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We were blown away with the Mac mini through M1 when it debuted tonnage November, however as the one-year anniversary approached, our curiosity was piqued with rumors of a neu Mac mini zum 2021. News of new processors and updated designs had us eagerly tuned in to Apple"s October event, but alas – no neu Mac mini. At least, not this year.

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The sich entschuldigen event walk include notfall one, however two new processors, ns M1 Pro und the M1 Max, updating the already outstanding M1 chip with an ext power, much more memory support and more an effective graphics. And while die Mac announcements were limited kommen sie the new 16-inch MacBook Pro and 14-inch MacBook Pro, there"s no reason we couldn"t see an updated version von the Mac mini in the comes months with neu CPU and memory options.

Apple has actually surprised die industry with november product announcements before, but with two neu Mac laptops coming next week, we"ve probably acquired all the new Macs we tun können expect zum this year.

While the neu Mac mini may not be coming bei 2021, the leaks we"ve checked out from well-regarded industry leakers ausblüten point to bei updated Mac mini in the works. Und with ns unending cycle des updates and upgrades that Macs and other consumer systems are topic to, it might only it is in a matte of time before these theoretical improvements end up being a reality.

Mac Mini 2021 release date rumors

Now that the apple Unleashed event ist over, we understand that no new Mac desktops schutz been revealed. Yet check the end the sich entschuldigen Unleashed event direkt blog kommen sie get a blow-by-blow account of the event"s action and our think on what was revealed, including the neu Mi Pro and M1 maximal processors, which can find their way into Mac mini and other desktops in 2022.

Mac Mini 2021 preis speculation

With no neu Mac mini an 2021, any preis speculation appears a little silly, but die Mac mini 2022 is a echt possibility, particularly with new processors announced, with new capabilities. Based upon Apple"s Mac Mini preis strategy kommen sie date we kann make a pretty educated guess about what the next iteration des its tiniest desktop wollen cost.

The original Mac mini was launched in 2005 with an introductory price von $499, but ns latest Mac Mini, ns 2020 modell with ns M1 chip, cost $699 at launch. However, that"s newly been reduced down zu $649, suggesting apfel may be trying zu move roden ahead von a new product launch.

The entry-level M1 Mac Mini is now just $649 (Image credit: Tom"s Guide)

Since we presume any kind of Mac Mini 2022 wollen be in incremental update over the current ausführung with beefier internals und a revamped design, we schutz good reason to glauben it möchte be sold weil das the exact same starting price as its predecessor: $699. Pushing the price of the entry-level model up previous $700 seems prefer a huge risk zum Apple, though we"ll schutz to wait and see what the Mac Mini 2022 offers in terms of features prior to we kann sein rule the end a preis hike.

With two neu processor options, however, a pro or maximal model is a echt possibility. Ns M1 pro offers support weil das up kommen sie 32GB des memory, while ns M1 Max tun können double that, going up to 64GB of RAM. For the small contingent des media creators that love the Mac mini design over the MacBook jeden laptop or Mac pro desktop, die compact Mac mini might be offered with these an ext powerful configurations zum significantly more.

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Mac Mini 2021 potential design und specs

What wenig we"ve heard about die guts von the following Mac Mini suggest we should expect redesigned internals with more ports and either in M1X or M2 chip.

The difference bolzen the apfel M1X vs M2 chip is blieb nebulous, as apple has officially announced neither. However, the gist of what we"ve heard deshalb far zu sein that die M1X could be an improved version des Apple"s remarkable M1 chip that might debut in new 2021 MacBook Pros, while the M2 chip is a sequel to ns M1 that"s much more performant (thanks in part to rumors des it being built on a 4-nanometer process rather than die 5nm process von the M1) and will debut bei the MacBook air 2022.

While it"s possible die next Mac Mini can have in M2 chip, specifically if it it s okay delayed right into 2022, as of jetzt we"re blieb pretty certain the Mac Mini wollen ship bei 2021 with an M1X chip. If what we"ve heard about die M1X chip ist true, it will schutz more CPU and GPU cores, an ext Thunderbolt channels, und more energie draw.

Artist ian Zelbo"s render mock-up von what the next Mac Mini could look like, based upon leaks by Jon Prosser (Image credit: Jon Prosser & ian Zelbo)

That all lines hoch with Gurman"s afore-mentioned might report, bei which he declared that die next Mac Mini would certainly be a an ext powerful ausführung packing ns same chip as the next MacBook Pro, and double die M1 Mac Mini"s paltry 2 Thunderbolt ports. If Gurman did enable room for sich entschuldigen to delay or even cancel the next Mac Mini, he was confident die company wollen eventually replace die Intel-equipped Mac Mini it currently sells weil das $1,049 v a high-end modell packing apfel silicon.

As far as what it could look like, die most dependable rumors kommen sie from developed leaker Jon Prosser, who claimed back bei May that ns next Mac Mini could be smaller und would sport more ports. Specifics he claimed it möchte feature ns same magnetic charging connector that zu sein included v the new 24-inch iMac 2021, and four Thunderbolt ports, 2 USB-A ports, plus Ethernet and HDMI ports.

Mac Mini 2021 outlook

All signs point to die launch von a new Mac Mini looming on ns horizon — right jetzt our only questions room when, and what möchte be waiting weil das us inside. Early this year us heard a gewächs of trusted reporting und rumors pointing to a late 2021 launch des a Mac Mini through M1X power, and right now we"re blieb expecting that to happen.

However, new leaks warning von a delay have prepared us to accept the we can not lakers a neu Mac Mini till 2022. On ns bright side, that means it"s possible ns next Mac Mini might arrive pack a fully new und improved M2 chip.

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Either way, we"re eager to see what sich entschuldigen does with the next big release von its the smallest computer.