The Phantom des the Opera is one of the west End’s greatest musicals of all time. Millions von theatregoers have travelled native around die world zu visit produziert Majesty’s Theatre and hear the stange of music for themselves.

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As die Phantom hides his face, he tries kommen sie impress Christine, a beautiful soprano. But wie a childhood sweetheart shows up on ns scenes, ns Phantom whisks Christine away kommen sie his secret lair and chances of a happily ever before after are shattered. Tun können the Phantom prove himself zu Christine? You’ll have to watch The Phantom of the Opera.

Here’s our finish guide to the Andrew Lloyd Webber music The Phantom of the Opera, v The Phantom des the Opera fahrkarte available top top

What zu sein Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ns Phantom of the Opera about?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is inspired von Gaston Leroux’s 1909 novel of the same name. Whisking audiences away to die lavish und luxurious lifestyle des Parisian opera, we fulfill a half-masked Phantom that grows obsessed through young soprano, Christine Daae. Together he teaches her, dafür too go Christine’s infatuation with the Phantom grow. But, nur as the angelrute of music is bei the palm von his hands, Raoul, Vibiologischelandbouw.orgmte de Chagny, enters ns scene.

Challenging die Phantom weil das her affections, Christine is eventually maintained hostage in bei underground lair. Forced to live below the paris Opera House, she ultimately goes on to star as die lead role in in opera. But, as she takes her curtain call, an epic katastrophe brings down die house, fairly literally.

She’s forever haunted über the Phantom, but can Christine escape a perhaps fatal situation? You"ll oase to watch The Phantom des the Opera at produziert Majesty"s Theatre to unbiologischelandbouw.orgver out.

When go Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ns Phantom of the Opera premiere?


Early biologischelandbouw.orgnversations around The Phantom des the Opera happened bei 1984, when Andrew Lloyd Webber proposed a romantic musical zu producer Cameron Mackintosh. Webber knew the wanted zu bring die Phantom, Christine, und Raoul zu life, but was unsure von how die story might translate to the stage. ~ watching earlier film adaptations, Webber and Mackintosh determined where their inspiration would kommen sie from — the Gaston Leroux novel.

Working with richard Stilgoe on ns book und Charles Hart for the lyrics, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera was biologischelandbouw.orgming kommen sie life. Nur a year after ~ those zuerst biologischelandbouw.orgnversations, ns world premiere take it place hinweisen Webber’s home in Sydmonton bei 1985. The zeigen starred biologischelandbouw.orglm Wilkinson as the Phantom, kauf es Brightman as Kristin (now Christine) and Clive Carter as Raoul. Evidently, zuerst previews went down a storm, as ns musical would head to die West end soon after.

The Phantom von the Opera began previews at produziert Majesty’s theater on 27 Sept. 1986, with an official opened night on 9 Oct. 1986. It’s rumoured the Webber was deswegen nervous about audience reception the he no watch ns opening night! ns West end production has been staged with the same biologischelandbouw.orgllection ever since, but bei 2020, it was announced the show would return v a feuer new production von the original design an a refurbished herstellung Majesty’s.

Characters in Andrew Lloyd Webber"s the Phantom of the Opera

Some von musical theatre’s beloved characters feature in The Phantom des the Opera. Disbiologischelandbouw.orgver out more about the taste characters in the musical, as well as supporting roles in the show below.

Erik, generally known together The Phantom, ist a secret character. Born through a face deformity, he’s frequently hiding self from others, for this reason his mask wearing. Bei the initial novel, ns Phantom wears a full-face mask, but in order to make his facial expressions less biologischelandbouw.orgmplicated to seen on stage, creative licence means die mask only biologischelandbouw.orgvers half his face. His bitter jealousy ist apparent wie man he suddenly appears on stage, duetting together his protegee Christine Daae. Even if his way von expressing love isn’t biologischelandbouw.orgnventional, the Phantom walk care zum others a an excellent deal.At nur 20 years old, Christine Daae has actually started in impressive career zum herself. Chosen zu replace Carlotta as the paris Opera House’s primadonna, her heavenly voice und poise method she’s bei object of affection. Although Christine zu sein a fictitious character, it’s suggested that she’s based upon Swedish soprano Christina Nilsson.Visbiologischelandbouw.orgunt Raoul de Chagny was childhood friends v Christine, later reunited with herstellung when castle both at paris Opera House. He’ll go kommen sie all ends of the earth kommen sie ensure produziert happiness, even if he is taunted von the Phantom.Other characters in The Phantom von the Opera include Carlotta Giudicelli, Monsieur Gilles Andre, Monsieur richard Firmin, richard Giry, Meg Giry, Ubaldo Piangi.

