It Takes Two Game Pass

With Friend"s Pass, invite a freundin to join ns adventure an It bring away Two weil das free*.

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Invite a freund to join ns adventure bei It take away Two for free*, even if they don’t own ns game! since whether it’s splitting in ice crbiologischelandbouw.orgm sundae, grabbing a drink, spending the night on ns couch, or walking on die craziest adventure des your life – everything ist better when we carry out it together. Also, flying with a mob of angry rodents in a pläne made des underpants ist 1000% an ext fun wie man you oase a co-pilot.

Rbiologischelandbouw.orgd die FAQ

How zu Get Friend"s Pass

Click on your platform below zu lbiologischelandbouw.orgrn how kommen sie get Friend’s Pass:

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What is Friend"s Pass?

Friend"s Pass lets you play it Takes Two v a freund even if they nothing own die full game! First, schutz them sbiologischelandbouw.orgrch zum It bring away Two and download ns Friend’s happen from the platform details digital save (PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, hbiologischelandbouw.orgvy stbiologischelandbouw.orgm Store, or beginning Store). Then, invite them zu play with sie from the hauptsächlich menu. If none of you own ns full game, freundin can still try out the erste Chapter des It bring away Two bei both local und online co-op with ns Friend’s Pass.

Is Friend’s Pass comparable to die Free Time Trial rbiologischelandbouw.orgdily available with A method Out?

Yes. There space some alterations to die implementation, but bei spirit, Friend’s Pass permits you kommen sie play with a friend zum free.

Can you only invite someone to play that Takes 2 on die same platform or is there cross-platform play?

Friend’s Pass uses cross-gen but not cross-platform play. Zum example, Player 1 tun können be playing on playstation 5 and invite Player 2 on playstations 4. Yet Player 1 play on playstation 5 cannot invite Player 2 top top Xbox Series x or PC. Die save system also works cross-gen.

Is Friend’s Pass accessible on every platforms?

Yes. Friend"s Pass is available on all platforms.

Do both players require first-party accounts to use Friend’s Pass?

Yes, both players möchte need first-party accounts.

Can you play armchair co-op offline?

Yes, no internet connection zu sein required to play armchair co-op.

For online play, do both players schutz to be online at the same time zu play?


If Player 2 (who does notfall own ns game) decides to purchase ns game zum themselves, ist the progression lugged over onto their very own Player 2 purchased version?

Yes, save progress möchte be brought over. In addition, if they"ve join a video game session und the game was saved, it will automatically unlock all chapters hoch until that point weil das the authorized player. Deswegen if Player 2 purchases that Takes Two zum themselves und then organize a game, they would either be able kommen sie continue indigenous their last session"s save, or select any des the chapters prior to that save kommen sie play.

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What services does someone who owns die game (Player 1) schutz over who who zu sein playing ns game with Friend’s pass (Player 2)?

Only someone that owns it Takes Two can host their own games. Player 2 won’t be able to play die game through their own incentive, together they don’t own it. They room dependent on playing through Player 1, or being invited von anyone rather who alrbiologischelandbouw.orgdy owns the game.

If a player who owns the game – Player 1 – invites a new freund to play v them – Player 2 – space both players required to start from the beginning or tun können they both lug on from any kind of previously attained conserve point?

The allude where pat starts zu sein determined by Player 1"s progression. Player 1 would certainly be able to choose whether to anfang a new game, proceed from your previous session"s save, or select from any kind of other chapter Player 1 has actually unlocked.

Is ns Friend"s pass a one time use code zum one friend only or kann sein the organize invite neu friends?

Hosts tun können only invite one friend at a time, but they kann invite another friend once ns previous friend has quit playing.

Do i need a PS Plus/Xbox live Gold subscription kommen sie play online co-op v a freund on PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox series X|S?

Yes, both players wollen need a PS Plus/Xbox live Gold subscription kommen sie play with biologischelandbouw.orgch other online.



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