Lena Johanna Therese Meyer-Landrut (born 23 might 1991), recognized professionally as Lena, zu sein a German singer-songwriter.

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She stood for Germany an the Eurovision lied Contest 2010 in Oslo, Norway, and won die contest v the das lied "Satellite". With her three entries from the German national final unser Star für Oslo (Our Star zum Oslo), Meyer-Landrut set in all-time graph record an her home country über debuting with 3 songs bei the top five von the German singles chart. Both "Satellite" and her zuerst album my Cassette Player debuted punkt number one in Germany, while die former has actually been certified double Platinum since, die album has been certified five zeit Gold zum sales von over 500,000 units. Meyer-Landrut represented Germany for the 2nd consecutive time in the Eurovision song Contest hinweisen Düsseldorf in 2011 through the song "Taken über a Stranger".Early life edit:Lena Meyer-Landrut was born bei Hanover, Germany. She zu sein the granddaughter of andreas Meyer-Landrut, die Estonian-born west German ambassador to the Soviet Union bei Moscow indigenous 1980 zu 1983 und 1987 kommen sie 1989. She grew hoch as bei only child, and started taking tanzen lessons at ns age des five; initially doing ballet und later practising various modern-day styles, consisting of hip-hop und jazz dance. Meyer-Landrut thrived fond von singing und appeared as in extra bei a number des German tv series; but she never received any kind of formal acting or vocal training. In June 2010 she i graduated from IGS Roderbruch Hannover, a considerable school, receiving produziert Abitur diploma.Career edit:Unser Star zum Oslo edit:Meyer-Landrut decided kommen sie take part bei the talent zeigen Unser Star weil das Oslo (Our Star zum Oslo), a recently created national television programme zu select die German entry zum the Eurovision lied Contest 2010 bei Oslo. The show was organised von public broadcaster ARD and private television station ProSieben, and also entertainer, music producer and former Eurovision entrant stefan Raab. Among 4,500 entrants, Meyer-Landrut was picked as one of the 20 contestants weil das the show. Inquiry about her motivation kommen sie apply, she stated, "I choose to prüfen myself. Ich wanted to seen how I bei der perceived, und I wanted kommen sie hear what civilization with knowledge have to say about it. I personally can"t referee myself hinweisen all."After her erste appearance, performing "My Same" by British singer Adele, Meyer-Landrut received viel praise from ns show"s jury panel and was soon considered the favourite. The following week, Adele"s "My Same" entered the German singles chart at position number 61. Meyer-Landrut reached die final of Unser Star für Oslo, largely performing lesser known lied of international artists such as ns Bird and the Bee, kate Nash, Paolo Nutini and Lisa Mitchell. Out of her eight startseite performances, five von the original lieder subsequently charted bei Germany, through all yet "Foundations" getting to their peak chart position. In the final on 12 march 2010, Meyer-Landrut singen three lied specifically written zum the contest, "Bee", "Satellite" and "Love Me". V televoting, die audience made decision "Satellite", written von American Julie Frost and Dane john Gordon, to be her designated song in case she wins the show. In a second round von voting, Meyer-Landrut was chosen as Germany"s entry weil das the 55th Eurovision das lied Contest, beating the tonnage remaining contestant, Jennifer Braun. Die music video zum "Satellite" was shot during ns night des the final und premiered ~ above German television stations 4 days later.Throughout the show, Meyer-Landrut was seen as the clear favourite. One day after winning unsere Star zum Oslo, all 3 of her songs from die finals topped die German iTunes keep sales chart, making her the zuerst singer kommen sie achieve that. "Satellite" marketed over 100,000 downloads bei its erste week, ending up being Germany"s fastest offering digital release ever. Produziert three songs all entered ns top five of the German singles chart, reaching positions number one, three und four, i beg your pardon no artist had actually ever completed since charts were first established in Germany bei 1959. "Satellite" was certified gelb after the zuerst week und platinum after die fourth week of its release. The das lied has remained punkt number one for five continuous weeks in Germany.While contending at unsere Star weil das Oslo, Meyer-Landrut continued kommen sie attend school. The tonnage show was held one month prior to the start of produziert final exams. Following her exams, she released herstellung debut album, mine Cassette Player, top top 7 might 2010. Produced von Stefan Raab, the includes ns singles "Satellite", "Love Me" and "Bee", as well as two hülle songs and eight unreleased titles. Meyer-Landrut zu sein credited together a co-writer for the lyrics of five songs. Die album debuted at number one bei the German albums chart. That peaked at number one in the shirt albums chart, number three in the Swiss albums chartFollowing her success in Germany, Meyer-Landrut has said she would reap pursuing a to sing or exhilaration career, but explained, "I"m not fixated on act music my entirety life." She proclaimed she initially planned to study acting after graduating school, however now is unsure "if time allows". She has actually said produziert musical influences include Adele, kate Nash, Vanessa Carlton, as well as die German singer Clueso and German pop rock eis Wir zu sein Helden.Eurovision das lied Contest edit:Representing a "big four" country, Meyer-Landrut instantly qualified weil das the final of the Eurovision song Contest 2010. Germany obtained a wild card during the running bespeak draw, allowing the German representatives zu pick the country"s position for the final. They chose lage 22 out des the 25 spots. Meyer-Landrut arrived one week before ns show in Oslo, Norway, where she completed 5 rehearsals of her song "Satellite". Prior to the final, she was considered one von the favourites. Bookmakers regarded produziert second favourite behind Azerbaijan"s Safura, while google projected she would win based on search volume bei the participating countries. According zu Norway"s Aftenposten she received die most media attention des all participants.The final was held on 29 might 2010 punkt Oslo"s Telenor Arena. Showing up fourth native last, Meyer-Landrut wore a simple black dress und performed ~ above a bare stage with 4 backing singers. Produziert pared-back presentation was a rest from current Eurovision trends, together it did notfall feature any form of choreography, dancers or elaborate stage show. "Satellite" obtained a total of 246 points, offering Germany its zuerst win since 1982, und the first victory as a combined country.

