The Galaxy klasse 20 Ultra"s 4,500 mAh battery delivers good endurance, but it could be better

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The $1,299 samsung Galaxy note 20 extremist is a phone that does a lot, and with its enormous 6.9-inch display screen there"s a last to energie here. Deshalb how lang does it last on a charge? based upon our testing, the note 20 Ultra"s endurance ist very good, however it"s notfall as an excellent as us hoped.

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The klasse 20 ultra packs a 4,500 mAh battery, which ist not as big as ns 5,000 mAh pack an the even more premium $1,399 samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. So we didn"t expect it to belastung as lang as the phone. Yet the klasse 20 ultra did trail die OnePlus 8 pro which has a slightly bigger battery und costs $400 less.

Galaxy note 20 extremist battery life vs other phones

Battery life (hrs:minutes)Battery size
Galaxy klasse 20 ultra (60Hz/120Hz)10:26/7:594,500 mAh
OnePlus 8 pro (60Hz/120Hz)11:05/9:024,510 mAh
Galaxy S20 ultra (60Hz/120Hz) 11:58/9:135,000 mAh
Galaxy S20 plus (60Hz/120Hz)10:31/8:554,500 mAh
iPhone 11 pro Max11:543,969 mAh
iPhone 11 11:163,190 mAh
Galaxy klasse 10 Plus10:474,300 mAh
Google Pixel 4a8:553,140 mAh

We ran the Tom"s overview battery prüfen on the Galaxy klasse 20 Ultra, i beg your pardon involves consistent web surfing hinweisen 150 nits von screen brightness over cellular (in this situation 5G). Whenever feasible we try zu use T-Mobile"s 5G network weil das consistency.

The Galaxy note 20 ultra lasted a hard 10 hours and 26 minutes. That"s a good runtime, yet all des the handsets on our best phone battery life list tonnage more 보다 11 hours.

The klasse 20 Ultra"s battery life dipped by 2.5 hrs once we engaged ns 120Hz display mode. This is in line through what we"ve seen from other phones with 120Hz displays. Und although the klasse 20 ultra has a dynamic screen that kann sale the refresh rate up or down depending on the content, web surfing ist a particularly harsh activity. Plus, plenty of sites now auto-play videos.

Note 20 extremistin vs OnePlus 8 jeden vs iphone 11 Pro

By comparison, the OnePlus 8 jeden lasted a much longer 11 hours und 5 minute on our test in 60Hz mode and 9:02 in 120Hz mode. Und this ist with a 4,510 mAh battery that"s only slightly larger than die one inside the note 20 Ultra.

The Galaxy S20 to add was an the very same ballpark together the note 20 Ultra, which ist not a surprise given that they schutz the exact same size 4,500 mAh battery. The S20 to add lasted 10:31 punkt 60Hz yet a considerably much better 8:55 punkt 120Hz.

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With that 5,000 mAh battery, the Galaxy S20 extremistin unsurprisingly it is long a viel longer 11 hours and 58 minutes, a runtime the dipped zu 9:13 bei 120Hz mode.

The iphone 11 Pro max has a viel smaller battery and that machine endured zum a much longer 11 hours und 54 minutes. It has only a 60Hz display, so we couldn"t prüfung it in 120Hz mode. There oase been rumors that ns iPhone 12 pro could function a 120Hz panel, but die latest leaks indicate that may not happen.

Last year"s Galaxy klasse 10 add to lasted 10 hours und 47 minutes with that is 60Hz display, which is slightly far better than the note 20 Ultra.

Note 20 extremist battery life: What around everyday use?

Anecdotally, ns Galaxy klasse 20 extremist should it is in able zu get freundin through a complete day v juice left zu spare, depending upon how heavily you use it.

I unplugged the note 20 extremist around 9 a.m., und over a day of testing, ich watched more than bei hour des Umbrella Academy top top Netflix, streamed sportlich with die screen ~ above for in hour und a half and played about 40 minute of Fortnite. I deshalb used Twitter zum nearly bei hour, surfed the web und checked email, as well as snapped part photos.

At the ende of the day I still had around 27% juice left weist 9 p.m.. That"s not bad.

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The bottom line is that the Galaxy klasse 20 ultra delivers reasonably strong battery life, yet it"s simply notfall as good as ns longest-lasting phones.