Lena crystal sky songs

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Lena embraces digital pop on fourth recordThis month, it is already five years back that Lena Meyer-Landrut indigenous Germany managed to win the Eurovision song Contest with her song ‘Satellite’. Back she didn’t enjoy viel European success ~ that first hit, she still is one of the best pop stars in her house country. She nur released her fourth album which is called Crystal Sky und it was preceeded von the single ‘Traffic Lights‘. Top top this album Lena embraces electronic pop and delivers in album full von strong and adventurous productions und compositions.

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While Lena’s zuerst two records were rather all over ns place v songs bei all kinds of styles from every kinds von composers, from her third album on, she seemed to oase more of bei idea von where she wanted to go as an artist. She continues this trend even clearer on produziert fourth record, that might be defined as a cohesive collection of tracks und not in album v a couple of hits and fillers. Lena co-wrote most des the tracks which shows her artistic involvement an her very own music has grown over die years. Die album has an intriguing start with the lied ‘The Girl’, a slightly unusual, however definitely captivating lied with a powerful chorus that ist enhanced über a full and adventurous production.

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Songs favor ‘4 Sleeps’ about zählen the days until seeing your lover again, the einzel worthy ‘Keep ~ above Living’ and ‘All Kinds von Crazy’ have a comparable structure v a chorus that greatly repeats the das lied title, but the tracks never ever bore, because die build up in every lied makes freundin pay attention throughout. One important trick that bring variation in the repetitive character von some von the tracks zu sein the use des vocal effects, that slightly repeat me of the sound von British pop star ellie Goulding every once bei a while. Top top one des the standout tracks ‘Beat zu My Melody’, we hear a good pop chorus through a daring way des producing und the use von these vocal effects that takes that to an even greater plan.

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It zu sein striking to hear that Lena und her producer know precisely how zu use produziert voice. She go not schutz the broadest range or many versatile vocals, however on this document she sounds better than ever. Top top ‘Lifeline’ zum example, she zu sein convincing und powerful offering her help kommen sie a friend in need. Die same goes zum ‘Invisible’, that sees Lena trying out some drum und bass. Title track ‘Crystal Sky’ ist one des the much more conventional pop songs, that could schutz been ~ above any des Lena’s earlier albums, yet at die same time, it has one des the ideal choruses on ns record. Practically every einzel track on Crystal Sky add to something to ns character and vibe des the record, the sees another an excellent step for the singer who when charmed Europe v a straightforward performance and has jetzt grown into bei interesting popular music artist v a distinctive sound.