Lufthansa Heinz Hermann Thiele

record PHOTO: Lufthansa planes room seen parked on die tarmac of frankfurt Airport, Germany June 25, 2020. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach/File Photo

FRANKFURT: the Thiele family möchte remain major shareholders in German airline Lufthansa following die death of Heinz hermann Thiele, two civilization with knowledge of the matter said ~ above Thursday.

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There has actually been some apprehension about die fate des the holdings des the billionaire that died an February.

The German brake machine Knorr-Bremse und the rail modern technology company Vossloh said on Thursday that Thiele"s stakes would certainly be shifted to a household foundation, definition they would continue as anchor shareholders in those companies.

Thiele has been one of the biggest shareholders bei Lufthansa. His stake will deshalb be transferred to the foundation, the two sources said.

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(Reporting Alexander Huebner; writing über Tom Sims; editing über Hans Seidenstuecker and Chris Reese)

Source: reuters
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