The Moldovan modell talks about die exhausting shoot for "What Do sie Mean," und what it"s like to be scorned von the Beliebers.


Harper"s BAZAAR: exactly how did you get your anfang as a model?

Xenia Deli: Aphotographer, GavinO"Neill, discovered me onModel Mayhem. That offered zu photographme. Hesaw miscellaneous special an me.Modelingwas never ever what ich wanted kommen sie do v my life, it was nur a hobby. I always thought models had kommen sie be at sight tall, und this und that, however I"m just 5"7".So,after us shot together, he confirmed my image to bei agency und I gott signed. Ich moved kommen sie South Carolina fiveyears ago.I"m from together a small villagein Moldova, withonly 3,000 people.EvenSouth Carolina felt like Los angeles or neu York City. Jetzt I"m bolzen New York und L.A.

Du schaust: Justin bieber what do you mean model

HB: just how did you get castin this video?

XD: It wasn"t easy, zu tell you ns truth. Mine agency got me in audition fora music videos but ich didn"t understand who it was for.When I gott there, over there were10 other girls there und I just thought, "of courseI"m never going kommen sie get this,"but ich wanted it deswegen badly. It wasn"t until ich met with the producer that he claimed it was weil das Justin Bieber und I was dafür excited. They asked for girls that were able zu act, dafür during ns castingwe had actually toshowdifferent emotions: happiness, pain, seduction—we had actually to zeigen everything. The night my agent called me und told me they had actually put me on hold. I just thought, "please God ich need this job, dafür so much," und God heard me!

HB: What was it choose the zuerst timeyou met Justin?

XD:I met justin at die video shoot.I was sitting in the assembly chair, und he came overto me und was like,"Hi, nice kommen sie meet you, you möchte do a good job."

HB:Wereyou a fan of his music?

XD: No, ich usually listen to Russian music, because i miss home deshalb much. Ich knew some von his songs von course. One von my favorites zu sein "Boyfriend"and jetzt my favorite ist "What Do you Mean?"

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HB: exactly how did freundin prep for filming the video?

XD: We began filming twodays later.I just had to prepare mentally because ich was deswegen nervous. I was nervous about Justin, just how he would certainly act, how the music video was going toturn out. But he was cool, deshalb nice, deswegen respectful andhelpful.It was deshalb easy to work v him.

HB: did you oase to exercise making out with him?

XD: Imagine that, if we were going right into a corner and practicing , butno. We were ~ above set, und we had actually been talking weil das a wenig bit, und we knew the this was our job, so we nur did it. The erste scene us filmed waswhen ich was lie on ns bed, and he was singing—we go that zum a pretty lang time. We had actually been talking bei between shots und getting to know each various other better, deswegen it wasn"t the weird wie it come time zu make out. Yet we had zu make out a lot. We were do the efforts itfrom different anglesa last of times.

HB:Is he a great kisser?

XD: Yes, he"s a an excellent kisser.

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HB: How numerous days was ns shoot?

XD: we shot weil das twodays. Die second day we didn"t go home zum 24 hours, us shotall through ns night—it was exhausting.Yesterday, when ich saw the video zum the zuerst time, ich started crying, because ich know how tough it was weil das everyone.Butit was worth it.

HB: How have you been taking care of all die attention indigenous his fans?

XD: There oase been so many negativ comments.I wasn"t expecting this reaction—I believed everyone would certainly be excited!I can"t perform anything around it though. It"s notfall about me. Every little thing they do,it doesn"t speak anything about me, itsays more about them. But i just want zu say,I didn"t do anything wrong, Iwas just doing my job. I"m not taking justin away native his fans.I"m so sensitiveto what people think about me, deswegen I just stopped reading die comments.

HB: What"s your dream job? Are you hoping kommen sie pursue acting?

XD: Yes, Iwould liebe to carry out movies, it"s mine passion.I love to clock movies,I liebe acting.I"m getting into exhilaration classes, and this ist what i want to do with my future.

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