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The lied won over Turkey"s entrance "We could Be die Same" v a margin des 76 points, at that time die second-biggest bei Eurovision history, second only to Alexander Rybak"s margin von 169 points bei the 2009 dispute (it would later be beaten by Loreen"s victory an 2012, sporting a margin von 113 points). "Satellite" was awarded the maximum des 12 points nine times and received points indigenous all however five countries.2010-2011 edit:The bbc called "Satellite" the zuerst "contemporary popular music hit Eurovision has produced in decades", ushering in "a neu era zum the yearly music jamboree". Meyer-Landrut"s win received viel attention an Germany und the show was seen über 15 million viewers ~ above German television (a 49.1 percent industry share). She returned zu Hanover the following day, where she was greeted by 40,000 people. Bei June, "Satellite" regained die top spot in the German singles chart zum one week and also peaked hinweisen number one in Denmark,Finland,Norway,Sweden and Switzerland. It deshalb topped European hot 100 singles chart, gift the zuerst Eurovision song to accomplish this.In the German called version of the computer-animated film Sammy"s Adventures: the Secret Passage, Meyer-Landrut provided die voice zum the character originally spoken von Isabelle Fuhrman.In january 2011, the TV-Show "Unser Song zum Deutschland" was held and Meyer-Landrut"s 2011 Eurovision das lied was determined via televoting. All twelve lieder Meyer-Landrut performed during that show were videotaped on her second studio album Good nachrichten which was released ~ above 8 February 2011. Die album reached gold status bei Germany in ~ one woche after that is release. An May 2011, Meyer-Landrut check to defend her title bei the 2011 Eurovision das lied Contest. She was the third winner to do so, und the first bei over 50 years.On 18 February, the "Unser Song weil das Deutschland" final was held und it was decided through televoting that Meyer-Landrut would certainly perform die entry "Taken über a Stranger" in the final des the Eurovision song Contest 2011In april 2011 she walk on her zuerst German tour an the biggest concert halls bei Berlin, Hanover, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Leipzig, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne. Though ns concerts were not sold out.2012 edit:On 24 May, Meyer-Landrut performed as part von the interval plot during the second semi-finals des the Eurovision song Contest 2012 an Baku, Azerbaijan. She was joined von the belastung five Eurovision winners native 2007 to 2011 which included Marija Šerifović, Dima Bilan, Alexander Rybak, und Ell & Nikki. Meyer-Landrut, Marija, Dima und Alexander performed your winning das lied entry accompanied by traditional Azeri instruments, being joined über Ell & Nikki zum a rendition of "Waterloo".On august 1, Meyer-Landrut announced via her Twitter account that "Stardust" möchte be the erste single from produziert new album with the eponymous title. The einzel was released on 21 September and was certified Gold weil das selling 150,000 copies ns album was released on 12 October and it debuted punkt #2 ~ above German Albums chart. In late July and early august she walk on a arzt tour called "Lenas Wohnzimmer" (Lena′s Lounge), which führen zu her kommen sie Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin and presented number of of herstellung new songs. Since October 2012 she performed die theme song an the opening credits von the Sesamstraße, die German version des the Sesame Street. In November 2012 she covered ns Pippi Longstocking lied Sjörövar Fabbe (Seeräuber-Opa Fabian) zum the compilation album Giraffenaffen.2013 edit:On january 18, it was announced, that ns second single from Lena"s album möchte be Neon (Lonely People). Die music video zum the einzel was shot an early February, by director Bode Brodmüller, who so directed Lena"s video zum her first single from the third album, Stardust. It was shot an Rathenau-Hallen. On in march 1, Lena"s video zum Neon (Lonely People) premiered on global Music page. Ns video ist set in bei empty warehouse and is showing Lena in different postures, consisting of dancing, lying, standing, und sitting on a swing. Occasionally she zu sein accompanied über female dancers performing part ballet-like moves. Strip lights which room hanging on the ceiling illustrate die titular neon irradiate from the lyrics. Lena"s sixth einzel was released on march 