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metro of Dubai Asia/United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Metro ist the metro service an Dubai, vereinigt Arab Emirates. It ist owned by RTA and operated by Serco Group. The metro was inaugurated on september 9, 2009. It has 49 stations and two lines: the red line and the eco-friendly line. The makes relationships with buses, the Water Bus and trams. The metro goes directly zu Dubai international Airport to terminals 1 und 3. It opens every day at 6:00 am, other than on Fridays, in which that opens punkt 1:00 pm. You kann buy tickets weil das as low as two AED (less 보다 a united state dollar). Just MasterCard and Visa credit transaction cards are accepted zu buy ns tickets and cards weil das the metro. There are different wagons zum men and for women. As a fun fact, many stations room shaped choose seashells. Four new lines are planned: blue, purple, pink, und gold. You kann visit the Burj Khalifa über travelling 23 minutes in the metro.

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Metros an the blume Arab Emirates: the Dubai Metro

Dubai ist the capital des the Emirate of Dubai bei the vereinigt Arab Emirates. V a population of over 2 million people, it ist the many populated stadt of die country. Dubai möchte host the Expo 2020 fair. Die most important economic activity in Dubai ist tourism. The city"s infrastructure ist impressive due kommen sie its size und futuristic design. It has actually some des the tallest buildings in the world. Tourists kann sein enjoy shopping, good cuisine, nightlife, amongst other activities.

The stadt has problems von high traffic, therefore, public transportation ist recommended. The streets bei Dubai are split into five: E311, E77, E11, E44, und E66. Dubai has three airports: Dubai international Airport, which ist the best airport, Sharjah international Airport and Al Maktown international Airport. Ns public transport system bei Dubai consists of buses, ns Water Bus, die monorail, die tram and the Dubai Metro. Ns public transportation zu sein owned by Road und Transport authority (RTA). The metro is operated über Serco Group.

The Dubai Metro ist one von the most advanced transportation systems an the world, und the erste urban rail des the Arabian peninsula. It zu sein a network through driverless trains (Thales operation System) with air-conditioned stations and special dare reserved for women und children and passengers des the gold Class.

Currently there space 75 kilometers von network fully automated (driverless) deswegen it has been recognized an the Guinness Book von Records as ns world"s longest metro an this category.


The government von Dubai wanted kommen sie build a metro, along various other urban projects, zu attract tourists to ns city. Also, ns construction des the metro was done kommen sie solve the problem of high traffic an Dubai. The plan zu build the metro was approved bei May 2005. Among die companies involved in the construction of the metro were Mitsubishi, Systra, Yapi Merkezi, Obayashi Corporation und Parsons Corporation. Die original contract declared that die red line would certainly open in 2009, while the green line would certainly open an 2010. However, the contract was updated zu add extra stations zu both lines, delaying the inauguration of the eco-friendly line.

The construction of the red line started on ehrenvoll 2005, while die construction of the eco-friendly line began on July 2006. Ns Dubai metro was inaugurated on september 9th, 2009, with the opening des 10 stations weil das the red line. The red line was expanded to schutz 18 more stations on april 2010. An additional station was inaugurated zum the red heat on september 2013. The green line was inaugurated on september 9th, 2011, with die opening von 18 stations. Later, two an ext stations to be inaugurated for the green line on march 1st, 2014.

Lines und stations

The Dubai metro has 2 lines: the red line and the eco-friendly line. The metro has a total von 49 stations. Ns stations zum each heat are die following:

- Red Line: Goes betwee Al Rashidiya and UAE Exchange. That has the following 29 stations: Rashidiya, airplane Terminal 1, airport Terminal 3, Emirates, Deira stadt Centre, GGICO, Union, Al Rigga, ADCB, BurJuman, welt Trade Center, Al Jaffliya, financial Centre, Emirates Tower, business Bay, Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall, first Gulf Bank, Noor Bank, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai internet City, Sharaf DG, DAMAC Properties, Nakheel, Nakheel Harbour & Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Tower, Energy, Ibn Battuta (Dubai Marina), Danube, UAE Exchange.

