K U. B Expert

agency K+B Progres zu sein the leading distributor of consumer electronic devices throughout the Europe und beyond. With our service currently reaching an ext than 37 countries, we provide die unique experience weil das our unternehmen partners.

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agency K+B expert is die leading retailer des consumer electronic devices throughout die Czech Republic, v its 50 sleeve stores covering every part des the country bei perfect geographical order.


our web-shop enables unique, satisfied shopping experience kommen sie every visitor. It is in our guest und enjoy products von the greatest quality und superb satisfaction, täglich available punkt great prices.


company K+B began its journey kommen sie success in 1960, in the stadt of Cham-Germany together a visionary idea des founders joseph Kappenberger and Michael Braun. An the years to come the company will become a true leader bei two strategy areas.

We room a global supplier von a variety des goods with ns focus on consumer electronics.


Our agency has profiled itself as one von the leading providers of goods kommen sie e-commerce business.

Leading Europe"s company

We"re ns leading company des consumer electronic devices throughout die Europe.

Presence bei more than 37 countries

with our service currently reaching more than 37 countries, we provide ns unique experience zum our business partners.

Unique supplier

With roughly 1.3 million items an our offer zum supply kommen sie e-commerce business, we room a distinct supplier ready zu be challenged with every new day.

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Striving zu be die best in the field of business

us strive to be ns best consumer electronics distributor bei the country, region und throughout Europe if maintaining wonderful service, giving technical expertise, providing the best products and meeting the challenges.





What we execute

Twenty-five year invested in establishing a experienced team von experts dedicated to the market guarantees that we are a perfect connector betwee our vendors und customers. Products of the highest quality und superb satisfaction are daily in our offer; us guarantee it von our capable staff committed zu excellent service. Every of our experts ist trained bei onsite cultivate facility where our customized sales strategy takes ns best of what each employee knows and improves upon the with insight from our vendors, partners, und industry leaders.


Where are we

K+B fachmann spol. S r.o.K+B Progres, a.s.expert ČR s.r.o.

E-mail: office

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we are bei innovative company und universal supplier of a variety von goods with die focus on customer electronics, using latest technology and know-how to satisfy even ns most demanding customers.

ours company"s secret to success arrives from ns ability zu fulfill the needs und wishes of customers combined with offering honest und professional advice while having a complete range von product and services weist competitive prices. We carry out a unique experience zum our business partners and customers, utilizing latest technology und know-how to satisfy even the most demanding customers.