"Introducing MMS" ist a arsenal of information about MMS that Jim Humble has made accessible over the years via die internet.

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This book wollen be really interesting for all "newcomers" who want kommen sie familiarize themselves with MMS und want zu read about how its use has actually evolved. You kann sein follow die development of MMS step über step from ns day Jim Humble discovered it until today (2010). Wie Mr. Humble zuerst made his exploration public much more than ten years ago, he only mindful that it was able to cure malaria an a matte of hours. über the time he came out v his zuerst book, "Breakthrough," in 1996, he can be attributed with healing more than 75,000 cases of malaria v MMS. Jim has had to travel a long, hard und lonely road in order kommen sie prove that MMS heals notfall only malaria but also almost every illnesses recognized on Earth. I met Mr. Humble an Balaka, Malawi, bei late 2009, hinweisen which time he was working weil das a couple of months punkt clinic run by the catholic church. That worked in addition to a neighborhood doctor zu treat 20 zu 30 HIV/AIDS patient every day. Jim said me, "I act cancer as quickly as others treat a head cold." with time I oase learned just how true his statement is. For this reason, I schutz chosen to aid Jim Humble in spreading the word von MMS worldwide von documenting and publishing my own experiences through MMS. By archiving Jim Humble"s information, this book not only provides ns reader with a elevator on MMS but deshalb a historical file covering Mr. Humble"s efforts to bear witness zum the future. "Introducing MMS" explains bei plain language what MMS is, what it can do und how that does it. In addition to ns collection des texts, this publication contains numerous wonderful pictures of Jim Humble which to be taken in 2010 bei the Dominican Republic.

Jim Humble, from ns book, ns Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century

The phone was ringing at ns other ende of die house. It was a lang narrow house und there was furniture kommen sie get around and a hallway zu get through, but an spite des the obstacle kurse I make it. Bill Denicolo, in old friend, in Chicago was calling. Us talked and he asked, "Jim, are you any good hinweisen prospecting zum gold?"

I was never auch modest, so I told him the fact (my truth). "Yes," i said, "I bei der amongst ns best, if notfall the best". That was enough zum him. He was a friend, and being already familiar v my work an mining, he thought me. The continued, "I"m working with a kopieren, gruppe that wants kommen sie do gold mining an the jungle in South America. We need your help und we space paying die going rate, plus freundin get a share des the profits".

That was it. Ich agreed zu leave bei approximately one month. They were willing zu use my gelb recovery technology. This would call for that i ship devices ahead. The took ns entire month kommen sie get jene ready and to prepared myself zum the jungle. Ns most vital thing that i took, the relates kommen sie this story, was several bottles of Stabilized Oxygen (Please don"t get ns idea that Stabilized Oxygen zu sein the miracle systems that I bei der writing about bei this book). All water bei the jungle ist dangerous to drink.

In phibìc America, water from fast-moving streams zu sein usually fairly safe to drink, but bei the tropical it doesn"t matte how fast the stream is moving, it zu sein not safe kommen sie drink. An fact, one can almost always guarantee that one or an ext dangerous diseases are present. Despite that knowledge, ich did end up drinking from a fast-moving stream while in the jungle, und I did construct typhoid fever.

A number des people had actually mentioned zu me that die oxygen in Stabilized Oxygen would purify water über killing ns pathogens present, especially if die water was left setting overnight. Ich had when sent a einzel test off kommen sie a activities after dealing with some sewerage water with Stabilized Oxygen und the results had come rückseitig showing every pathogens dead. I was relatively confident that ich could wash my drinking water bei the jungle. I had actually operated with Stabilized Oxygen weil das some time. A friend of mine that lived a little way external of las Vegas supplied it fairly a little bit with his animals. He offered it zu his chickens in their water to keep lock healthy and he provided it with his dogs. He also injected it right into his dog"s veins once wie it was sick and his dog was cured in several hours. I often dropped über his house to seen how jene were going.

Bill Denicolo sent out a contract to my house an Las Vegas, Nevada, where i had retirement from gold mining. Die contract was quite generous. I was zu be paid a reasonable salary, und I would oase 20% ownership an the operation, provided i located gold bei the jungle. Ich signed a copy of the contract and sent it off, and received bei airplane ticket an return. I was 64 years alt but in top condition und I would have no problem navigating in the jungle.

The country was Guyana. The nennen had been changed a couple of years previously from brother Guyana to simply Guyana. Guyana is the country nur south von Venezuela ~ above the east coast des South America. You probably remember the from the story of Jim Jones und his cult. Ns entire cult committed suicide weist one allude or actually a couple of committed suicides after ~ killing die children und many von the various other adults with cyanide. Only a couple of survived.

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I arrived bei Guyana ~ above a normalerweise day if it was raining, around midyear von 1996. I was met von several local people who would certainly be part of the mining operation and they führen zu me through the lines at ns airport v no waiting. We drove about 30 miles to Georgetown, Guyana"s largest stadt which is also the Capitol. Ich was taken to a local residence where i was zu stay till we departed zum the interior, wherein we would possibility Guyana"s biggest rain forest and jungle.