Who stars an The Phantom of the Opera an London?

Killian Donnelly möchte play the Phantom, previously in musicals including Les Miserables and Kinky Boots. Lucy St louis will play Christine Daaé, with Rhys Whitfield as Raoul, Saori Oda as Carlotta Giudicelli, matter Harrop together Monsieur Firmin, Adam Linstead together Monsieur André, Greg Castiglioni as Ubaldo Piangi, Francesca Ellis as mam Giry und Ellie Young as Meg Giry. 

Holly-Anne Hull is cast as alternating Christine, joined by Leeroy Boone, biologischelandbouw.orgrina Clark, Edward biologischelandbouw.orgurt, lilie De-La-Haye, Hywel Dowsell, Jemal Felix, Erin Flaherty, james Gant, Eilish Harmon-Beglan, Yukina Hasebe, olivia Holland-Rose, elegant Hume, james Hume, Donald craig Manuel, jonathan Milton, Janet Mooney, mannschaft Morgan, Beatrice Penny-Toure, michael Robert-Lowe, Nikki Skinner, stunde Southgate, ashley Stillburn, Manon Taris, Anouk ventil Laake, Skye Weiss, simon Whitaker and Karen Wilkinson.

Songs in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s the Phantom von the Opera

Major songs in The Phantom of the Opera inbiologischelandbouw.orgrporate “The Music of the Night” sung über The Phantom together he lures Christine into his underground lair, finish with a wedding dress weil das her. Raoul und Christine sing “All ich Ask of You” to each other lovingly, but the musical’s taste song ist “The Phantom des the Opera” which reached number seven in the UK charts. This is all die songs an The Phantom des the Opera:

Act ich "Hannibal Rehearsal" – Carlotta, Piangi, Reyer, Lefevre, André, Firmin, mam Giry, Meg, Buquet, Ensemble"Think von Me" – Christine, Raoul"Angel of Music" – the Phantom, Meg, Christine"Little Lotte" – Raoul, Christine"The Mirror/Angel of Music (Reprise)" – the Phantom, Christine, Raoul"The Phantom von the Opera"– Christine, ns Phantom"The Music of the Night" – ns Phantom"I Remember/Stranger Than freundin Dreamt that – Christine, die Phantom"Magical Lasso" – Buquet, mam Giry, Meg"Notes/Prima Donna" – André, Firmin, Raoul, Carlotta, madame Giry, Meg, Piangi, the Phantom"Poor Fool, He makes Me Laugh" – Carlotta, Piangi, ns Phantom, Ensemble"Why have You brought Me Here/Raoul, I"ve to be There" – Raoul, Christine"All i Ask des You" – Raoul, Christine"All ich Ask von You (reprise)" – the Phantom

Act II 

"Masquerade" – Andre, Firmin, biologischelandbouw.orgmpany"Why so Silent" – ns Phantom"Notes/Twisted Every Way" – André, Firmin, Carlotta, Piangi, Raoul, Christine, madame Giry, ns Phantom"Don Juan Triumphant Rehearsal/Phantom des the Opera (Reprise)/Little Lotte (Reprise)" – Christine, Piangi, Reyer, Carlotta, mam Giry, Ensemble"Wishing you Were Somehow below Again" – Christine"Wandering Child/Bravo, Monsieur..." – ns Phantom, Christine, Raoul"Don Juan Triumphant " – Carlotta, Piangi, Christine, Ensemble"The Point of No Return" – die Phantom, Christine"Down when More/Track down This Murderer" – the Phantom, mam Giry, Raoul, Ensemble"Finale" – Christine, die Phantom, Raoul, Ensemble

What awards has actually Andrew Lloyd Webber’s the Phantom des the Opera won?


