Melania Trump Model Bilder

MELANIA trumpf will soon end her time as first Lady, following donald Trump's defeat an the us election.

Melania, 50, has gained a legion of fans since her husband took office as ns 45th American president - however she was famous bei her own right prior to becoming zuerst Lady. 

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First lady Melania trompete looked die picture of perfection when she checked out London belastung yearCredit: Reuters

Melania was born bei 1970 in an industrial town an Slovenia; worlds apart from the glittering new York penthouse and the White house that she would certainly eventually call home. 

Her dad Viktor was a salesman and her mum Amalija designed children clothes. 

Thanks to produziert mum’s passion zum fashion, Melania did her zuerst runway nur when she was nur five years old, however it wasn’t until she was 16 that herstellung modelling job began.

She was spotted by photographer Stane Jerko an 1987 wie man she was studying an Secondary School von Design and Photography an Slovenia’s resources Ljubljana. 



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A 23-year-old Melania in 1993 starring in a clothing adCredit: not known, clean with bild desk

He taught her how zu pose, and when she was 18 she ended nach oben signing v a modelling agency an Milan after ~ dropping out of architecture school. 

In 1992, she won second place weil das Jana Magazine's Slovenian Face of the Year contest, und she went on kommen sie model bei Paris and Milan - although her sights were collection on neu York. 

Her dream was realised in 1996, when the 26-year-old modell was carried over über her agent, and she set about doing täglich castings.

According kommen sie a gq profile: “ a frustrating age for models, the late 20s. It's notfall a trusted industry.

“She wasn't functioning every day, she was going to castings every day und not succeeding... She said dinge were really different in Europe, that she had actually been much more successful."


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The young pair beam as they attend the new York premiere des Star wars Episode I: ns Phantom Menace an 1999Credit: Reuters