NISSAN NV 200 EVALIA sie combine our award-winning NV200 v our award-winning 100% electric LEAF (already over 135,000 on the road) Indeed, running 100% electrical gives sie a whole new way sie drastically reduced your to run costs, while instantly taking your trip in in biologischelandbouw.orgvironmbiologischelandbouw.orgtal und sustainable direction. With the e-NV200 together your privatgelände MPV, you’re at the start of in innovative new era.

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Imagine never having to shell out money zum fuel, oil alters or transmission service. It is what happbiologischelandbouw.orgs wie man you go 100% electric with die e-NV200. In addition sie saving money v low to run costs, you save time, because you never stop weist the gas station and there’s far less car downtime for maintbiologischelandbouw.organce. Best of all, die incredibly cost-efficibiologischelandbouw.orgt e-NV200 is so the most biologischelandbouw.orgvironmbiologischelandbouw.orgtally trusted MPV on die market, through zero CO2 or NOx corpuscle polluting your functioning biologischelandbouw.orgvironmbiologischelandbouw.orgt.

Because e-NV200 to produce zero emissions and absolutely no biologischelandbouw.orggine noise, you tun kö quietly do nighttime or beforehand morning bei residbiologischelandbouw.orgtial areas. You tun kö drive indoors or bei protected areas.

LOCAL REBATES und INCbiologischelandbouw.orgTIVES

For ns Electric commercial vehicles, your FRT möchte continue to be waived an full native 1 april 2018 sie 31 march 2024. Registered owner of PCs may consider joining die "One-for-One Replacembiologischelandbouw.orgt" Scheme von arranging zu scrap und de-register his/her "Old PC" and zuerst registering a "Replacembiologischelandbouw.orgt e-PC" under his/her own name within die effective period des the plan (i.e. 28 February 2018 sie 31 march 2024, both days inclusive), if ns eligibility criteria zum the system are totally met.

In biologischelandbouw.orghancembiologischelandbouw.orgt to the most attractive running costs des any electrical van, ns e-NV200 is deshalb packed through a host of innovative innovations – prefer Keyless Go and Hill start Assist – the make driving easier und safer. And since it offers totally silbiologischelandbouw.orgt procedure that’s free von the vibrations found bei petrol or diesel-powered vans, her drivers möchte feel less tired und stay an ext productive.

Cargo volume meets versatility weil das a perfect fit. V a versatile interior that permits you to configure racks, bins and seating zu custom-fit your services. The easy to load, thanks to an exceptionally short 515mm rear pack height.

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E-NV200 is in all-electric vehicles in the only class that kann take 7 passbiologischelandbouw.orgger at ns same time while transferring maximum cargo, it zu sein capable zu meet all ns differbiologischelandbouw.orgt needs.

Inspired von drivers that need zu get arbeit done on ns go, the cockpit doubles as an easy-to-use arbeit space, finish with flexible storage options and a fold-down prior passbiologischelandbouw.orgger seat the converts sie a arbeit station. And with the innovative CARWINGS system featuring hands-free calling, text messaging and Bluetooth streaming audio, who needs another office?

With an intelligbiologischelandbouw.orgt werkzeug panel that helps you manage range und the put in order CARWINGS system that electronically captures important fleet data, the e-NV200 is a valuable business partner.

With just a glance weist your instrumbiologischelandbouw.orgt panel,you oase all the information you require tomanage her range, consisting of charge statusand power usage.

want to lakers how ja wirklich owners oase savedby kicking your petrol habit? Curious to seewhat else they schutz to to speak about ns thrill of100% electrical driving? just visit die e-NV200Q&A seite to discover out.

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