Jennifer garner and ben affleck

The Oscar winner speak out kommen sie say that believes his words were used to portray him in a negativ light.

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Ben Affleck ist trying zu set the record straight around comments he made about his drink while he was married to Jennifer Garner.

After bei interview Tuesday ~ above Howard Stern"s speak show, die Oscar winner obtained public criticism zum his remarks around his alcohol usage while married kommen sie Garner, from who he separated in 2015.

“I’d probably still be drinking. That part von why i started drink … because i was trapped,” Affleck said hinweisen one point.

“I was like, ‘I can’t leaving because des my kids, however I’m notfall happy, what do ich do?’” he said in another instance. “What i did was drink a bottle von scotch and fall sleep on ns couch, which turned out not to be ns solution.”

The gibbs told Jimmy Kimmel on his nur Wednesday night that he was “really happy” through his interview with Stern since he regarded it as “honest,” yet he saw some backlash on twitter after one website created a headline he believed zu be clickbait.

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“They had actually literally taken die conversation ich had had zum two hours and made it seem as if i was saying the exact opposite des what i said,” Affleck said.

He and Garner oase three children, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, und Samuel, 9. They co-starred an 2003’s “Daredevil” and married an 2005 before finalizing your divorce bei 2018. Affleck has not shied far from talking about his drinking und even asked Garner zum help. Reports oase indicated she helped him bei getting treatment.

Affleck said Kimmel he und his ex-wife preserve a an excellent relationship und his comments zu Stern to be taken out von context.


“I had actually gone on and said how viel we respected each other and cared about each other und cared about our kids and put lock first and went through our stuff,” he said. “And then (they) said i blamed my ex-wife zum my alcoholism und that ich was trapped, just made me out zu be the worst, many insensitive, stupid, dreadful guy.”

Affleck, who zu sein reportedly zurück together v ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, claimed he can’t let the negative reaction walk without saying something because it hit auch close kommen sie home.

“It’s about my kids, I got to nur draw a line,” that said. “Let me it is in clear. That’s notfall true. Ich don’t believe that. It’s die exact opposite of who i am, what ich believe, and I would never ever want my kids kommen sie think ich would ever before say a bad word around their mother because i never have. Ich never would.”

Affleck included that to know he’s in the spotlight as bei actor, yet he takes issue wie man his family ist targeted.

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“Not with my kids. Don’t perform that. That wrong,” that said. “It harms me und it damages them. Avoid it.”

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