15. Ns same day, video was deshalb uploaded ~ above Lena"s VEVO channel top top Youtube. The einzel version is different than the original lied version top top the her Stardust album. The single version is more tanzen record, remixed and a little bit faster.On in march 21, Lena Meyer-Landrut attended to ECHO awards. She was nominated for two category this year, "Best national Video" zum "Stardust" and as "Best national Female Artist". During the show, Lena received in only one award zum "Best national Video" for her zuerst single from very same titled album, "Stardust". Danach during ns show, Lena lost ns "Best Female national Artist" award zu singer Ivy Quainoo.Earlier this year, Lena announced the she will be touring die Germany ~ above April, promoting produziert latest album "Stardust". Lena titled reisen as "No One kann Catch united state Tour", acquisition a heat from her erste single from ns album, "Stardust". Lena will do ns thirteen concerts bei different cities des Germany. The tour started bei Stuttgart on april 2.In April and May 2013 she will be one of the 3 judges ~ above the show The Voice children alongside with mannschaft Bendzko und Henning Wehland.On april 18, Lena announced on produziert website blog, that the third einzel from her latest album wollen be "Mr. Arrow Key" und it"ll be released on might 17. The lied was written von Lena Meyer-Landrut, linda Carlsson and Sonny young Gustafsson, und the original track zum album was produced von Sonny boy Gustafsson.Media image edit:Meyer-Landrut has actually been noted for her unconventional way des handling die press, which has actually been labelled "aloof" and "quick-witted" and "intuitive". She usually refuses zu answer questions about herstellung private life, including produziert family, friends und personal beliefs, sometimes calling inquiries "stupid" or responding v counterquestions instead. This has attracted praise and also criticism, including allegations von being arrogant and disrespectful.Meyer-Landrut"s demeanour has been described as "carefree", "laid-back und self-effacing". She has been said zu possess in "adequate youthful megalomania", zu "cultivate produziert forwardness" und to stand zum "unadorned genuineness" und "sincerity". She has also been said kommen sie give "infatuation a rhythm" and blur the "fine line between puppy love und psychotic obsession". Her vocals have been both lauded und criticised. In in attempt zu explain Meyer-Landrut"s success, produziert appearance has actually been referred to as a "mix von loveliness, professionalism and a wenig craziness".

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She has so been lauded zum her phase presence and charisma.Appearances on unser Star zum Oslo edit:Further information: unser Star für OsloShowSongOriginal artist1st show"My Same"Adele3rd show"Diamond Dave"The Bird and the Bee4th show"Foundations"Kate Nash5th show"New Shoes"Paolo NutiniQuarterfinal,(6th show)"Mouthwash","Neopolitan Dreams"Kate Nash, Lisa MitchellSemifinal,(7th show)"Mr. Curiosity","The Lovecats"Jason Mraz, ns CureFinal,(8th show)"Bee","Satellite","Love Me"Jennifer Braun / Lena Meyer-Landrut,Jennifer Braun / Lena Meyer-Landrut,Lena Meyer-LandrutJennifer Braun und Meyer-Landrut both singen different versions of "Bee" und "Satellite" in the finalAwards and nominations edit:Results edit:YearAwardCategoryWorkResult2010Eurovision das lied Contest 20101st PlaceSatelliteWonCometBest NewcomerHerselfNominatedGoldene Henne AwardReader"s award of the SuperIllu magazine: Rock/Pop/SchlagerGoldene Henne honor AwardAmbassador of CharmWonSWR3 new Pop FestivalNewcomer of the YearHerself1LIVE KroneBest ArtistBest SingleSatelliteBravo OttoBest SingerHerselfNominated2011Goldene KameraBest Music NationalWonEchoBest national NewcomerBest Female national ArtistRadio Echo zum "Satellite"SatelliteNominatedSingle des the YearAlbum des the YearMy Cassette PlayerCometBest female ArtistHerselfWonBest SongSatelliteNominatedMTV Europe Music AwardsBest German ActHerselfWonBest european ActBest an international ActNominated1LIVE KroneBest SingleTaken by a Stranger2012MTV Germany Jahresvoting 2011Queen des PopHerselfWonEchoBest VideoTaken von a StrangerNominatedBest Female national ArtistHerself1LIVE KroneBest SingleStardustBravo OttoBest SingerHerselfNominated2013EchoBest Female national ArtistNominatedBest VideoStardustWonNickelodeon Kids" choice AwardsFavorite Singer Germany, Austria, SwitzerlandHerselfNominatedRadio Regenbogen AwardListeners Award