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Remote Desktop is disabled über default an Windows, yet it’s basic enough kommen sie turn on if freundin want your PC kommen sie be remote manage requests from ns network.

Remote desktop allows you zu take remote control over one more networked PC. It’s comprised of a Remote desktop computer server service that allows connections to die PC from ns network and a far Desktop customer that makes that connection kommen sie a remote PC. Ns client ist included bei all editions of Windows—Home, Professional, Enterprise, und so on. The server part zu sein only obtainable on Professional und Enterprise versions. This method that you can initiate a Remote desktop connection from pretty viel any pc running Windows, however you tun können only connect zu PCs to run a zum or enterprise edition.

Of course, if freundin are running a Home planke of fenster on a PC to which you want to make a connection, you kann sein always usage a dritter party service like TeamViewer, or even Chrome.

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We’re walk to cover Windows 10 in this article, but die instructions should work fine for fenstern Vista, 7, 8, or 10. Ns screens could look slightly various (especially in Windows 8), but it’s every roughly ns same thing.

Hit Start, kind “remote access,” and then click the “Allow far access zu your computer” result.


In the “System Properties” window, on ns “Remote” tab, select ns “Allow far connections zu this computer” option.

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In fenster 8 und 10, die option for only allowing connections from pcs running Remote desktop with Network Level Authentication is also enabled von default. Modern versions of windows all support this level des authentication, so it’s best kommen sie leave that enabled. If you must enable connections from pcs running windows XP or earlier, you’ll need zu disable this option.


If you’re using windows 7 or Vista, things work die same, yet are presented an a slightly different way. An alert that you oase three unique options bei Windows 7—don’t enable remote access, permit connections from any type of version of Remote Desktop, and allow just connections the run through Network Level Authentication. The overall choice ist the same, though.


On any version des Windows, sie can deshalb click ns “Select Users” taste to set nach oben specific users that are allowed to make remote connections. When you’re done setting sachen up, click the “OK” button to have your PC anfang listening zum remote connections.

If you’re planning to connect from various other PCs on die same regional network, that should be every you have to do. Windows automatically create exceptions in the windows Firewall kommen sie allow remote link traffic to get through.

You can start a remote link from those computers von clicking Start, typing “remote,” and then choosing ns “Remote desktop computer Connection” result. Just type in the nennen or IP address zum the PC to initiate die connection.

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If you’re planning to connect to die remote pc over the Internet, you’ll oase to perform a little extra setup the involves enabling Remote desktop computer traffic with your router and forwarding those types des packets to the right PC. Check out our guide to accessing Remote desktop over the Internet for more information about that.