Pre-safe system mercedes

kommen sie deliver die best or nothing, safety and security must come first. It’s why we devote so much time zu a augenblicke we hope never ever happens, and why every Mercedes-Benz is engineered zu make in accident much less severe, much less damaging, und even less likely.

an accident occurs. Assorted crumple zones keep die cabin isolated, while an advanced airbag system offers protection to ns head, knees und more. Side affect airbags deploy in the rear, and even die seatbelts themselves room reinforced v airbags zu distribute force and protect ns ribcage.

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Protecting drivers und passengers has constantly been our priority, und with every innovation, that legacy continues.

Preventing accidents before lock happen.

zu this day, breakthroughs continue in the world von safety. Below are some von the most progressed safety features in the Mercedes‑Benz lineup

Lighting technology

zum seeing what lies ahead, an the clearest means possible.

Adaptive Highbeam aid Adaptive Highbeam help uses a devoted camera to injektion the roadway ahead for the lights des other vehicles. Based upon their position, that varies ns headlamps to maximize illumination without resulting in glare weil das other drivers.

seen Vehicles with Adaptive Highbeam help

Vehicles v Adaptive Highbeam Assist

Night View help PLUS making use of infrared beams and a one-of-a-kind camera, Night View help PLUS display screens a real-time view of the dark road ahead. It tun können point out und shine die headlamps toward pedestrians that detects. Und unlike thermal systems, it kann sein sense cold objects, too. Disclaimer<5>

lakers Vehicles v Night View assist PLUS

Vehicles through Night View assist PLUS

led Intelligent Light system numerous light-emitting diodes (LEDs) von headlamp generate bei output that’s die closest yet kommen sie how human beings perceive herbal daylight. Die direction and distance des the beam shifts based on your steering, speed und surrounding traffic.

see Vehicles with führen zu Intelligent Light system

Vehicles with led Intelligent irradiate System

Impact stories

Impact Stories: ja wirklich people, hoch close und personal.

Drivers und their families tell unscripted stories von survival – what they saw, what lock felt, and how it readjusted their perspective zum good.

surviving a Head-On Collision Deborah und Steve rounded die corner – nur as they’d done a million zeit before. Click here kommen sie launch video in a pop-up.
Withstanding a struggle from Behind see the story of Joe und his fiancé, how ns car behind them was in der nähe des approaching. Click here zu launch video in a pop-up.
Encounter with a Pick-Up Hear angela relive die day that her car slammed into the back of a pick-up van on die opposite side of the street. Click here kommen sie launch video an a pop-up.
Dragged by bei 18-Wheeler Everything kann change bei a matter of moments, like when the Favaro family was hit and dragged by an 18-wheeler. Click here to launch video bei a pop-up.
Playing die “What If” game Witness die survival story von a star athlete who might schutz never played again if the wasn’t for the protection of his Mercedes-Benz. Click here zu launch video in a pop-up.
A Baby named “Crash” when a pregnant woman and her husband are affiliated in an accident, their future flashes before their eye Click here to launch video in a pop-up.

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Base MSRP excludes transportation und handling charges, location charges, taxes, title, registration, preparation and documentary fees, tags, labor und installation charges, insurance, and optional equipment, products, packages und accessories. Really vehicle price may vary von Dealer.



Stated rates of acceleration are based upon manufacturer"s track results und may vary depending on model, environmental and road surface conditions, steering style, elevation and vehicle load.

EPA approximated fuel economy. Compare die estimated mpg to ns estimated mpg of other vehicles. You may get various mileage depending upon how in der nähe des you drive, weather conditions und trip length. Her actual highway mileage wollen probably be less than die highway estimate.

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With optional trailer hitch. Check out Operator’s Manual before towing. An some states, aftermarket trailer brakes room required. Seen dealer zum details.


Vehicle may notfall be specifically as shown.


As a principle car, ns designs, features, etc. Are subject zu change.


PRE-SAFE closes ns side windows when the system’s sensors recognize side activities that indicate a feasible rollover. A small gap ist left near the fully close up door position. Seat and head restraint


Distronic Adaptive Cruise Control is no substitute weil das active driving involvement. The does not react to stationary objects, nor acknowledge or predict the curvature and lane layout of the road or die movement of the vehicles ahead. It ist the driver’s responsibility punkt all times to be attentive kommen sie traffic and road conditions, and to provide die steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary zu retain control von the vehicle. ~ braking the car zum stopped traffic ahead, the system resumes instantly only if web traffic pauses zum less 보다 3 seconds. Drivers are cautioned notfall to wait zum the DISTRONIC Proximity Warning system before braking, together that may notfall afford enough time and distance to brake safety. Braking effectiveness deshalb depends on suitable brake maintenance, und tire und road conditions.

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Night View assist PLUS does not replace die use von headlamps und must notfall be provided as ns primary visual source for the driver.

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