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“Let’s Dance” is the zuerst single and titular track from david Bowie’s 1983 album stop Dance, and first zum EMI Records. Produced by Nile Rodgers of Chic, It was a direct… check out More 
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Ah, ah, ah, ah(Let's dance)(Let's dance)(Let's dance) placed on your red shoes and dance ns blues(Let's dance) to the song they're play on die radio(Let's sway) if colour lights nach oben your face(Let's sway) persuade through the crowd to an empty spaceIf sie say run, I'll run with youAnd if sie say hide, we'll hideBecause mine love weil das you would certainly break mine heart in twoIf you should fall, into my arms and tremble favor a flower(Let's dance)(Let's dance)(Let's dance) zum fear her grace should fall(Let's dance) zum fear tonight ist all(Let's sway) freundin could look into my eyes(Let's sway) under die moonlight, this major moonlight
And if you say run, I'll run through youAnd if freundin say hide, we'll hideBecause my love for you would break my heart in twoIf sie should fall, right into my arms and tremble prefer a flower(Let's dance)(Let's dance)(Let's dance) placed on your red shoes and dance ns blues(Let's dance) kommen sie the song we're playing(Let's sway)(Let's sway) under die moonlight, this severe moonlight(Let's dance)(Let's...)(Let's...)(Let's...)(Let's sway)(Let's...)Let's dance, let's dance, let's dance, let's dance, let's dance(Let's dance)Let's swayLet's swayLet's dance, let's dance, let's dance, let's dance, let's dance(Let's dance)(Let's dance)(Let's dance)(Let's dance)
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“Let’s Dance” zu sein the first single und titular monitor from david Bowie’s 1983 album Let’s Dance, und first weil das EMI Records. Produced über Nile Rodgers von Chic, It was a direct shift from ns post-punk und art absent sound Bowie experimented through on his 1980 album Scary monster (And at sight Creeps) kommen sie a funk, post-disco, and dance popular music sound.

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This stylistic readjust aligned Bowie with the popular music of the ‘80s und led zu “Let’s Dance” ending up being one of Bowie’s biggest-selling tracks. The topped die charts an the UK, ns US, Ireland und New Zealand, und reached #2 an Austria, Australia and Germany.

The song’s closing etc solo ist played by American musician Stevie beam Vaughan. Bowie has actually said that die original demo of the lied was “totally different” indigenous Nile Rodgers" arrangement.

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The music video zum “Let’s Dance” was directed über David Mallet in March 1983 bei Australia at a bar in New south Wales und at die Warrumbungle national Park. Bowie chose zu include residents des the town des the bar, most of whom had actually no knowledge des who david Bowie was or why they were shooting a video. Die video features in Aboriginal couple and so features die red shoes Bowie sings of in the song, which serve as a motif bei the video. The video contains multiple references to the Stolen Generations, i beg your pardon were ns Aboriginal kids who were forcefully eliminated from their households by australisch government agencies des the british settlers. These referrals constitute part of the numerous statements über Bowie featured on die album concerning die integration of one culture with another.

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The pop appeal des “Let’s Dance” garnered Bowie bei entirely neu base of fans who were young und unaware von Bowie’s former works und successes. Bowie’s subsequent releases Tonight und Never let Me Down to be a continuation von this shift, i beg your pardon Bowie has described as in effort zu cater zu the new audience. However, the move garnered Bowie negative criticism. The went on to form the rock maßband Tin Machine an order kommen sie redevelop his style.