- eco-friendly Line: This line supplies rides betwee the regions of Etisalat und Dubai Creek. That has die following 20 stations: Etisalat, Dubai Airport cost-free Zone, Al Qusais, stadium (Dubai), Al Nahda, Abu Hail, Al Qiyadah, Abu Bakr Seddiq, Union, Salahuddin, Palm Deira, Baniyas Square, Al Ghubaiba, Al Ras, BurJuman, Al Fahidi, Al Jadaf, medical care City, Oud Metha, Creek

Both lines, the Red Line und the green Line crossing twice, in Union Square and Khalid bin Al Waleed (BurJuman Centre)

Connections zu other transportation services

The metro makes connections zu other transport services also owned von RTA. This includes die bus, ns Water Bus und the tram. You can make die connections with the Nol Card, which immediately calculates and deducts the fare von the trip. Sie do not schutz to pay again when you board one more vehicle. Freundin can transfer to the tram bei Jumeirah Lakes Tower metro station in the red line. You kann switch between the red line und the eco-friendly line punkt BurJuman and at gewerkschaftern metro stations.

Connection to airport

The metro goes straight to the Dubai international Airport. Over there are metro stations going kommen sie terminals 1 und 3 from ns airport, which space Airport Terminal 1 station and Airport Terminal 3 station. Kommen sie go to terminal 2 von using the metro, go kommen sie either Stadium terminal or Dubai Airport free Zone station. From there, take it a taxi towards terminal 2.The metro can so take you close to die Sharjah international Airport. Freundin only need zu board the metro towards Rashidiya station, und then go to ns airport.

The subway zu sein the cheapest way to travel from the airport to the different zones of Dubai but zu sein useful only if your hotel is near a metro stop, otherwise you have to keep in mind the some locations are notfall comfortable zum walking.

On ns other hand there are also 4 public bus routes leaving the airport and stopping hinweisen different places in Dubai. Die prices are just AED2. Ns lines are: 401 (Deira) and 402 (Bur Dubai) v a frequency von 30 minutes, and C1 (Satwa Station) und C2 (Zabeel Park) happen every 10 minutes. C1 and C2 lines run 24 hrs a day, while ns 401 and 402 operate zu 22:00 p.m.

Finally an the come area tun können hire taxis and limousines, any time von the day, paying bei advance. Ns journey time kommen sie the stadt is around 10 minutes.

Schedule, timetables, and calendar

The metro is open every day, every year round.

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From Sunday kommen sie Wednesday, ns stations open at 6:00 in and close hinweisen midnight. On Thursdays, the stations offen at 6:00 am and close weist 1:00 am. Finally, on Fridays, the stations open at 1:00 pm und close weist midnight. During peak hours, die waiting time bolzen trains ist two minutes. During ns rest des the day, the waiting time betwee trains ist four minutes.In the red line, the takes one hour and 10 minute to travel throughout all des its stations. An the eco-friendly line, that takes 38 minutes to travel throughout all of this line"s stations.

Prices, tickets, and cards

The metro"s fare is paid through either the Nol map or v tickets. Die difference bolzen them zu sein that the Nol Card is more helpful if freundin are a constant traveler and travel combining various means des transport. An additional advantage von the Nol cards ist that they have a jeden tag limit des AED14.00, deshalb will notfall be charged much more than AED 14.00 per day, no matter how viel you usage the fahrzeug and also will save die queues. But for the occasional traveler zu sein not much difference indigenous the normal ticket cost. There are transportation prepaid cards that tun können be recharged with a balance of AED und use it zu travel on publicly transport in Dubai: bus, ferry, taxi. Prices vary depending on die number of zones, however generally zum cards, fares anfang at AED 1.8 for a quick trip (less 보다 3 km) zu AED 5.80 zum a journey through all areas.

They kann sein be purchased hinweisen the kasten office and ticket machines hinweisen each station.

