his mind an the end. 

Emma Stone got frightened wie filming die lift scene

One des the many iconic moment fromDirty Dancingis the lift scene. Ns scene happens punkt the ende of ns film. During die sequence, die two taste characters dance on stage. Patrick Swayze’s character jumps off the stage and land in the middle von the aisle.

Members of the audience join an and assist Jennifer Grey’s character down from ns stage. She climate runs to Swayze, who lifts her an the waiting completely. Grey when revealed the she was terrified von doing die lift. Together it transforms out, she was not the just one scared von the dancemove.

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Crazy, Stupid, Loverecreates the scene in a humorous fashion. According to BuzzFeed, the scene was not bei the script. Gosling added it in the film since he used kommen sie do ballet. However, that did notfall realize that stein had an extreme fear des heights.

She had actually no proviso either till rehearsal. As quickly as Gosling raised his costar in the air, she had a complete meltdown. Gosling said it was like “a possum fall out von a tree und trying to scratch her eyes out.” She needed to take a minute to calm down. In the end, stein could not do ns lift scene. As a result, she supplied a body double for the huge move, which ist why the scene cuts to a wide shot outside the house during that moment.