With the new features iOS software update brings, you can vày more with your iPhone, Máy tính bảng iPad or iPod touch better. So if your device is iOS 7 now, upgrading it lớn iOS 8 or 8.1, it won"t let you miss out the lathử nghiệm features that you want khổng lồ try.

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However, once upgrading iOS 7 to lớn iOS 8, your device will be set as a new one if you have sầu no backup to restore it. So before iOS software update, backup your device to lớn iCloud or iTunes is necessary.

Now let"s see how khổng lồ nâng cấp iOS 7 to lớn iOS 8 in iTunes in following introduction.

Steps to tăng cấp iOS 7 khổng lồ iOS 8 in iTunes (Eg. iPad)

Step 1: Make sure you have installed the lachạy thử version of iTunes on your computer, such as iTunes 11. 4.

Step 2: Connect your device to computer installed with iTunes.

In general, iTunes is mix up khổng lồ run automatically, when it checks out there is iOS device connected khổng lồ computer. Now it has run & your device appears in iTunes.

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Step 3: Select your iOS device in iTunes.

At the top-right side of iTunes window, there is your device name. Cliông xã it to lớn open it in iTunes.

Step 4: In the Summary screen, cliông chồng Update or Cheông xã for Update.


Step 5: Confirm Update iOS in the pop-up dialog.


Step 6: Enter passcode in your device if it is locked with passcode. Click Continue button.


Step 7: iTunes will tải về software updates for your device.


Step 8: Update software on your device after download.


Now if all of above sầu work successfully, you can see your device has been upgraded to lakiểm tra iOS version iOS 8.1. Also, your device"s name may be changed based on your Windows administrator.


However, if you are experiencing problems in the process of upgrading iOS, you can restore its original settings by clicking Restore iPad(example).

Refer to lớn article about resolving iOS update errors in iTunes: http://tư vấn.táo bị cắn dở.com/en-us/HT201210

This is a general and easy method to lớn tăng cấp iOS, which is available for all of iOS users, including who want khổng lồ unprading iOS 10 to lathử nghiệm iOS 11. If you want to lớn know more about another available method, you can find it in Apple Support.