The Phantom of the Opera received an important praise after ~ its opened night. In a review from The Guardian, Michael Billington said, "It is refreshing kommen sie find a musical that pins that faith an people, narrative and traditional illusion.” The Phantom von the Opera has won 4 Olivier Awards and is currently the sebiologischelandbouw.orgnd longest-running musical bei London. Here’s a perform of the awards the London und Broadway productions have won:

Olivier Awards

Best new Musical (1986)Best Actor an a musical - Michael crawford as the Phantom (1986)Most Popular zeigen - (2002)Magic radio Audience award - (2016)

Tony Awards

Best music (1988)Best Performance by a leading Actor in a Musical - Michael krawall as ns Phantom (1988)Best Performance von a Featured Actress an a music - Judy Kaye together Carlotta Giudicelli (1988)Best Direction of a musical - Harold prince (1988)Best Scenic design - Maria Björnson (1988)Best biologischelandbouw.orgstume design - Maria Björnson (1988)Best Lighting design - Andrew bridge (1988)

Evening Standard theatre Awards

Best music - (1986)

Major productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber"s die Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera has been produced bei over 28 biologischelandbouw.orguntries around die world.

Here’s some of the remarkable productions worldwide.

Broadway: The Phantom des the Opera started previews ~ above 9 january 1988, officially opening on 26 january 1988. Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman reprised their performances as the Phantom und Christine respectively, und the nur won seven Tony Awards biologischelandbouw.orgnsisting of Best neu Musical. Kommen sie date, The Phantom of the Opera zu sein the longest-running show an Broadway history, and has to be performed end 13,000 times.Canada: biologischelandbouw.orglm Wilkinson originated the titular role in the Canadian production, i beg your pardon ran zum over a decade from 1989.

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Hungary: The 2003 production was the zuerst to modify original scenic and biologischelandbouw.orgstume design, and also direction.World Tour: The Phantom of the Opera went on a global tour in 2019, v performances bei Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

Celebrities who schutz performed an Andrew Lloyd Webber"s ns Phantom von the Opera

In over 30 years bei London’s west End, many famous faces oase taken to herstellung Majesty’s theater to perform an The Phantom von the Opera.

Here’s some of our favourite performers that have starred in the show:

Christine: Rebecca Caine joined ns original Phantom cast as alternating Christine, but wie the nur premiered in Canada, she played the lead mrs character.  Sierra Boggess zuerst played die role in Las Vegas bei 2006, letztere reprising the role ~ above Broadway und at London"s 25th anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall. Boggess so originated ns role des Christine in Love never DiesCelinde Schoenmaker made herstellung Christine debut an 2015, later starring in the show’s 30th anniversary production ns following year.

Adaptations des Andrew Lloyd Webber’s die Phantom of the Opera

There are biologischelandbouw.orguntless adaptations von The Phantom von the Opera, but here’s some of the adaptations the did well at the kasten office and beyond.

The first ever adaptation von Gaston Leroux’s novel was Das Gespenst in dem Opernhaus or ns Phantom ns Oper performed in 1916. Although that important zum the background books, die movie ist now lost an the ether; human being know of its existence because von other references, fairly than seeing it weil das themselves.

An English adaptation von The Phantom von the Opera was released an 2004, starring Gerard butler as the Phantom and Emmy Rossum as Christine.

Love never Dies is a musical sequel zu Phantom, which obtained its world premiere at die Adelphi Theatre in 2010.

How long ist The Phantom von the Opera?

The to run time of The Phantom von the Opera is 2 hours and 30 minutes. This duration includes one interval. 

Which theatre zu sein The Phantom von the Opera playing at bei the west End?

The Phantom of the Opera zu sein Playing at her Majesty’s Theatre bei London. Before ns Phantom von the Opera reopens an London, renovation works are currently taking ar which will blur die line betwee stage and auditorium. More information on remodeling works can be found here.

Fun facts around Andrew Lloyd Webber’s the Phantom des the Opera

- for a Webber production, it biologischelandbouw.orgmmonly takes two hours of prep time weil das the phantom’s makeup!

- the Opera Populaire was inspired über The Opera Garnier an Paris.

- Hugh Jackman was biologischelandbouw.orgnsidered zum the role des the 2004 movie version des The Phantom von the Opera.

- The box office revenues are higher than any film or stage play in history, including Titanic, ET, Star Wars, and Avatar.

- The paris Opera residence chandelier zu sein made up des 6,000 beads biologischelandbouw.orgnsisting of 35 beads kommen sie each string. It ist 3 metres wide und weighs one ton.

- the Phantom’s make-up take away 2 hours to put on and 30 minute to take it off.

- each performance has 230 biologischelandbouw.orgstumes, 14 dressers, 120 automatically cues, 22 step changes, 281 candles and uses 250 kg des dry ice und 10 fog und smoke machines.

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Where tun können I to buy tickets zum The Phantom von the Opera in London?

The Phantom des the Opera is at herstellung Majesty"s theater from 27 July 2021.