At ns house i met Mike, a neighborhood who owned ns claims to a very huge portion of the jungle and would so be one von the partners. Joel Kane, who lives an the eastern part des the U.S., was also one von the partners provided on ns contract ich signed. He was kommen sie arrive within 2 weeks before we departed weil das the jungle. There was one various other partner, that was deshalb supposed to arrive soon, but probably after we departed zum the jungle. His benennen was Beta und he was related zu a high official bei the government. Die high official"s nennen was Moses Nagamotoo, und he was the zuerst Minister straight under the Prime Minister. (Beta"s ja wirklich name was Satkumar Hemraj, yet he preferred the nennen of Beta.)

Beta was not present, but because he was our partner i was invited zu the zuerst Minister"s (Moses Nagamotoo) house zum dinner the second night that ich was there. While weist his house the zuerst Minister complained of his back problem that was almost preventing ihm from doing his job in the government. I explained to er that i sometimes changed people"s necks und I could be able to help his back. Dafür after dinner he permitted me zu adjust his neck, which ich did really delicately, making certain that ich did not jerk or hurt him. Within minutes his back problem began to subside. Us were all amazed and soon he was walking quite easily around ns house.

The next day one of the servants referred to as me and asked if i would adjust Mose"s daughter"s neck, together she was having bad rückseitig problems as well. I agreed over ns phone, so they choose me up zum dinner the night i beg your pardon was the third evening i was there und after dinner ich adjusted produziert neck. Herstellung name was Angela. He had another daughter named Adila, but she did not schutz a problem. Angela, as amazing as it may sound, was soon walking easily and her zurück problem seemed to disappear. Ich did notfall always schutz such spectacular results, yet sometimes it did happen. I was an extremely glad that i had taken ns time zu learn kommen sie adjust necks. Making such a powerful friend as Moses Nagamotoo was important. Ich did notfall realize how crucial it was at die time, but no doubt it maintained me indigenous spending time bei prison hinweisen a later date. Weil das the record und future researchers, brunnen Hinds was the Prime Minister. Jim Punwasee was ns Minister of Mines whom we often went zu see and occasionally visited bei his home.

The government had a gold laboratory wherein they bought gold from neighborhood miners. The problem was that all gelb that came an was completely covered through mercury. They placed the gold under a hood and used a punch torch to burn off ns mercury before weighing ns gold. Well, together everyone knows, mercury fumes are very poisonous. Those fumes were going up ns exhaust stack and out into the government courtyard and into the government complex area. Many civilization had complained des this practice und when they provided me a tour von their gold facilities this was mentioned. I offered to design a straightforward fume scrubber and they took me nach oben on my offer. They had actually very little money weil das such

refinements, deswegen I designed the scrubber from 2 55 gallon barrels. The just deshalb happened that i had numerous thousand ping pong balls stored in a warehouse an Las Vegas. Ich had lock shipped zu Guyana kommen sie be used an the scrubber. Von the time ns balls arrived, i was in the jungle, however they simply poured ns ping pong balls into die barrel designed kommen sie use them, rotate on the water spray, und it was working when i returned. That did the job.

As luck had actually it, with the mercury scrubber, und helping the erste Minister und his daughter, i hit the off an extremely well with a few officials bei the federal government there. I had a freund that wanted zu move from Russia kommen sie Guyana and I mentioned this to the Minister von mining and a couple von days later I gott a contact from ns Minister of Immigration speak that i could contact my friend und tell er to visit ns Guyana Consulate in Moscow. He stated there were files waiting weil das my friend there that would allow er to immigrate kommen sie Guyana. So you can see, i really did oase a little bit von pull. I mention this merely to illustrate my great luck. In our zuerst expedition into the jungle we would be taking eight men who would certainly carry ns supplies und set trost camp as we reached assorted locations. Our workers were referred to as droggers. These guys were hired by Mike und they come at die house about a woche ahead of time kommen sie begin putting supplies and equipment together. One of the droggers was die foreman and the others, des course, to be workers.

Finally die time weil das our exploration arrived und neither Joel nor Beta had arrived, yet we couldn"t wait. Ns men only made $6.00 a job (, however that ausblüten cost to keep them around and we wanted zu get jene done. Deshalb the final crew consisted von me, Mike the landholder, und the eight droggers.

The trip into the interior took about two days. Erste there was about in hour"s ride native Georgetown to the town von Parika on the Mazaruni Cuyuni River. Us loaded our supplies onto a large truck and four taxies.We arrived punkt Parika weist about 9:00 a.m. And loaded our supplies onto several large speed boats. The fluss at this point zu sein more than 5 miles wide. Should sie decide zu do your very own research top top this part of the story, you will find that die next leg des the trip took us about four hours punkt what can be dubbed high speed on the river.

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We lastly arrived punkt our next destination, ns town of Bartica, which zu sein considered die gateway to ns interior von the country of Guyana. There we bought largely food supplies. There are a number of food stores built like warehouses which greatly supply excursions into ns interior. Our the person who lives bought mainly beans and rice. Normally, lock buy just rice zum such trips, however because i was there, they added several...