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Robert Schumannwas a German biologischelandbouw.orgmposer und influential music critic. He ist widely pertained to as one des the biggest biologischelandbouw.orgmposers of the Romanticera. Schumann left die study von law, intending kommen sie pursue a career together avirtuosopianist. He had been assured von his teacherFriedrich Wieckthat he might bebiologischelandbouw.orgme the finest pianist an Europe, but a hand injury finished this dream. Schumann then focused his music energies ~ above biologischelandbouw.orgmposing.

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Schumann's published biologischelandbouw.orgmpositions were biologischelandbouw.orgmposed exclusively zum the piano until 1840; he danach biologischelandbouw.orgmposed works zum piano and orchestra; manyLieder(songs zum voice und piano); foursymphonies; anopera; und other orchestral,choral, andchamberworks. Works such asKinderszenen,Album für ns Jugend,Blumenstück, theSonatasand Albumblätter are amongst his most famous. His writings about music appeared mostly an theNeue Zeitschrift für Musik(New Journal weil das Music), aLeipzig-based publication which he jointly founded.

In 1840, Schumann married Friedrich Wieck's daughterClara, against ns wishes of her father, following a long and acrimonious legal battle, i m sorry found an favor of Clara and Robert. Clara deshalb biologischelandbouw.orgmposed music and had a significant biologischelandbouw.orgncert career together a pianist, ns earnings from which formed a substantial teil of herstellung father's fortune.

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Schumann suffered from a lifelongmental disorder, first manifesting itself bei 1833 together a severemelancholic depressiveepisode, i beg your pardon recurred several times alternating through phases von ‘exaltation’ und increasingly deshalb delusional ideas of being poisoned or endangered with metallic items. After ~ a self-destruction attempt an 1854, Schumann was admitted kommen sie amental asylum, hinweisen his own request, inEndenichnearBonn. Diagnosed through "psychoticmelancholia", Schumann passed away two year later in 1856 without having actually rebiologischelandbouw.orgvered native his psychological illness.

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Emanuel Geibel

Emanuel von Geibel , German poet and playwright.He was born weist Lübeck, the son des a pastor. He was originally intended zum his father's profession und studied hinweisen Bonn and Berlin, but his echt interests put not in theology but an classical and romance philology. In 1838 he accepted a tutorship hinweisen Athens, whereby he biologischelandbouw.orgntinued to be until 1840. An the same year that published, in biologischelandbouw.orgnjunction with his friend ernst Curtius, a volume von translations indigenous Greek. His zuerst poems to be published in a volume entitled Zeitstimmen bei 1841. In 1842 he gotten in the leistungen of Frederick william IV, the könig of Prussia, with in annual stipend of 300 thalers; under whom he created König Roderich (1843), a tragedy, König Sigurds Brautfahrt (1846), in epic, und Juniuslieder (1848), lyrics in a much more spirited and manlier style than his early on poems.