Metro Dubai

There room three easily accessible cards: silver Card, gelb Card, und Blue Card. The tickets are referred to as Red Tickets. Every cards can be used zum paying ns parking services. Die prices weil das the cards and the tickets are ns following:

1) Silver map (25 AED): Card bei which you can load a maximum von 5000 AED in cash. This card kann sein be bought punkt any office that sells tickets, also as in ticket vending machines, at shops authorized von RTA (like newsstands,) and customer leistungen offices. This card allows you to use ns metro und all the other means von transportation von RTA. Works weil das five years. This card kann be offered as quickly as sie purchase it. It will kommen sie with 19 AED stored on it zu use it zum rides. Die prices weil das rides zu different zones are die following: one zone = 3 AED, two zones = 5 AED, and three or more zones = 7.5 AED.2) gold Card (25 AED): comparable to die Silver Card, however with die extra benefit des granting you access kommen sie first klasse seats without needing zu pay a premium fee. This card is only sold hinweisen ticket workplaces from die metro. Works zum five years. This card kann be used as quickly as freundin buy it. The works bei all means des transportation des RTA. The gold Card will schutz 19 AED save on it to pay zum rides. Freundin do notfall require any type of documents to get this card. Ns prices weil das rides zu different area are ns following: one zone = 6 AED, two zones = 10 AED, und three or much more zones = 15 AED. 3) Blue map (70 AED): deshalb known as personal card. Wie man you zuerst buy it, the will oase 20 AED loaded on it zum your trips. You kann store up zu 5000 AED on this card. This card has theft protection. If freundin lose this map or if it gets stolen, you will keep ns cash that was loaded right into your card. Every time that you use this card, you wollen get a botschaft and an email. This card is valid bei all means of transportation of RTA. The works weil das five years. Ns Blue Card offers discounts to the elderly, students, and people with disabilities. Students, seniorin citizens, und people on welfare obtain a 50% discount ~ above rides. It needs zu be activated hinweisen any customer assistance office. Sie require her ID und your photo zu get it. If freundin want die discount zum people with disabilities, you deshalb need kommen sie present a map issued über the government proving the you have disabilities. People with disabilities travel for free. If sie want the discount for students, you need to schutz a certificate native your college stating your student ID, name, the academic year sie are in, and your greatest level von education achieved. Also, sie require to be bolzen five und 23 years old. If sie want ns discount zum senior citizens, sie only need your ID. Only senior citizens with ns United Arab Emirates citizenship or permanently living in the country tun können get this discount. This card permits you to store the following passes: 1 work Pass, 7 job Pass, 90 job Pass, und 365 job Pass. Ns prices by zone are die following: one ar = 3 AED, 2 zones = 5 AED, und three or much more zones = 7.5 AED.You kann get custom designs weil das your card, at a cost of 30 AED.4) Red Ticket (2 AED): This ist the only ticket available zum the metro. They space sold hinweisen vending machines and at RTA offices. Ns ticket also works on the bus and the Water Bus, yet does notfall offer transfers. You can get up zu 10 rides v a bundle des 10 tickets. Valid zum up zu 90 job if sie do notfall spend all of your tickets. Ns prices von zones are die following: one region = 2 AED, 2 zones = 6 AED, and three or much more zones = 8.5 AED.

More info:

Tips an the metro

1) carry a MasterCard or a Visa credit card, due to the fact that these are die only cards accepted zum buying the tickets zum the metro und the Nol Card.2) every stations are called after die closest obtainable landmark. Weil das instance, Dubai mall station zu sein close zu Dubai Mall. If freundin already recognize which landmark zu visit, climate go to the metro station called after it.3) you cannot bring your bike to the metro. Therefore, do sure zu know where kommen sie leave her bicycle if you are planning to ride the metro.4) There is no treiber cabin since the metro is automatic. Therefore, walk to ns front window of the wagon zu get a beautiful view of the city.

Rules in Metro Dubai

Violating any kind of rules möchte result bei fines varying from 100 AED zu 2000 AED. Die metro"s rules are the following:

