The duo invest a gewächs of time together in Quentin Tarantino"s latest, und grew nearby enough kommen sie swap some huge story secrets.

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Good luck finding a full Quentin Tarantino manuscript floating around hollywood while ns filmmaker is an production: the “Once upon a Time bei Hollywood” director ist notoriously secretive about his screenplays, often requesting even die heaviest von heavy-hitters kommen sie read his work weist his own home (and under his very own watchful gaze). Ns same process was bei place zum his recent feature, bei ode to the waning days von Hollywood in the late-’60s.

As Tarantino explained kommen sie Esquire previously this year, wie man he finished writing ns screenplay, he just kept one copy von the entire finished version. Only leading actors Leonardo DiCaprio und Brad Pitt and producer david Heyman were able to read die full manuscript from anfang to end up (and, yes, they all had kommen sie go zu Tarantino’s house to do so). The rest von Tarantino’s various other stars, including Margot Robbie, only got to read ns parts von the manuscript pertaining to their character.



Breakout stern Margaret Qualley was subjected to ns same super-secret treatment. As Manson family member Pussycat, Qualley commonly appears an the film alongside Pitt’s character, aging and inquisitive stuntman cliff Booth, who she runs into in and about Hollywood und with who she forms a loose acquaintance.

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Because of the limited nature of Qualley’s work in “Hollywood” — she never speaks to DiCaprio’s stack Dalton, never ever shares a scene through Robbie’s Sharon Tate, und her greatest sequence take away place at the löffel Ranch through Cliff und the rest des the family — Qualley was also in die dark on significant pieces des the film, including its revisionist history take on die Manson Murders.

She did, however, schutz one ace up produziert sleeve: Pitt.

“I hadn’t read die very ending, dafür it was a surprise zu me precisely how that goes down,” Qualley said an a recent interview with “I had actually heard rumors, yet the belastung little bit i did not schutz the opportunity zu read.It was super hush-hush, und we weren’t allowed kommen sie know, but Brad told me.”

And, yes, Qualley asked produziert co-star herself, he didn’t spoil something she didn’t want kommen sie know.“I was like, ‘Brad, exactly how does the movie end, ich don’t know, i want zu know!,"” she stated with a laugh. “And climate he said me. Und I was like, ‘cool, thanks."”

The actress said ns twist ending, which sees the Manson family derailed from their infamous 1969 rampage which contained the brutal killings von Tate, her unborn child, and a trio of friends punkt her und Roman Polanski’s Cielo journey home, ist “definitely a surprise, but deshalb the most beautiful surprise that there can possibly be. Ich mean, it’s a surprise, yet it’s deshalb the most Quentin point you kann do, you know?It’s a surprise until it happens, and then you’re like, of course.”

Qualley added, “Wouldn’t that oase been freaking an excellent if that’s ns way the went down?”

Stay tuned zum more native’s interview with Qualley this week. “Once upon a Time an Hollywood” is bei theaters now.

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