Relegation 2015 1. Liga

The pressure möchte be top top Chivas ceo Matias Almeyda to deliver some early on wins to ease die relegation push on the Guadalajara club.Miguel Tovar/LatinContent/Getty Images

Chivas" 2015 Apertura fate was arguably chose by bei ill-thought out bus parade following ns Copa MX final victory end Leon bei November. Forty-eight hrs after die tour about Guadalajara, Chivas shed 2-1 against Dorados de Sinaloa kommen sie virtually ende their chances des reaching the liga MX playoffs. Die 2015 Apertura then clattered to a gestoppt with a 3-0 residence loss against santos Laguna in the final game von the season.

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The parade zum a trophy that zu sein nowhere near important as the league title was ill-advised. A solemn event was bei order, however it should"ve been kept an check.

That little tale must be at the forefront des everyone"s mind hinweisen Chivas an 2016 and serves together a warning bei the Clausura tournament. Chivas cannot afford kommen sie get carried away, or take the eye off die battle to avoid relegation und stay an Liga MX.

With one mannschaft set to descend into ns Ascenso MX in May, Chivas start in 15th position in Mexico"s overly-complicated relegation table -- worked out over three years or sechs short seasons. Below them room Puebla, Morelia und Dorados de Sinaloa, although ns margins are slim und a bad anfang for Chivas an the Clausura could see them on slide rapidly, especially with Puebla und Morelia having actually decent Apertura seasons. There room only 4 points bolzen Chivas and 17th-placed Morelia, when Dorados" points-to-game ratio ist volatile due to their promotion last season.

In die offseason, there schutz been significant changes in the roster, with Carlos "Gullit" Pena, Orbelin Pineda and Giovani Hernandez strengthening die squad and Carlos Fierro (Queretaro), marco Fabian (Bayer Leverkusen) und Jorge "Chaton" Enriquez (Leon) leaving.

Fierro, Fabian and Enriquez stand for a far-reaching loss bei terms of talent, with all 3 having die ability top top paper kommen sie match die very best bei their positions an Liga MX. However, ns trio has also been inconsistent for Chivas bei recent season, explaining why they to be allowed kommen sie leave.

Over fünfzehn million USD was spent top top bringing an Pineda and Pena and both are interesting talents. Spring at the positive side, castle should provide goals indigenous midfield -- other that has actually been badly missing hinweisen Chivas weil das years -- and make the team more exciting kommen sie watch going forward. Yet there room some concerns, with Pena not the very same player and driving pressure he was zum Leon ahead of the 2014 welt Cup, und Pineda a 19-year-old that tends kommen sie be shy and nervous in interviews and may require time zu adjust kommen sie life punkt one of the continent"s best clubs.

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The zuerst team möchte likely be antonio Rodriguez in goal, Raul Lopez weist right back, Miguel Ponce on die left, Oswaldo Alanis und Carlos Salcedo in the center, israel Castro and Pena an central midfield, Pineda, Isaac Brizuela und David "Avion" Ramirez as die attacking midfielders and Omar Bravo upfront bei a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Overall, Chivas look at a decent side. But there are other great teams bei Liga MX and squads choose those of Tigres, Monterrey and Club America are plainly better. A consistent season finish betwee mid-table und the playoff spots would be die par performance weil das Chivas, due to the fact that it zu sein difficult to conclude the they are viel improved on last season, wie man they finished 13th.

The one overriding belästigt with die make-up von the squad ist the lack of depth upfront. Bravo was sensational bei 2015. Ns club captain score 16 goals over the team"s 38 bündnis MX games bei 2015, v Chivas only netting 47 goals in total. In the previous Apertura, Bravo score 10 von the team"s 23 goals, through Fabian following on ns list through three. If ns 35-year-old gets injured or loser form, ns options of angel Zaldivar and Michel Vazquez behind ihm don"t inspire confidence, und the club"s reported interest an Alan Pulido and Eduardo Herrera seem to indicate that ns Chivas hierarchy ist well aware of the paucity of proven strikers.

The zuerst few games wollen be vital for Chivas in setting ns tone zum the season. The opener is at home to Veracruz (Jan. 10), followed von Cruz Azul far (Jan. 16), Tigres bei the Estadio Omnilife (Jan. 24) and Morelia an Estadio Morelos (Jan. 30). Ripe points out of those 4 matches would certainly be in excellent start and spark talk of the playoffs und even a championship.

If Chivas do anfang well, one worry is that Chivas owner Jorge Vergara seems not to schutz learned class from die past. He has been radiating positivity this preseason and talking up his team"s chances des a championship bei the close to future. It is dangerous und unhelpful rhetoric, also if it may sell a couple of extra season tickets. Ns saving grace ist Argentine trainer Matias Almeyda, who experienced ns relegation doldrums together a player with fluss Plate in 2011 und has kept a humble stance that fighting die drop ist the over-riding priority. Also, Vergara"s penchant weil das verbosity and his track record of not always following through top top promises method a lot of what he claims these days just goes over people"s heads.

Vergara"s emphasis should really be bei leaving Almeyda und sporting director Jaime Ordiales zu work while that sorts ns legal fight that watch his soon-to-be ex-wife Angelica Fuentes search control von the club. The legal technicalities are complex, but until there is a definitive resolution, the issue hangs over die institution prefer a storm cloud, threatening zu disrupt that is running at any moment.

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If Chivas do acquire relegated, it would be ns biggest story in Mexican football in 2016. That shouldn"t happen, but then die same was said when Almeyda"s fluss Plate go down kommen sie Argentina"s 2nd division in 2011.