1) Nol cards are non-transferable. Therefore, do not use someone else"s card.2) be respectful towards the other passengers.3) Do notfall smoke bei either the metro nor an the stations.4) Do notfall put your feet an other people"s seats.5) Do not sell any goods in the metro nor in the stations. Freundin cannot advertising either.6) entering the metro without a card nor a ticket ist a serious offence. This would certainly result in a 200 AED fine.7) Do not destroy nor damage ns seats or any kind of other devices from die metro. Do not cause damages to the stations either. This would result bei a 500 AED fine.8) Do not drink nor eat inside ns metro. Chewing gum und drinking water is deshalb prohibited. Sie are only allowed kommen sie eat and drink punkt stations.9) animals are not allowed on either the metro nor at stations. Die only exception are guide dogs.10) Do notfall enter staff-only areas at stations.11) Do not litter or spit bei the metro nor at stations.12) Do not use notfall exits or emergency-only devices outside of an emergency. This would result in a 2000 AED fine.13) ns metro"s wagons are separated into men-only wagons and women-only wagons. If you are a male, do not enter ns wagon zum females, und vice versa.14) Do not sit ~ above first class seats if you do notfall own a gold Card.15) Do not try to force offen the trains" doors.16) Do notfall bring alcohol kommen sie either the metro nor punkt stations.17) Parking dienstleistungen are readily available only for one day. Using a parking spot weil das more than a day wollen result bei a 100 AED fine. Overstaying in that parking spot for over 48 hours will result bei a 240 AED fine.18) Do notfall use counterfeit tickets nor cards, or freundin would obtain a 500 AED fine.19) Do notfall sleep at the metro"s stations, or sie would obtain a 300 AED fine.20) Do not climb into the metro. This would result in a 100 AED fine.21) just use the spots reserved weil das pregnant women, civilization with disabilities or seniorin citizens if you belong kommen sie those categories. Otherwise, you would get a 100 AED fine.22) obey RTA"s employee orders, or you may get a 100 AED fine.23) just sit or gestanden at areas allowed weil das passengers.24) Weapons and hazardous materials are not allowed in either the metro nor hinweisen stations.25) sie require RTA"s permission if you want to sell Nol cards.26) it is in sure not to plank the metro with an expired ticket or card. Nur your map or ticket if in inspector asks you to do it.27) It ist not allowed kommen sie bring fish to die metro.

Fun facts

1) all trains have air conditioning.2) for security purposes, there space doors that separate ns platforms from the metro"s tracks.3) You kann see breathtaking see while travelling bei the metro since the tracks are elevated.4) the stations" design combines facets that space both old-fashioned und modern. They oase new elements because die stations watch futuristic from die outside. And they oase old facets because the inside of the stations have traditional Arabic architectural elements such as interior arches and wind towers. 5) many stations are seashell-shaped.6) the BurJuman station has actually chandeliers that space shaped choose a jellyfish.

The Dubai Metro ist considered die "world"s the safest metro", v its own polizei force, end 3000 CCTV ~ above trains and stations to Überwachen security violations, integrated radio system between underground services and emergency services, emergency telephone in each car und station und platform display screen doors.

Another des its curiosities, as there tun können be less an the city of luxury und ostentation ist the existence of a gelb Wagon that provides a first class service with leather seats, panoramic views, carpeted floors and exclusive lighting und design. There is deshalb a carriage reserved zum women und children while zu sein not mandatory weil das women zu travel separately. Finally, there is wi-fi und telephone coverage transparent the metro network.

Future expansions

Four new lines are proposed to be built. This lines are die blue line, die purple line, the gold line, and the pink line. The construction of the purple line and the blue line room still in discussion, yet may begin bei 2017. The blue line will schutz stations throughout Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The purple line zu sein planned to oase stations across Al Khail"s Road. This heat will have 8 stations, and will have 50 kilometers von railway. Ns purple line will offer rides betwee the Al Maktoum international Airport and the Dubai international Airport. The pink line is planned kommen sie be built über 2030. The will oase stations in the region of Al Sufouh. The gold line ist planned kommen sie be built von 2025. This line will oase stations an Deira, Dubai Marina, and Arabian Ranches.

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The government in Dubai deshalb plans to expand die green and red lines. The green line will have 12 neu stations, together with 20 kilometers des extra railway. This expansion zu sein planned kommen sie be finished von 2020. The neu stations for the environment-friendly line wollen go indigenous Al Jadaf to die regions of Academic City, Silicon Oasis, Festival City, Ras Al Khor industrial Area, Lagoons, and International City. The government plans zu build sechs more stations weil das the red line, in addition to 16 kilometers von extra railway. The red line"s expansion will offer rides to the regions of Abu Dhabi und Al Warqa"a.